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100 Best Model Hashtags To Get Noticed On IG

Updated: Mar 18

When building a social media platform from the ground up, there are many factors that contribute to an account’s success. Models looking to boost their professional careers and increase engagement with followers should take a strategic approach. 

Getting noticed on Instagram starts with creating a solid bio page and having some foundational knowledge about Instagram’s algorithm. An influencer could post a photo or video of the highest quality, but engagement could fall flat if the timing isn’t right.

Regardless of how many followers a model has on Instagram, it’s important to consistently schedule posts at times of the day when engagement rates are high. 

Instagram feeds are designed to show users new content that is similar to what they have clicked on and liked in the past. A follower base will come across your new content organically, but prospective followers won’t see the content unless you use the right tactics to get your content on their feed. 

A great strategy for models looking to build their follower base and drive up engagement is to use hashtags. Hashtags make content searchable, which is key to increasing traffic to your page. As the name suggests, a hashtag “tags” your content through specific keywords and phrases. 

Instagram users can follow hashtags that interest them and immediately have access to millions of related posts. Someone interested in becoming a model or having a glimpse into a day in the life of a model can access this type of content in a matter of seconds by searching a hashtag. 

Knowing which hashtags to use for specific content is important but only part of the battle. Instagram users could search a hashtag and find one of your posts, but if your page doesn’t have content that interests them, they might not follow you. 

The key here is to hook the audience and hold their attention. 

This can be easier said than done, especially if you’re starting off with very few followers. Getting noticed on Instagram requires a lot of time and work, and even after doing so, maintaining your account’s growth can be just as difficult.  

Because there are endless possibilities when it comes to hashtags, it’s important to know which ones are most effective at drawing in attention. 

Two girls on a phone.

Once you have more followers, it’s time for engagement to begin.

Avoiding The Wrong Hashtag

When it comes to choosing the right modelling hashtags for your Instagram posts, there are four key things to keep in mind: popularity, relevance, quantity, and style. 

1. Popularity

Regardless of the type of content an influencer posts, a hashtag that isn’t popular can make a post stagnant. Hashtags are effective because they reroute Instagram users to a variety of content related to a specific topic. An unpopular hashtag can lead a post to get lost in the feed.

A model who is considering using a certain hashtag can do a quick Instagram search to see how frequently the hashtag is used by other influencers. If there are only ten posts with the hashtag you’re planning on using, it will be more productive to opt for a different hashtag. 

Getting to know your audience is important. Models looking to get noticed should take inventory of what type of content the audience follows and which hashtags are most commonly linked with this content. It can be helpful to visit other models’ Instagram accounts and make note of the hashtags used and the amount of likes on their posts.

2. Relevance

A sure-fire way to drive away prospective followers is to use hashtags that are completely unrelated to the type of content you put out. 

An Instagram user searching for the hashtag nationalpark isn’t expecting to find a photo of New York City, no matter how high-quality the photo might be. 

Including irrelevant hashtags can leave viewers with a sour taste. Regardless of how many modeling hashtags a post has, users will notice the inclusion of irrelevant hashtags. It’s likely that people will perceive this negatively and see it as an attempt to mislead users for the sake of more clicks. 

Customizing the hashtags you use to a specific post shows that you, as the creator, are invested in the process of posting content. Often, followers can sense whether the content is authentic or generic. To make your content stand out, it’s necessary to add a specialized, personal flair when selecting related hashtags for Instagram posts. 

3. Quantity

To make the most out of using hashtags, less is not always more. 

Because Instagram users will search for specific keywords and phrases, you increase your odds of getting noticed when you include a variety of these terms in your hashtags. 

Some influencers take this as a reason to use paragraphs and paragraphs of hashtags, but be wary of overdoing it. A good rule of thumb is to aim for nine hashtags and not be afraid to post a few more if necessary. 

Keep your hashtags concise. In other words, try not to use hashtags that are more than three words. Users searching for a specific hashtag will typically use only one or two words in their search, so having a series of lengthy hashtags will likely not get much traction on the feed. Popular hashtags tend to be short and concise, so try to mirror this in your own posts.

4. Style

Style is the element that makes a hashtag your own. 

While it can be easy, and even possible, to go through the motions and choose popular hashtags at random, it’s important that the hashtag you select fits your content. Careful consideration is as much a part of your account’s success as quality content is. 

Whether or not you’re represented by a model agency, you are essentially the creative director and talent of your social media presence. The tone that you choose to set with your posts, whether through moody black-and-white imagery or experimentations with bright color and design, can have a big impact on which hashtags will best serve you.

Will you take a funny approach and use the hashtag ootd, or outfit of the day, on a photo of you in a Cookie Monster pajama set you bought years ago? Will you opt for a simple approach on another photo and choose to include only a few straight-to-the-point hashtags?  

Depending on your preference and style, you might pair hashtags together in a clever way. This might take shape as a string of individual hashtags that make a statement that reflects back to your caption. For instance, a caption might be followed by the hashtags this usamodel trendsetter in reference to you or another model you’re spotlighting.

The key to avoiding the wrong hashtag is to make every effort to recognize what the best hashtag is when you come across it. A hashtag that is popular will be effective in a post only if the two are related. If not, it’s possible that you’ll drive away Instagram users who otherwise would have become followers. Being able to judge how many hashtags are too many can be tricky to determine, so experiment with the amount until you discover what works best for boosting your engagement without sacrificing the quality of the content.  

Organic vs. Professional Content

Instagram is a platform for models to share a variety of content, and this content tends to fall within two distinct camps: organic and professional. A well-rounded Instagram presence has a healthy dose of both types of content, so it’s important to consider what type of content you can create that can be suited to either category.

1. Organic Content

Organic content is content that gives followers a glimpse into a model’s day-to-day life. The same amount of planning and quality can go into creating organic feed and story posts, but this type of content leaves followers with a more authentic, natural impression of who you are. 

Getting noticed on Instagram has as much to do with the hashtags as it does with personality. Hashtags serve a crucial purpose in attracting Instagram users to your page, but your personality is the factor that will most often lead to more followers. 

Engaging with followers on a consistent basis will go a long way in elevating your platform. Instagram Live can be a great tool for talking to your audience in real-time and answering questions about you and your profession. A model might share an ootd feed post and also an Instagram Story encouraging followers to ask or answer a question. 

This type of content engages viewers in a personal way. On an organic post, a model might include any of these 25 high-ranking Instagram hashtags:

  1. ootd

  2. instadaily

  3. picoftheday

  4. photooftheday

  5. followme

  6. instapic

  7. modelscout

  8. instafashion

  9. fashionstyle

  10. fashionphotographer 

  11. fashionblogger

  12. instagood

  13. modellife

  14. style

  15. igmodel 

  16. instamodel 

  17. modeltime 

  18. modelpic

  19. isamodelthing 

  20. instagrambestmodels 

  21. modelpage

  22. modelsupdate 

  23. insta

  24. igtrending 

  25. instatrends

2. Professional Content

At the heart of your account is your professional content. This is where you showcase your modelling talent and boost your professional career. 

If you’re a newer model still building your portfolio, it’s a good idea to invest in a professional photoshoot and share the photos on your Instagram feed. Doing so serves the purpose of adding to your portfolio while also drawing in more followers with new content. 

Professional content might take shape as content from magazine shoots, brand shoots, and other commercial photo ops. When you post professional content, you can tag the team that prepared you for the shoot and the brands that designed the clothing items. This is a simple but effective way of supporting others in your industry.

One of the most effective ways to get noticed on Instagram is to work with professionals who know how to promote talented creators like yourself. Unruly Agency is a creative marketing agency that represents a number of successful models. The team has all the resources and connections necessary for any project or professional endeavor you’re involved in. 

When it comes to creating and sharing professional content on Instagram, planning and strategizing is crucial. A model might include any of these 25 hashtags on content of this nature:

  1. modelstyle

  2. modelstatus

  3. modelshoot

  4. modelphotography

  5. instamodel

  6. portraitphotography

  7. modelingagency

  8. shooting

  9. photoshoot

  10. beauty

  11. modelsearch

  12. malemodel

  13. modelling

  14. models

  15. makeup

  16. photographer

  17. modelsoftoday 

  18. modelsthatshine 

  19. styling 

  20. experimental

  21. modelsbranding 

  22. promodels 

  23. modelsmaker

  24. modelsart

  25. artisticproduction

Fashion Shows & Public Events

Instagram users are drawn to modelling content for many reasons, but a main draw is the allure of fashion shows and public events. 

When it comes to sharing about your professional career, followers and prospective followers want to know about your milestones. People place a lot of value in being able to experience something that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Even if only through the lens of someone else’s camera, Instagram users are drawn to exclusive content. 

Content that takes viewers behind the scenes of a photoshoot or runway appearance engages your followers in new ways. These events also serve as an opportunity for you to work with other models and support each other through your individual platforms. 

The 25 hashtags that can best increase engagement with content about events like fashion shows are listed below:

  1. beautifulmodels 

  2. modelsvariety 

  3. wellmodels 

  4. modelskind 

  5. modelsimages 

  6. modelsofeverywhere 

  7. modelsfame 

  8. originalmodels 

  9. modelsjobs 

  10. modelswork 

  11. modelos 

  12. modelsnation 

  13. modelspower 

  14. modelsinthehouse 

  15. modelstime 

  16. supermodel 

  17. modelssupporter

  18. fashionshow

  19. igmodelnow 

  20. trendstoday 

  21. whatistrending 

  22. trenddesigns

  23. newconcepts 

  24. newermodel

  25. modelsusa

Take Advantage Of Instagram Perks

Building your Instagram presence takes time, but as your follower numbers increase, you will be privy to the more exclusive features on the platform. 

Reaching the milestone of 10,000 followers earns you access to the “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram. This allows you to refer followers through a link to a new page or website and can be a great way for you to monetize your platform. 

For model accounts, this feature can be used to create Instagram ads for clothing items from brands you work with as well as any other partnerships you make. The perks of accruing more followers is apparent, and strategic hashtag use is a great way to maintain a steady trajectory of growth.

As you produce new content and increase engagement, you might use any combination of the former hashtags with our final top 25 modelling hashtags:

  1. futuremodels 

  2. modelssystem 

  3. modelsevents 

  4. modelingagency 

  5. representative 

  6. activemodels 

  7. nauralmodels 

  8. followforfollowback 

  9. fashionista 

  10. artist

  11. modelskit 

  12. fashionmodel

  13. modelsseconds 

  14. photographersmodel 

  15. dressmakersmodel

  16. internetmodels 

  17. netmodels 

  18. fashionarbiter 

  19. artistsmodel 

  20. modelsvibes

  21. modelsvisions 

  22. modelsapp 

  23. modelbased 

  24. modelsevolution 

  25. 21centurymodels

Follow Other Models

When it comes to building your platform, it can be beneficial to look outward and see how other models are running their accounts. 

Taking a deep dive into another model’s Instagram page can give models who are new to the influencer lifestyle an idea of what makes an account successful. Once you find a model or models that you admire, you can take note of how many followers they have, how often they post to their feed, and how many likes their posts get. 

Viewing other models’ organic and professional content can give you a loose template for how you might choose to run your own page. It’s a learning curve to plan and post content, but learning through observation can be a way of bypassing tactics that proved to be less effective for another model.

If you’re looking to follow other models but don’t know where to look, you might consider checking out these models’ accounts:

  1. @sofia_bevarly

  2. @alena_n_star

  3. @brittneypalmer

  4. @stefaniegurzanski

  5. @imaristuart

  6. @kylierae

  7. @tinalouise

  8. @sarairollins

A girl on the beach.

Knowing how to add hashtags to your post with earn you more Instagram followers.

Growing Your Platform

Using the best hashtags is a productive way of getting more views on both your Instagram posts and your page. Growing your platform can be slow-going, however, even when you’re making all the right moves. 

Popular hashtags are a driving force but can be less effective if you’re not putting in the needed work in other areas. It’s important to design a content calendar and posting schedule for Instagram to ensure that you’re always putting out new content. An account that posts irregularly can experience sporadic growth, but minimal at best. 

Especially as a newer model, get in touch with other models who might be more established on the platform and set up a photoshoot together. Both models will get exposure to Instagram users who follow the other. This is a type of professional content that can be mutually beneficial, and it also allows you to change up your content.

Models who feel like they’ve reached a plateau with their account’s growth and progress should also consider consulting the team at Unruly Agency. This agency’s modelling clientele have successful platforms for a reason. 

If you feel like you’ve grown your account to its full potential, tapping into this resource will give you support and possibilities for new directions. 

Takeaways for Better Hashtagging

Market knowledge of the most effective modeling hashtags is essential knowledge, as far as we’re concerned. 

Whether you’ve just started your Instagram modeling account or have been steadily gaining followers for some time, getting noticed on Instagram begins with some forethought and strategizing.

Get to know when it’s most optimal for you to make a post to your feed and pair this content with the best hashtags. A platform worth following is one that has a good balance of organic and professional content. With the right amount of strategy and time, models can elevate their platform and boost their careers simultaneously.

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