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25 Best Instagram Fitness Models You Should Follow

Updated: Jul 19

Even if you are from America, Australia or India, etc. now is the best time to get into fitness. And, what better way to get fit than by following, and getting inspired by, 25 of the best Instagram fitness models of 2021?

Well, nothing. And they earn their Instagram money for a reason. With that, let’s help you find the Instagram influencer to help you get, and keep in shape before you buy your next Chanel for Fashion week or a day at the beach.

1. Jen Selter

Jen Selter

One of the most well-known American models that are also a fitness model is Jen Selter. She comes from Long Island in New York, and since the beginning, she sees the value and importance of living a healthy, and active lifestyle. Since that first post, she began to build up a strong online social media presence by sharing videos and images of your fitness route and processes.

This turned her into one of the best Instagram models for fitness. She also appeared on various TV shows giving fitness lessons to the viewers. On her Insta, she not only posts images, and reels of working out, but her captions inspire and motivate her Instagram followers. You could end up in a music video with your toned body in the future.

2. Sommer Ray

A fairly newcomer to the fitness Instagram modeling world is Colorado’s, Sommer Ray. She started her social media fitness posting career in about September 2016. And, has skyrocketed as one of the top Instagram models when it comes to being fit. Outside of Instagram, she also has a YouTube channel where she tends to post fitness as well as workout videos for her supporters and followers. Following her will motivate you to get fit in time to put on your swimsuit.

3. Ana Cheri

The Southern Californian with Caucasian, Latina, and Native American heritages worked her way up on the fitness ladder by posting pictures and tips before she became well-known. Her name is Ana Cheri. It was through this fame that she got offered many modeling jobs. Such as Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

As well as becoming a brand ambassador for quite a few companies. With Shredz Supplements being one of them. Now she owns a gym in Santa Ana “Be More Athletics” as well as being an owner of CheriFit, an Activewear collection.

4. Daisy Keech

Los Angeles-based Social media influencer, and TikTok star, Daisy Keech, actually got her fame through her Instagram posts about fitness. This American fitness queen started her Insta in 2018 and attracted millions of followers in a matter of moments. However, outside of social media, she is the creator of Keech Peach.

Which is a workout program to teach people and help them learn and build a foundation for a healthy, happy life. They offer programs, equipment, and supplements. To find out more about Daisy's fitness routines, try the program or follow her Instagram account that is more tailored to working out at keechpeach.

5. Hope Beel

This fitness Instagram model knows her way around a gym. Hope Beel has quite an interesting and inspiring story for the start of her career. She states in her “about me” section on her site that she was not too concerned about her diet when she was younger, but she was still active when it came to being fit. However, that changed when she started college in Dallas Texas, she learned the importance of nutrition.

So she started lifting, as well as changing her diet to better work with her body. Now you can check out her hopebeelfit Instagram where she tries to help transform her followers in terms of muscle gain, weight loss, and a balance in their diets among other things. By following her you will in no doubt look good in whatever you want, from swimwear, lingerie, to the hottest Tom Ford’s fashion.

6. Kinsey Wolanski

Another young lady that is really into fitness, so much so that she has her activewear clothing line is Kinsey Wolanski. She stands out from the others on this list, in that her posts seem to be more on the adventurous side of Instagram.

Kinsey Wolanski is not only a fitness buff with supermodel good looks, but she is also a licensed skydiver, a helicopter pilot, an investor, and a stuntwoman. And, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts about her travels, as well as hacks, tips, and weird exercises for you to have more fun at the gym.

7. Jessamyn Stanely

Much to how Ashley Graham is an inspiration for plus-size models and people, so too is Jessamyn Stanely. She is a lady that also promotes body positivity as well as doing yoga. Showing that anyone can do this relaxing, yet strengthen exercise.

Furthermore, she shares a lot of yoga tips as well as hacks for living a healthy lifestyle in the body that you have and want. If you want to know more, she has a book called “Every Body Yoga”, as well as a host of her podcast called “Dear Jessamyn”, so check it out.

8. Hanna Oberg

Another fitness model you should check out is Hanna Oberg. She posts about targeting certain areas of your body. But, her high point could be when she showed that pregnant women do not have to quit gyming. She did gym and trained hard ever since her first pregnancy was announced. Not only did she hit the gym, but she also showed and highlighted modifications and moves on her Insta as anyone, with a baby on the way, or not, could do.

9. Cassey Ho

cassey ho

We mentioned yoga, and now let’s check out pilates by looking at Cassey Ho’s Instagram page. She is the creator of POP Pilates, and she posts tips, as well as fun, poses for you to try at home. Her reels are like having an energetic trainer on your phone, showing you how to do the moves while instructing you how to do them well. Outside of fitness she also writes comics. A talented woman in fitness and creativity.

10. Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is another lady to check out. She is one of the brand ambassadors of Bang Energy Drinks, as well as having a body that would easily fit on the cover of Maxim or Sports Illustrated. She shows workouts in the gym, in a home gym, and at home without using any equipment except your own body.

11. Brittne Jackson

If you are looking for someone who posts about at-home as well as gym workouts, then look no further than Brittne Jackson aka The Queen of Home Workouts. This athlete and influencer often posts about her process while giving motivation.

Plus, she also offers fresh and new fitness ideas for you to try out to add spice to your workout routine. Hey, her workouts have appeared on Instagram explore page a few times, so she is doing something right, fun, and healthy.

12. Ayla Woodruff

Checking out Ayla Woodruff’s page you will notice not only her working out and showing you the best techniques, but also what to eat and supplements to use. Don't just take our word for it, check out her fitness page BluHoneyFitness. Or you can view her YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and other related content.

13. Jeanette Jenkins

With a big smile on her face and a kick in her kick, Jeanette Jenkins is a Hollywood trainer and nutritionist who knows how to get toned abs and does bikini bootcamp. She shares her tips on her Insta page. Plus, she also shows working out in all sorts of places including the office. Working out while at work is a great break to take since it can free your mind while strengthening your body.

14. Izabel Goulart

This Brazilian model has certainly made a name for herself, and that name is Izabel Goulart. She appeared on many of Victoria’s Secret’s fashion shows catwalks, and even got her place on Sports Illustrated in 2011. This fashion model has been and is still going places. However, she made our list due to her intense workouts and sharing them.

She uses the #BodybyIza for you to follow along, and she does Pilates, and boxing among other types of workouts. They are so intense that Vogue even has a quote from her about how one of our, not only her, biggest treasures is health. And it is always her priority.

15. Bianca Taylor

Bodies come in all shapes and forms, as well as diets. Next on our list is Bianca Taylor who is a vegan, fitness wonder. Her posts can be about working out as well as veganism for those in the diet group who want to stay and be fit. She is your go-to as well as also offering coaching at The Embodied Babe website, which she is a founder of. And, she has her line of supplements: Vedge Nutrition.

16. Sohee Lee

The thing about fitness is that it is an ongoing activity. And that is where trainers and fitness influencers like Sohee Lee come in. Californian-based Sohee Lee focuses on actionable and sustainable diets as well as lifestyles for the long term.

She uses the ELT Method which she talks about on her website Sohee Fit, and she can coach you. Her goal is to start with traditional strength training and develop to conquering big performance goals. However, she makes them a lot less intimidating which is a must for people to stay in long-term shape.

17. Katelyn Runck

Another fitness beauty with tone abs and a strong back is Katelyn Runck. She is not only a fitness buff but also a nutrition, and fitness coach who posts her results on her fitness gram. Plus, you can also check out well-filmed workout videos where she shows you how to do the tasks while giving you motivation in the captions.

18. Massy Arias

Looking for a fun workout time? Then check out this certified personal trainer Massy Arias. Who shows what you want to do while instructing the number of reps, etc. in her captions.

19. Tracy Anderson

If you want a Victoria’s Secret Angel model of the year body or at least something like the many fit A-list then check out Tracy Anderson. A trainer for the stars, including you. She gives her best tricks, and tips on her Insta.

Do not worry, we have not forgotten about the males of the Instagram fitness world that can help your man, or if you are a man, fit nicely into a Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Marc Jacobs, or even a Calvin Klein suit.

20. Ulisses Jr

ulisses jr.

Coming in strong, pun included, is one of the most well-known male fitness accounts on Instagram, Ulisses Jr or ulissesworld. He not only shows selfies of his bodybuilder, toned body, but he also gives his followers workout programs and meal plans to help them get into and stay in shape. So give him a follow so you do not miss out.

21. Jordan Yeoh

Coming from Malaysia we have the great Jordan Yeoh who films his workouts at home, or in the great outdoors. Meaning that he shows you what you can do safely outside of a gym. He keeps his body moving in all forms of directions. Plus, his routines are easy to follow.

22. Benny Price

Joompa’s CEO is Benny Price who is also a personal trainer and coach with a martial art background. He gives the harsh truths in an entertaining way as well as a bunch of fitness routines for you to do inside your home.

23. Jacob Weber

Diabetes is very difficult to handle but fitness guru Jacob Weber makes it a bit simpler with his “how-to guides” and tutorial when it comes to food. He also gives you an easier approach to fitness as not to scare you off if bodybuilders look a bit too intense.

24. Mike Chabot

Mike Chabot is another fitness guru for you to follow. He posts the results of his workouts to inspire his followers to do the best that they can. And he also has an app, Faste Fitness to help keep you on track.

25. Adam Pfau

And ending off with the master of cardio and nutrition, Adam Pfau. He adds humor to his routines as well as debunks myths while setting reachable goals for his followers. So check him out for an informative, fitness, laugh that will help get you into shape.

Staying in shape, or starting the process of it, is not an easy task to keep up with. Ask Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner, or any of the Kardashians, and even Emily Ratajkowski, Barbara Palvin, or Candice Swanepoel how hard it is. But, these fitness models and trainers can help keep you motivated.

As well as give you tips to keep on track. Regardless, if your aim is for a modeling career with Elle, a photoshoot for Forbes, or just to be fit, these influencers know what to do and how to instruct you. So, be the best and fittest you want to be.

Take a page from these people, and some great fitness bloggers for good measure. We see that Ana Cheri is really talented, and there are others for every type of feel and body. But, check them all out and find the best ones for you to follow.

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