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10 Best Sites Like Omegle (From Best to Worst)

Omegle is the most well-known site when it comes to chatting to strangers. It randomizes who you end up talking to, and a lot of people can really get a kick out of it. It can be a great break from figuring out how to take great Instagram posts. However, what if you want to try another video chat site like Omegle? Well, we have 10 of these random video chat websites that will go from the best to the “worst” depending on what you are looking for.

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One of the best-known Omegle alternatives is Chatroulette. Back in the day, this chatting platform was viewed as a direct competitor to Omegle since it came about at the same time. Some people swear by it over Omegle, but it can have a lot of similar problems like any sites like Omegle.

The main issue that all these sites experienced is to do with inappropriate behavior and sexual content from some of the users. However, Chatroulette did take notice of this and they introduced a filter to remove all PG13 images in an attempt to make them safer, and friendlier.

It is easy to use and does not require any registration. Plus, the homepage is very simple, to start doing a random video chat on this chat website. It may even lead to some random people becoming new friends. It is currently viewed as the best Omegle alternatives, and it has years of experience to back it.

2. OmeTV

One of the best sites, that also started as a competitor to Omegle, is Ome TV. This is a great site since it is said to link you up within about a second to chat with someone through live video chats. However, while speed is useful, that is not the main draw of this chat platform.

It not only comes in a desktop version for your PC or Mac but, you can also have it on your mobile devices, like your iOS iPhone, or Android. OmeTV blocks users who are harassing others right away. This will certainly be appealing for many old and new users of the chatting app. Furthermore, there are no ads on the app or site, and it is free.

The OmeTV mobile chat app lets you take your chats on the go. Plus, you can use your Facebook profile to log in and start chatting away. But, make sure you figure out your icebreaker first.

3. Tinychat

Omegle and Chatroulette have a lot in common, mostly that they are focused more on one-on-one interactions between their users. Tinychat is slightly different in this regard. This video chatting site has been in the online chat sphere since 2000, gaining millions of users per year. It started as a text chatting service but then upgraded to video calls.

The main draw of Tinychat is that it is about helping random strangers meet others who have similar interests to them. This is done with the use of chat rooms, allowing for group chats. Much different from Chatroulette and Omegle. However, you can still do one-on-one on Tinychat.

You can also host your chat room which you can be one of the moderators in. However, a downside to this particular chat platform is that it is not known for its quality when it comes to webcam video. The HD version and full-screen are behind a paywall where you would have to pay from 9, 95 to 44, 95 USD depending on your subscription. But, if the quality is not that important to you then you can still get this video chat service for free.

4. Chatrandom

This chat platform was actually created as an alternative, not to Omegle, but Chatroulette. Chatrandom allows its users to select which topics they would like to discuss. This is so that the app can filter better and can find members with common interests. It is also great for the LGBTQ+ community who want to find people in their sexuality. Plus, all the users can speak in their language.

Another appealing thing about this site is that it offers anonymity for people who are starting in the video chatting world. It is great for newbies and first-timers. Furthermore, like OmeTV it lets you take your chats on the go by being available on Android, and iPhones.

While being able to filter so that the app finds people that you would want to chat with, it will cost you. This is the downside of the app. But, the pricing is not too bad, charging 6, 99 USD per week or the cheaper option of 19, 99 USD per month. If you opt to go for the free version, which you can, you would have to deal with the ads.

5. Bazoocam

Another site that is designed for people to chat with other random people is Bazoocam. It is a simple one with an easy-to-use interface so that newbies do not get lost. A worldwide user base uses it, meaning that you can choose from different languages to chat in. It also comes with a location filter if you are keen on speaking to the locals.

But, the main standout of Bazoocam is the one feature that has not been mentioned on this list so far. And that is that you can play a few multiplayer games with other users in the chat or video call. This is a great way to break the ice since it would give you something to talk about since you are playing together.

There is Tetris, Tic Tac Toe, and Four in a Row. These games are internationally known, and if someone does not know for whatever reason they are simple to learn and quick to pick up.

6. Paltalk

If you are a fan of Facebook messenger then Paltalk could be the one for you. It is quite similar to the social media giant except you would be chatting with strangers instead of the people you already know. Paltalk is a free app that you can get on your PC, Mac as well as on mobile devices.

It is known to have an active community where members can share their interests and hobbies with people they have never met. The reason why Paltalk is similar to Facebook Messenger is that, while it does offer voice and video chat, it also has a strong text chat community. The interface looks to be quite similar to that of Facebook chat, which makes it easy to use for those that want to meet new people, but do not yet want to show their faces.

7. FaceFlow

Another chat platform that also highlights group chat is FaceFlow. However, this is the standard for this app and it is similar to Skype, but with the notion of meeting new people instead of speaking to the ones you have met already.

The idea of FaceFlow is that you get into a group with people who you find interesting, or have something in common based on their photos or YouTube videos. It is a messaging site that also offers video, and voice chat, of course. However, you do not have to download anything while using this site.

But, there is a concern among its users that the security measures on this site are too soft. This could mean that some users could have created fake profiles with either fake photos or highly edited ones. It could lead to ending up interacting with scammers which no one ever wants to deal with. It is a good site, but this potential issue is its biggest flaw.

8. Fruzo

Video chatting sites' main purpose is for people to chat with each other. For people to interact, and meet new members of the human race. But, Fruzo takes it a step beyond by being more like a social media platform than the previous video chat sites on this list. And, its main goal is dating.

You can join Fruzo through your Facebook account, and you meet people using a Tinder-like swiping system. Here you can see photos of who you may want to talk to. Plus, you can also narrow down your options by searching for certain locations, ages, and genders. And, this is another chat service that also has a mobile counterpart.

If you make a connection you can also friend or follow them, much as you would on Facebook. Therefore, it is more of a social media platform, but one where you actually meet strangers. Some may even become lovers.

However, if you are just looking for a friendly chat, then it would be best to try other sites on this list. The user base of Fruzo is expecting, and aiming to find love or at least a romantic panther and you would feel left out, and awkward if you do not fit this model.

9. ChatHub

A free chat site that you would also be interested in looking at is ChatHub. It lets you text, and have a video call like all the others before it. All you would have to do is fill in your gender, and agree to the terms. Plus, you can also use the language filter.

But, the biggest draw, well one of them, is that you will not meet the same person twice. ChatHub has designed a system where you match with someone new, every time you use their services. Another thing about ChatHub is that it has a great interface for both its text chat and video chat options.

You can log in and start chatting without setting up a profile. Plus, the site keeps all conversations on their site discreet, as well as not storing any of your data. The only thing that users could call an issue with is that there is no mobile app. As in it can only be used on your browser. Plus, some people who have used this site, have felt as if it is more focused on texting than video calls. Therefore, this may be something to keep in mind.

10. iMeetzu

Another one of the most “social media” like chat platforms would be iMeetzu. It is here that you can send photos, make contacts, share documents all while meeting and interacting with new people. It offers plain text conversations, as well as video calls, obviously. Plus, you can also do group calls on this particular platform.

It is free, and users have full control over their privacy. This one also works on iOS and Android, and its goal is to turn strangers into friends. Furthermore, this platform is said to host a live broadcast with several models.

However, there are a few downsides to this site. Such as users have reported that their webcams disconnect during long chats.

And since this is a chat site like Omegle there is a huge chance that you will never interact with that particular person again. Plus, there are a lot of ads when you use this chat platform. Another slight issue is the layout and design of the site, it is not bad, but seems a bit outdated and plain.

But There Is More

So those were other top 10 Omegle-like chat sites in case you wanted to try something new. Each one has its pros and cons, so it is difficult to call anyone the “worst”. It all depends on what you are looking for. However, there are a few that did not make the list but can still be worth a glance at. Such as:

  • Chatspin

  • Shagle

  • Chatrad

  • Camsurf

And there is a lot more. Maybe a little Google search can give you something better?

Cyber safety online privacy robotic concept.


Regardless of which one you decide to use, you must be safe. You should not give out your personal information, even if the two of you are getting along so well. Also, remember that you can block and report inappropriate users. This is not only to keep you safe but others who use the sites.

Overall chat sites can be a great way to meet wonderful people, but we do have to be aware of the bad apples. However, many users are relaxed and are usually just looking for a chat. Maybe to meet people from other countries and cultures. Or cities and towns.

The point of these types of sites is to explore the world from the comfort of your own home through the perspective of the people that live there. There is something that you can get from it, that you cannot get from online research, books, or TV.

Ending Off

While many great sites could take the palace of Omegle, it does not mean that they should. Competition is good. Many of these sites would not have come if they were not competitors and Omegle would not be where it is today if there is nothing to compete with.

Anyway, you should try out the sites on this list, and see which one is for you. All of them offer something “other” that you would like to do. Or maybe you could just like the look of one over the other? That is fine too. And if you want to check out another article, why not take a glance at this article on how to make your Instagram bio, wow.

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