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31 Hottest Instagram Models to Follow in 2020

Updated: Mar 18

Up-and-coming Instagram models are making waves on social media sites like Instagram. With the sheer abundance of users on the app, it can be nearly impossible to know where to find and support new talent emerging in 2020.

Regardless of an influencer’s niche, success on the platform is most heavily impacted by quality of content and engagement with followers. An influencer could post excessively throughout the day, but growing a platform also requires strategic planning and follow through.

When on the lookout for Instagram models to follow, we know that you are hooked by influencers who are able to demand your attention and hold it.

Searching for model-related hashtags on the Instagram platform can be a great way to come across accounts you hadn’t seen before. However, this can be time-consuming and pain-stakingly broad if you don’t know how to narrow down what you’re looking for.

If you feel like you’ve become overwhelmed at the thought of another deep-dive search, rest assured that there are simpler ways to find new influencers that you admire.

One way to simplify the search is to find a reputable creative marketing agency that works with influencers and brands on a daily basis. The reason why this should be your go-to move is because agencies have already vetted their clients and determined that they were worth investing time in.

Unruly Agency is one such agency that makes the process seamless for you.

This agency actively seeks out and supports talented creators in the social media sphere. The team at Unruly works with influencers and brands to set a platform’s growth on an upward trajectory.

The agency provides clientele with market knowledge and resources, so the quality of a client’s content is guaranteed. For models who are new to sharing content on Instagram, this agency can prove to be especially helpful. Whether through photoshoots or commercial production projects, Unruly Agency can bring any influencer’s vision to life. This, in turn, makes for better quality content for followers.

Because Unruly Agency has mastered the art of finding new hot modeling talent, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for Instagram models that have partnered with the agency.

To simplify your search for the hottest Instagram models even more, we’ve compiled a list of the models we’re most excited to follow and support as they continue to grow their platforms.

Sarai Rollins

The model Sarai Rollins is one of the hottest Instagram models to follow right now.

The 31 Hottest Instagram Models You Should Be Following in 2020

1. Kylie Rae | @kylierae


Kylie Rae is an Unruly Agency model with a significant following on Instagram. This influencer has shared over one thousand posts through the platform and has partnered with brands such as Celsius and Playboy.

She posts IGTVs featuring “Get Ready With Me” and vlog content.

2. Tina Louise | @tinalouise


Tina Louise is an Instagram model who co-owns Sugar Taco, a plant based mexican food eatery in Los Angeles, California. She maintains an active presence across Instagram, Only Fans, and Patreon which can be accessed through her Unruly Agency page.

Instagram users looking for content about health, vegan eating, and fitness should keep an eye out for Tina Louise. Exclusive modeling content is also available to followers through her other platforms.

3. Sarai Rollins | @sarairollins


Sarai Rollins is an Instagram model and artist constantly growing her platform and sharing new content. The IGTVs on her page include behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots, video clips of her modeling work, and “Get Ready With Me” content.

4. Alanna Dergan | @alannna


Alanna Dergan is an Instagram influencer based in Los Angeles who posts content related to travel, fitness, beauty, and modeling. She shares everything from modeling shoot photos to workout videos. Alanna partners with brands like Fashion Nova and often clues followers in on discount codes for lifestyle-related products.

5. Courtney Tailor | @courtneytailor


Courtney Taylor is an Austin-based Instagram model who has partnered with brands like Manscaped and Bang Energy. In her IGTV videos, she shares behind-the-scenes and Q&A content about what it’s like to shoot exclusive content for Only Fans. With a significant social media presence, she’s definitely a model influencer to look out for.

6. Shantal Monique | @shantalmonique


Across her social media platforms, Shantal Monique has amassed a following of 4.6 million. Her Instagram following alone is impressive to say the least. In the past, she has partnered with brands like Bing Beverage Company.

7. Georgina Gentle | @geegentle


Georgina Gentle is an Instagram model who shares lingerie photo shoots and travel-based content on this platform. Followers can purchase her merchandise and show support for her on Instagram as well as other channels.

8. Amanda Taylor | @amandatayylor


Amanda Taylor has shared over 200 posts on Instagram since joining in 2016. As far as her modeling career, she posts a variety of fashion and beauty content. Followers can show further support for Amanda by visiting her Unruly Agency page and tapping into her exclusive content.

9. Lauren Blake | @laurenblakeee


Lauren Blake is a Los Angeles Instagram model who shares photo shoot content and highlights from her travels to France, Spain, Greece, and other destinations.

Along with maintaining and growing her presence as a social media influencer, she is also working with The Maimon Group, a company that specializes in pairing clients with luxury home and car rentals.

Tiffany Keller is known for her excellent taste in fashion.

10. Tiffany Keller | @tiffanykeller


Tiffany Keller is an Instagram model and influencer who posts photo shoot, cooking, travel, and brand partnership content on this platform. Followers who visit her IGTV page will be able to see one of her workout plans as well.

11. Kayla Fitz | @kaylafitz3


Followers might recognize Kayla Fitz from Season 30 of reality show The Amazing Race. She has a notable Instagram following and posts a range of modeling content on the platform. Those interested in her health and wellness lifestyle, travel, and other projects can find out more by checking in with her regular posts.

12. Kristen Hancher | @kristenhancher


Instagram model Kristen Hancher has a large following of 5.6 million on the platform. Not to mention, her feed posts typically reach more than 100,000 likes. On her IGTV page, she shares a “Pop Off” series where she talks about different topics, completes challenges, and answers fan questions. Keeping followers engaged and connecting with fans is a top priority for Kristen, which is why she’s a great Instagram model to follow.

13. Darby Elyse | @darbyelyse


Darby Elyse is an Instagram model with Unruly Agency. Her following of 290k is climbing, and her content is top-notch quality. Through her featured Instagram stories, she shares behind-the-scenes footage from shoots, travel moments, glimpses into her personal life, and feature pieces written about her, such as one published by Maxim.

14. Sofia Bevarly | @sofia_bevarly


Instagram model and influencer Sofia Bevarly has built up a following of 1.4 million. She shares content from photo shoots on her page, but also includes a link in her bio where followers can access exclusive content.

15. Alena Nazarova | @alena_n_star


Alena Nazarova is an Instagram model who has worked with brands like Guess and Hily Dating App, to name a few. Instagram users scrolling through her feed will see a range of content from swimwear, lingerie, and activewear photo shoots. Followers who are curious about her exercise routine can check out her IGTV, where she’s shared a video on the topic.

16. Desiree Schlotz | @desireescholtz


Desiree Scholtz models swimwear and lingerie on her Instagram page, with the occasional loungewear shoot too. Her high follower count has a lot to do with her follower engagement. The featured stories on her page show moments from her travel, whether nationally or internationally.

17. Kelsie Jean Smeby | @kjsmeby


Kelsie Jean Smeby is an Instagram model with an impressive portfolio. Instagram users looking to follow successful model accounts should be sure to follow this one. When it comes to partnerships, she’s connected with brands like Fashion Nova and Guess. In her story highlights, she features content from her professional portfolio and behind-the-scenes clips from a shoot with Unruly Agency.

18. Brittany Palmer | @brittneypalmer


Brittney Palmer is an Instagram model who has built an incredibly diverse resume for herself. Alongside her model work, she is a UFC octagon girl, contemporary artist, and host. Her Instagram story highlights cover the many different aspects of her professional and personal life, which includes her Only Fans, UFC fights, travel, and art.

19. Gabrielle Esptein | @gabbyepstein


Gabrielle Epstein is an Australian-born, Los Angeles-based Instagram model with a big presence on the platform. She has partnered with brands like Pretty Little Thing throughout her career. Her modeling content features swimwear, activewear, and boutique clothing brands. Followers who have been keeping up with Gabrielle for a while know that her travels are well-chronicled, and the scenery in her content is always refreshingly new and visually eye-catching.

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau arrives at the 9th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 13, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic)

20. Tana Mongeau | @tanamongeau


Tana Mongeau is an influencer and model with a strong social media presence at 5.4 million followers on Instagram. She has partnered with many brands over the years and primarily models streetwear and lingerie.

21. Summer Lynn Hardt | @summerlynnhart


Summer Lynn Hardt is an Instagram model with content geared toward fitness and health. She also shares exclusive content through her Unruly Agency page for followers who want to show more support. In her feed, she posts workout videos, content from photo shoots, and sponsored posts for brand partnerships.

22. Stef G | @stefaniegurzanski


Stef G is an Instagram model who has taken the modeling world by storm. She has been featured in articles published by Vogue and Cosmo. She shares behind-the-scenes clips from both of these magazine shoots in her story highlights. Followers interested in seeing more about her modeling career can check out her IGTV as well.

23. Sierra Skye | @sierraaaskyee


Sierra Skye is a fitness influencer and Instagram model with a significant follower base. Anyone interested in knowing her workout routine can sign up for exclusive content, such as her Bikini Body Program, through the link in her bio.

24. Sharlena Hassiani | @sharlenahassani


Sharlena Hassiani is a Norwegian Instagram model and owner of the company Artisan of Skin. Her story highlights showcase her professional work and passion projects. Instagram users looking for an influencer who shares health, beauty, fashion, and modeling content should follow Sharlena.

25. Nicky Gile | @nickygile


Nicky Gile is an Instagram model based in Los Angeles. She shares her travels, photo shoot content, and brand partnerships with her follower base on this platform. She also provides the option for fans to access exclusive content, if they so choose.

26. Katelyn Runck | @katelyn_runck


Katelyn Runck is an Instagram model and nutrition and fitness coach. Through her Unruly fans page, her followers have quick access to her meal and training plans, exclusive modeling content, and more.

27. Jessica Sunok | @jessicasunok


Jessica Sunok is an Instagram model whose follower count has been rising since 2018. She is represented by Unruly Agency and offers a link to her exclusive modeling content through the site.

28. Danielle Lombard | @daniellellombard


Danielle Lombard’s Instagram page gives followers snapshots into her lifestyle, travel, and modeling career. She actively connects with her follower base across various platforms, and partners with brands that align with her personal passions.

29. Anna Louise | @officialannalouise


Anna Louise is an Instagram model, yogi, and esthetician with a noteworthy social media presence. On this platform, she shares content from swimwear, lingerie, and activewear photo  shoots. Followers can follow her travels through her story highlights and also see behind-the-scenes clips of her shoots.

30. Ana Cheri | @anacheri


Not only is Ana Cheri an Instagram model, she is also the owner of the activewear brand Cherí Fit. Her IGTV is a great resource for followers interested in “Get Ready With Me” content, and her feed is home to her modeling shots and partnership posts.

31. Amanda Ventrone | @aventronexo


Amanda Ventrone is an Instagram model who shares photo shoot content and brand partnerships on a consistent basis. Her page has a great balance of striking professional shots and posts that have a more personal feel.

Amanda Ventrone is one of the hottest models to hire in 2020.

Stay Connected And Show Support

Instagram models often work overtime to design, curate, and edit content long before the content is actually shared. At the same time, influencers are coordinating new partnership deals, keeping in touch with their followers, and looking ahead toward future projects and plans. This means that at any given moment, an influencer has numerous deadlines in mind and is mentally calculating which tasks are the most pressing.

Instagram models that post high-quality content consistently are definitely worth the follow. Because many influencers are able to monetize their presence on Instagram, a follow can go a long way in supporting an influencer’s career.

Several of the models in our list offer exclusive content through Onlyfans accounts that are linked in their Instagram bios. Supporting your favorite influencers through this platform is mutually beneficial to both you and an influencer. You’re able to access the modeling content you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see while also supporting an influencer’s business.

Why Your Follow Matters

The social media platform Instagram provides new and experienced models with a space to promote their work and connect with others. As you can see from our lineup, a model’s style and personality can really shine through on this platform, and follower counts will rise as a result.

A major take-away is that Instagram models are extremely business-minded and content-driven. Among the models featured in our list, several are business owners and entrepreneurs who have a hand in multiple professions at once. A few notable mentions from our list include Tina Louise with her plant-based Mexican restaurant, Sharlena Hassiani with her skincare company, and Ana Cheri with her activewear brand.

The Instagram models we’ve featured have been working toward the success of multiple professional pursuits at once. If that isn’t worth commending and supporting, we don’t know what is.

Social media platforms are constantly gaining new users, new content, and new creators at a rate that makes it difficult to keep up. Anyone looking to refresh their followings and find new Instagram models to support should spend some time following up with the 31 models in our list.

We recommend that you pay attention to how models use their platform. Look at how influencers engage with their followers. Do they start conversations with their followers and answer their followers’ questions in return? Ask yourself whether you’re looking for content that is focused on healthy living, exercise, or something else. Whatever your specific interests might be, Instagram models who are worth following are the ones who leave you wanting more.

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