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15 Best Instagram Tools for Your Account in 2021

Marketers are jumping onto Instagram more and more as THE social media platform to get their product and company out there. It is not a surprise since Insta is easy to use, has millions of monthly active users on the app per day, and companies can reach a wide target audience just by creating eye-popping Instagram feeds.

But the question is: how well are these social media posts, stories, or reels doing, and how can you tell? Well, there is more than one app for that, there are 15 Instagram tools to help you with your Instagram marketing, research, and grow as well as improve your content.

1. Instagram Analytics

Insta is an easy-to-use social media platform, but it can also be a bit on the confusing side if you do not know where to do when it comes to analytics. There is an analytics system built into the social media app called Instagram Analytics. This is a handy tool to help you follow up on the metrics of your content and profile performance when you use Instagram.

However, it is only for the business or professional-minded individuals, i.e. you have to have a business profile, not a personal one. This is what all the top influencers and businesses have just to use the analytics option on the app. Luckily the switch from a personal to a business account is easy to do.

All you need is to go to your Instagram app on your mobile and make sure that you are on your profile. From there you can press the “hamburger icon” which is three horizontal lines. Then you look down at the bottom of your screen for the cog icon aka settings. Scroll until you see the option to “Switch to Business Profile.”

Pressing this tab will convert your personal Instagram account into a business one. You can also choose between “creator” and “business”. The latter is for Instagram models or influencers, bloggers or any creative type of people like artists, content creators, etc. The former is, obviously, for companies as well as small to large businesses.

And there are Instagram insights that let you see how your marketing strategy for individual Instagram posts is doing. You can check in on the engagement rate per post.

Instagram analytics is easy to understand. However, if you want to go a step further we have more apps for you to try out. They are all about reaching out to grow your brand while creating better content to do so.

2. SocialRank

Influencers are a great group of people that many marketers would love to have in their pockets. They have the reach, the audience, and are often an effective way for brands to get themselves out there to a wider potential market. However, find who to work with that suits your brand is not an easy task. That is where SocialRank comes in, certainly so if you are on the lookout for micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are not people that have tiny numbers. They can range from 10 to 100 000 followers which is not a small feat for any company wishing to expand its horizons. SocialRank is designed to help you find your customer brand ambassador, and have a toe in influencer marketing.

How it works is that it assesses your followers and creates a profile of the most valuable ones. It does so by looking at the number of followers they have, and how engaged their followers are with their content.

This app also takes into account the demographics so that you can see if their audience fits your target audience. It can also do more. The idea of the app is to find people that your brand would want to collaborate with. As well as the possible benefits the collabs will bring such as Instagram growth.

SocialRank is easy to use, and it is affordable. It puts the control into your pocket instead of that of an agency. However, there are no free trials, so far, but the app is said to be free to negotiable.

3. Wishpond

One of the best ways to grow Instagram followers and engagement is with contests, competitions, and even giveaways. Quite a few influencers and companies take on this notion. It is a quick way to grow the numbers while heightening the engagement on your Instagram posts.

However, organizing a contest can be quite tough, especially if this is something you want your business to do quite often. It is not as simple as it looks from a distance. That is why many people have opted to use marketing tools such as Wishpond.

This app is able to streamline all the daily tasks into a one, easy-to-use interface. This app not only helps you to stay on top of everything that goes on in your contest, but you can also personalize the competition strategy to suit your business.

An example can be that entrants are required to tag two friends on a particular post or to write a certain saying or word in the comments. This can enter them into the contest, and it will also boost your engagement. Therefore, you can imagine how difficult it would be to keep track of everything.

Wishpond can track all your contests with its built-in analytics dashboard. Furthermore, it also allows you to create dedicated landing pages per contest. These are needed to make your contests more successful. Plus, Wishpond also has a built-in designer where you can create the landing pages.

This can certainly add professional, creditability to your profile. You can try out the app for a free trial that lasts for two weeks. After that it will cost you between 49 USD to 199 USD, depending on what you opt to get. But, remember contests work best when there are rewards.

4. Ingramer

One of the most effective ways to get your posts to a wider audience is with the right Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are what people search for. It is also what the Instagram algorithm puts on the user’s individual discover page depending on the types of posts that they have interacted with.

Therefore, using the right hashtags on your Instagram photos and content can be like hitting a gold mine. But, it can be very time-consuming. Plus, Instagram’s algorithm is known to change quite often. So, staying on top of this can also be a hassle.

Ingramer uses an AI algorithm to find relevant hashtags automatically. It does so by analyzing the image of the post, the keyword, or the link. Plus, their hashtag generator tool is free to a certain extent. The paid module shows you a longer list of hashtags. And, it also gives you a visual of the hashtags.

Outside of the hashtags, Ingramer also has another feature up their digital sleeve. It offers account growth modules that start from 37 USD. This means that they have smart bots that engage with real users on Insta. The bots watch Instagram stories, can message as well as unfollow or follow certain accounts.

Instagram is a social media platform, and this means that in order for an account to grow it has to interact with other accounts. Ingramer has a feature that is willing to do that for you. But, if possible it would be best to interact with your audience without bots. People like to know that they are people behind Instagram accounts.

However, the hashtag tool is a good one to help with freeing up your time so that you can create those high-quality content posts. And, like a shirt has two sleeves, Ingramer has something up their other one.

It has an Instagram Direct module. This can include auto-messaging as well as Direct Chat with many of the on-demand CRM features. Such as users’ profile info, chat labels, quick replies, notes, and client’s details, to be able to connect to an unlimited number of accounts, and message search, etc. Ingramer's main goal is to streamline all repetitive tasks in an easy-to-do way while helping to improve your Instagram presence.

5. Iconosquare

The app Iconosquare could be since as an upgrade from Instagram analytics. It is an analytics tool that has a lot of the same features, but it goes more in-depth with them. One of these includes seeing which follower unfollowed you as well as when your follower count went down at a certain period of time.

Plus, it can be tailored to certain posts. This means that you can track the efficacy when you change up your posts. So that you can figure out what works. And, it also emails you analytic reports every day. You can try it out for free for 14 days, afterward, it can be 33 USD per month, or you can negotiate.

6. Foursixty

UGC (user-generated content) is often viewed as being more genuine when compared to business type of content. It is when users show that they like your product to other potential customers. And that is what Foursixty also aims to do. It works by collecting all the Insta posts that are tagged with a certain hashtag, such as your brand.

Then you can show off the best of these posts on your relevant accounts. It is an easy-to-use tool that also deals with the legal requirements for sourcing UGC. Do not take our word for it; give it a test run for 21 days. The price afterward can go from 50 USD to over 300 USD. Remember, legal aspects are expensive.

7. Planoly

An active Insta account is a great account. However, posting regularly can at times be overwhelming to many people. That is why apps such as Planoly would be a great tool to use. It allows you to plan ahead and schedule your posts, which include stories. This makes it a great tool for social media management, and even social media marketing since you would have more time to research what the next trend is.

Plus, this app can also track the progress of your scheduled posts as well as figure out the best times to post. Timing is everything when it comes to social media. The drag and drop interface of the app makes it a wonder to use. It can be free, or up to 159 USD per month depending on what else you need from it.

8. Combin

Interaction is the name of the game when it comes to growth since Instagram is a social network after all. You cannot just post and leave, your company should interact with other users. But, who? That is what Combin is for. It is an app that finds certain users and Instagram content for you to engage with.

This means that it can help you find your target audience easier. And it also has a scheduling tool for your business to use. The app is free, but if you want more than it will cost you up to about 42, 41 USD (36 Euros.)

9. Boost

Users can now buy products through Instagram with the use of Instagram Shopping. But, there are also other apps to make this process even easier, such as Boost. It lets customers buy your products just by commenting with a custom hashtag. What you do is tag your product in your post and include this custom hashtag in the caption.

If a customer, who is already with Boost, comments on the post, their order is automatically placed. But, make sure that this is clear to the users so that they do not accidentally place an order. However, Boost does offer a 14-day free trial. The pricing of using this e-Commerce app after the trial is 29 USD per month.

10. Have2HaveIt

This is another e-Commerce app to sell products with. Have2HaveIt is a tool that can make your Instagram feed into a shoppable page. All you are required to do is to tag each product in your post, and your customers can see what you have on offer.

When something catches their eye, they press on it and the purchase is made straight away. You can try this easy-to-use app for free for a whole month, 30 days. And the price of these apps ranges from 5 USD to 300 USD per month.

11. Magisto

With videos slowly taking over the platform, it would be a shame for you to miss out on this potential market. However, editing can be a challenge. But, that is why there are editing tools like Magisto to make your life easier. Magisto is an AI video editing app that will take your video and edit it in a way to be pleasing to the eye.

You can check it for a free plan for 7 days. If you like how it works you can keep using it for a price that is between 4, 99 USD to 34, 99 USD.

12. Clipchamp

Another editing app that can make your videos “gram-ready” is Clipchamp. It is an online editing program that gives you access to over 40 000 stock video and audio files. Plus, you can chop, green screen and even add transitions, etc.

The basic plan is free to use, while everything else can go up to 39 USD per month. This would be great for stories and with enough time you can even ask your followers questions while they watch your video.

13. Tagboard

Inspiration is a major feature when running an Instagram profile. However, there is Tagboard to help you with that. It lets you sort through the millions of Insta content based on the hashtags you need to focus on. Therefore, you can find the best performing and relevant posts to inspire you. And you can also use it for UGC contests.

14. Boomerang

This old classic app, Boomerang, lets you create your own gifs. It has been on the platform for ages and it is also an easy app to use. You take a video and loop it to go forward and backward. There are no cuts, and it is one takes only. Therefore, it may take a bit to master it, but it would be worth it.

It is a fine tool that would be great to get a short, visual video or story message across. Plus, it is completely free, and already on the Instagram app. You have nothing to lose to try out this mobile app.

15. Reels

And the last app that you should try is another one that is already on Instagram. Reels are a free Instagram feature that has been recently introduced to the platform. It lets you record 15-second clips that you can edit together, and add filters. A great way to drum up engagement while adding flair to your profile.

Plus, video popularity on Instagram is growing so you would really miss out on not using this recent addition to the platform. However, the best thing you can do is try these apps and see which ones stick with you. With these apps, you could be that one step closer to becoming an influencer or having the best business profile on Insta. Plus, practice makes close to perfect, so good luck on your professional Instagram journey to follower growth, engagement, and potential profit.

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