7 Ways to Post Links on Instagram: How to Share Links on IG

Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets in the world, and one of the most common places to advertise a brand or business. If you are one of the people who use Insta to promote a product, then you’ll want to make sure your effort translates to better website traffic.

Links are the best way to get people through the door when it comes to the internet. People are much more likely to check something out if it’s only a click away. But Insta doesn’t make it easy to just put links out there, so here are a few of the ways you can outsmart Instagram and get your links to your follows.

If you’ve recently separated from a brand or had issues losing a domain, you’ll want to go through your profile and clean out any dead links. For how to do that quickly, check out these tips and tricks.

1. Utilize Your Stories

Stories are one of the best ways to get attention from followers. They always appear at the top of the feed, and since they are temporary, people are more incentivized to check them out. So, they are the perfect place to place a link to guarantee maximum eyes on it.

Keep in mind that Insta stories are temporary, so they are best suited for links that are also temporary. Sales, giveaways, seasonal deals, etc. are all much better links to be putting in a story post than, say, the home page for your brand.

The unfortunate part of this is that Insta won’t let you incorporate a clickable link into your story until you have at least 10,000 followers. It’s not clear why they do this, but if you are still a growing business, you’ll have to settle for your link just being put up on a sort of internet billboard.

If you are close to the 10,000 followers mark and want the edge of clickable story links, have a look at these apps. They can help boost your followers to get you to that milestone.

Alternatively, you can use your story to just draw attention to a link that exists elsewhere. For example, you can have an image post of you holding up a sign advertising a flash sale, and use the text tool to tell people where they can find the link to that sale. The next link posting method goes hand-in-hand with this.

2. Right in Your Bio

Your Insta bio is one of the few places that anyone is allowed to place a working link. Generally, it’s a good idea to have this been an “evergreen” link. If you have a website home page, that would be the perfect thing to link to from your Instagram bio.

A bio link is simple and low maintenance, but it has a couple of drawbacks. For one, you don’t want to use a link that is long and ugly because then your whole bio looks worse. Plus, you can’t use more than one or two links because you’ll run out of space.

3. Link Services

You can get around the issue of having one link in your bio by using a link service. This used to be huge when advertising when Insta first started, and they have been in resurgence now that people recognize all the cool stuff you can do with them.

Think of link services kind of like a cab to a subway station. You get a single link you can place in your bio or elsewhere that takes people to a hub where they can find a ton of your other relevant links. You can customize these link hubs to look however you want, and you can even give them catchy names.

Link services aren’t as helpful for people who only have a single brand to promote or only have a few that aren’t related. There is also the issue of having to maintain them in the event of a dead link or you no longer representing a brand.

A screenshot of Bitly.

4. Consider a Link Shortener

You’ve probably heard of or used Bitly, but may not be aware of exactly what it is. Without overexplaining, link shortening services like Bitly can make any link into a shorter, more pleasing one. It even allows for rerouting if someone manually searches the shorter link.

Shorter links help with the bio method mentioned previously, but they also let you feel better about putting links in post captions. Currently, you cannot put a link in a caption on Insta and have it be clickable. That means your followers would have to manually input or copy-paste the plain text, and most people don’t like that extra effort.

Bitly and similar services not only make followers more likely to type out a shorter link, but it helps them remember the link name. Bitly also lets you customize link names, so you can get bonus interest by making it something catchy or recognizable.

5. Add Shopping Tags

This method requires the most amount of work overall. Though, you aren’t likely to use shopping tags unless you have already done the bulk of the work.

To start, you have to set up a product catalog through Facebook. When you have a full range of physical products, complete with pictures, you’ll be able to link those products to Instagram posts. Though, these links can only be put onto posts you make with the shopping tab.

You can get a ton of use out of this to promote a business since you’ll have plenty of products to create links for. Though, its usefulness pretty much ends there.

6. Pay to Promote Links

If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you can pay to have certain posts and stories promoted. That’s great for making sure you have audience reach, but a hidden bonus is that these promoted stories and posts are allowed to have clickable links in them.

You end up having to abide by certain restrictions on your posts and stories with this method since you are technically creating an ad. It comes at a real cost since you have to both get an Instagram Business account and pay for the ads. But, it is an effective way to increase traffic if you know what you are doing.

7. Slide into DMs

For a larger social media presence, monitoring DMs can be a hassle and stressful on bad days. But, DMs are a fantastic avenue for brand engagement for those that can manage the work.

A great tool for DMs is an automated quick reply. This is ideal if you have a generalized link you are trying to get out to people and you don’t want to get overwhelmed by trying to respond individually.

Plus, unlike with posts, DMs allow for clickable links to be embedded with them, without a restriction to the message size. Interacting with DMs is a great way to boost active engagement. It lets followers know you are helpful and makes them more likely to trust the things you promote.

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