Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and Instagram

Instagram is probably the most popular social media app in the world, and for good reasons. You can easily share photos, make stories, and collaborate with friends.  Yet, despite all the things Insta gets right, it misses out on a feature that every other social media app thought to include: the ability to repost Instagram content.

It isn’t clear why the app hasn’t included the ability to repost, but it certainly isn’t for lack of ability. The parent company, Facebook, has allowed users to repost for years.  Since the development team has not shown any particular interest in adding the feature, users who want to be able to repost on their Instagram account will have to rely on third-party apps.

Instagram users certainly aren’t short for options. There are dozens of reposting apps in the iOS and Google app stores, but that can be a problem in and of itself. Whether you’re looking to post multiple Instagram stories or lit videos, figuring out the right Instagram reposting app for you can be tricky but worth the effort. Most of them also are not just objectively better than others, but just about all of them are better than the old screenshot method. Personal preference and what the user is hoping to do specifically is what narrows down the options past a certain point.

You’ll probably also notice that almost all of them are named some variation of “Repost for Instagram,” which can make keeping track of them a nightmare. So, here are some of the best Android and iOS apps to repost for Instagram, with their ups and their downs, as well as some actual links to the specific apps.

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Instagram repost apps will give you the ability to repost content, a feature Instagram doesn’t have.

The Best Instagram Repost Apps

1. Repost for Instagram

This app’s biggest appeal is its raw simplicity. The only thing it can do is repost to Instagram, and it does it well. All you have to do to use it is copy the URL of an Insta post by tapping on the options bubbles in the top right corner and selecting “Copy Link.”

From there, you open up Repost for Instagram, and it will usually have whatever you just copied ready to be reposted with only a couple taps.

The entire app is also only 3 megabytes, so even the most crowded iPhone or Android probably has room for it. It doesn’t allow watermarks, which is a draw for some people and others a downside. Its simplicity is also a bit of its downside. You can’t do anything with it besides copy the Insta post you want to copy exactly the way it is. You’ll have to contest with some annoying ads or pay for the pro version to ignore them, and people have been reporting some issues with the app having brief periods of not working properly.

Overall, it gets the job done, but not in an elegant way. Bare-bones enthusiasts that just need the ability to repost Instagram posts and don’t care too much for any more bells or whistles will certainly be happy with this app.

2. Regram

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, you have Regram. This app features all the basic capabilities you’d ever need for a reposting app, with a few other details like a one-tap button to open the Instagram app and a dark mode. Once you get past that, Regram starts to stand out because of its customization capabilities.

You have the option to include a watermark in any repost photo you make to credit the account you got it from. You can place the watermark anywhere in the post you want, as well as alter the color of the font, the color of the background, and the opacity of the whole thing.

For the hardcore people out there, the customization goes a few steps further than that. You can change around a bunch of the default settings to streamline the reposting process and change them at any time. You can also control the notifications that come up onto your dashboard, so you can prioritize certain things on your feed.

Nothing is without drawbacks, though. You’ll have to contend with ads just like the majority of reposting apps. Regram stands out a bit in this regard because it’s comparatively expensive to buy the premium version that removes the ads: $4.99. You also can’t mess around much with the actual post, such as the hashtags or captions.

Regram functions well as a handy reposting app, but it requires some more upfront work to be as streamlined as some people might want. It can also be a pain if there isn’t an exact format you like to stick to for your repost, since the app focuses so much on making your preferred default settings. For someone who is okay with having a particular look, isn’t bothered by a few more menus, and likes setting up things to be as efficient as possible, that person would be more than content with Regram.

3. Regrann

While the name is almost the same as the previous app, they have plenty of differences. Regrann sets itself apart from other reposts apps in a huge way due to its tutorial. Sitting through it won’t be entertaining and some people will get annoyed with it, but the app taking the time to teach you how to use it is unique among repost apps. Plus, there’s an option to replay the tutorial if you feel like you forgot or missed anything.

Regrann has the option to include and place a watermark, but you can’t change its appearance. It also automatically copies any captions but relies on the user for final say — you still have to paste in the captions. Of course, you can instead choose to add a new caption or add onto the original with the “Signature” option.

Regrann is one of the reposting apps that features a post-later function. Whenever you go to create a repost, the app will ask you whether you want to make the post right away or save it for later. If you choose to make the post later, Regrann will let you schedule a reminder so you can come back and make the repost.

The unavoidable downside of ads isn’t horrible for Regrann. Removing them will only cost you a couple of dollars. It also suffers from the fact that parts of the app’s features are locked behind the premium version paywall. The free version of the app still works fine without premium, but it loses most of the streamlining functions which will turn people away. The post-later option has a slight issue too where it will delete the saved repost if you don’t come back for it by the time you scheduled to post it. Regrann doesn’t handle reposts with multiple videos and /or pictures well either. Users have to manually upload the individual pieces of the posts from the “Regrann Multi Post” album it creates on their phones.

Regrann has several issues that could be deal breakers for some people looking for a good Instagram reposting app. It also has a few features that can more than compensate for its shortcomings. If Regrann Premium was the base version of the app, you could make a strong argument for it being one of the best reposting apps, but not everyone is going to want to pay $1.99 to get the whole experience. If you are willing to pay that extra little bit to get the full version of the app, Regrann is a fantastic way to repost from Instagram with many helpful features. Between the tutorial that will teach you the ins and outs of how to use it and the ability to save reposts and schedule them for later, Regrann is a spectacular choice of repost app for the micromanagers and less tech-savvy Instagram users.

4. InstaRepost / Reposter for Instagram

“Reposter for Instagram” is the official name of the app, but you’ll sometimes see people referring to it as “InstaRepost.” This app is one of the oldest around for making Instagram reposts. It has a quick and simple option to repost with only a couple of taps, but also the option to save your selected post and edit it. The editing process specifically is what makes Reposter unique.

The editing booth lets you make all sorts of additions when you’re reposting. You can add text boxes, stickers, emojis, and doodles — just as if you were the original poster. Reposter also lets you play around with watermarks like most of the other apps. Though, your options for customizing the watermark feel constricted in comparison to all the visual edits you can make to the post itself.

It also has a secondary Instagram feed designed specifically around reposting. You can use the app to see what other people have been reposting, as well as popular recent posts from people you have reposted from before. Plus, the app has world and global trending pages so you can find and repost the things that matter most to you.

Reposter isn’t just a reposting app for Instagram, either. You can save the files you create to be shared on other social media apps like Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatsApp. Granted, the interface between these apps is not always pretty, but the option is there.

Reposter suffers from a similar issue as Regrann — it does not play well with multiple Instagram photos or videos. It also has some woes with ads that can pop up often and at frustrating times. If you’re expecting me to say that there is a premium version that helps both of these problems, then you’ve been paying attention to the pattern with all the other reposting apps. Where Reposter differs in this regard is the fact that its premium version is a subscription-based service — rather than having to pay a one-time fee for the full versions like all these other apps, Reposter regularly charges you for use of the premium app. You can opt-out of the premium subscription at any time, but not being a single purchase is a considerable downside.

Reposter is the app for hardcore Instagram users. If you use Insta often and rely on it as one of your main platforms, Reposter is well worth the investment. For clarification, the basic version of the app isn’t ideal for influencers and people using it to communicate with fans, as it can be a headache to navigate without the premium subscription. Otherwise, Reposter is serviceable if you’re someone who enjoys getting to customize the visual side of your social media posts. Beyond that, it mostly seems like overkill. A casual user won’t need to use Reposter over a more streamlined reposting app.

5. Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost IG

Do not let the painfully inelegant name fool you…this app provides a fantastic overall reposting experience for Instagram. You can open Instagram from inside the app with the press of a single button. Repost IG can not only copy the images and captions but the hashtags as well. The best part of this is the fact that the app doesn’t require you to take the extra step to paste everything in. A built-in night mode also gives this app a little extra icing on the cake.

The special thing about Repost IG is the preview window functionality. When you copy the URL of the Instagram post and share it through the app, a little window automatically pops up. This window gives you the option to copy the repost into your direct messages and even your Instagram story.

People have reported the app sometimes doesn’t properly download individual videos if they appear in batches — sometimes the repost videos will be downloaded out of order or a few of them wouldn’t be downloaded at all.

Every so often, the app will just outright fail to repost what you ask it to. This means you have to take a few more steps to manually download and upload things through the app, which is a hassle. It at least appears to be an infrequent bug.

Ads are also a concern, but they are a little less obnoxious than some of the previously mentioned apps. The price to remove them isn’t so bad: $2.99. Though, most people aren’t going to feel good about paying that price for casual use.

Repost IG is one of the more simple reposting apps, and it gets great marks for speed. You can’t customize a whole lot through the app, but that could be ideal for someone trying to keep things simple. It’s a niche feature, but if you want to be able to send reposts through direct messages or to your story, you aren’t going to find a much better option. You’ll have to contend with the occasional malfunction, but if that doesn’t concern you, Repost IG is a frontrunner for speed and versatility.

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Don’t miss out on reposting the perfect Instagram photo.

Taking Reposting to the Next Level

It is unlikely anyone is excited about having to find an Instagram reposting app that suits their needs. Unfortunately, until Instagram creates official support for reposting, these apps are a necessary evil for people that want to get the most out of their social media experience.

The sheer number of reposting apps available can be daunting, but it does have its benefits. Since so many people are trying to get in on the market, many apps go the extra mile to include features that make them stand out from the competition. This means that there is a good bit of unnecessary junk on the market, but sifting through it can reveal some awesome features that you may not have even known that you wanted in the first place.

One thing to keep in mind is that any reposting app you use is going to be third-party. This means that there will be times where the apps are having connectivity issues, bugs or crashes occur, or software stops being compatible because Instagram updated. There isn’t anything that can be done about these potential issues, so you’ll just need to accept that sometimes things won’t be working perfectly and if you’re Instagram keeps crashing, there are ways to fix that too.

In the end, the ideal reposting app for you is going to come down to the features you’re looking for and the goals you want to accomplish. How highly o you value speed? Does the ability to customize your experience make a big difference to you? Are you looking for a casual supplement to your social media or are you trying to impress your followers? Will tons of ads be a deal-breaker, and if so, are you willing to pay for the pro version of your favorite reposting app?

A person that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency can go far with Repost for Instagram or Repost IG. A micromanager who likes things to get things exactly the way they want could find themselves enjoying Regram or Regrann. A person that values aesthetics above all else and loves the Instagram experience itself could enjoy InstaRepost.

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