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Facebook Page Category List & How to Change Categories

Choosing the category your Facebook page is listed as is a process that has changed dramatically over the years. The options for your business are far greater than before, as originally only a handful of different selections were possible. Nowadays, Facebook offers thousands of categories and subcategories which you can list your page under. It also used to be much more difficult to change the category of your page if you made the wrong selection originally, but this process has also been made much easier in recent years. Like searching hashtags on Instagram, searching categories on Facebook is a vital element of getting your page noticed.

In this article, we’re going to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the categories of your Facebook Page.  We’ll also provide a list of Facebook page categories to give you an idea of what’s out there. Under the 6 main supercategories, there are endless subcategories to choose from. Read on to find out how to change categories on your Facebook page, as well as the options you have. 

How to Change Category of Facebook Page 

Selecting the category of your Facebook page is so much more important than simply choosing a label to advertise. Different types of pages have different posting abilities and layouts, and also affect where you appear in Google search results. There isn’t just one category either; you can choose up to three to ensure your page is accurately listed. There used to be a category box from where you could select from a limited number of set categories, but the process has changed significantly. Now, you type keywords into a search bar and will be presented with dozens of more specific categories. 

Facebook prefers a page to choose three categories which are varied but specific, and aligning them with the social platform’s preferences gives you better SEO capabilities. It’s also important to consider the abilities of different page types as we mentioned before, so you ensure the features you need are available on your page. For example, communities or public figures are unable to list an address or location, but businesses can offer a “check-in” function. See Facebook’s table concerning the abilities of different page types. 

When creating a new Facebook page, or making updates to an existing one, you can choose and change categories at any time. There are no limitations on this feature as was in the past, so make sure you utilize this feature to the best of your ability. Just be wary of changing your page to a category with lesser abilities than before, as this could result in a loss of information. Here are our step-by-step instructions to change your page’s category on Facebook:

1. Log into a Facebook account with admin control over the page you wish to change. 

2. Navigate to the Facebook page of your business. 

3. Under your cover photo, click the “…” to open the page commands context menu. 

4. Select the option reading “edit page info”, and navigate to the Page Info tab. 

5. You will already have 1-3 categories listed as chosen when you created the page. Delete any category you no longer wish to include. 

6. Use the search box to type in your new category. As you type, Facebook will recommend relevant page categories that fit your keywords. The category you chose cannot be custom made and must be one of Facebook’s options, otherwise, your changes will not be saved. 

7. Choose up to three of the most relevant and specific categories you can find to accurately describe your page. While only the first will be displayed in your “About” section, the other two will assist in search results and have an effect on ad services. 

Changing the category of your Facebook page is simple, but choosing which ones to use can be more difficult. If you’re still not sure, check out this video tutorial. Next, we’re going to explore some of the different options when setting up the categorization of your Facebook page. 

Facebook Categories List 

When you first create a Facebook page, you’ll be asked to choose from one of the 6 primary overarching categories. Even choosing one of these can be difficult, as there’s a significant amount of overlap between certain areas. Making the right selection here is even more important than the specific subcategories because they have a much larger impact on your search results. These are the 6 larger Facebook categories: 

  1. Local Business or Place 

  2. Company, Organization, or Institution

  3. Brand or Product 

  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure 

  5. Entertainment

  6. Cause or Community 

It should be easy to decide if one of the first three options is the correct category for you, as they’re pretty self-explanatory. However, a musician may wonder if they fit better into the Artist or Entertainment field. In answer, the Entertainment field works better for specific products such as a certain TV show, or for entertainment organizations. Individuals working in an artistic field or famous people should choose the Artist or Public Figure category. 

The Cause or Community is the only category with no sub-categories and isn’t the most useful option Facebook offers. If you want to create an online community, making a Facebook Group is far more effective than a community page. This option is more for organizations or teams to post their information or a fundraiser page. Now you know what the super categories are, here is just a small selection of the many sub-categories within them. 

  1. Local Business or Place: Bar, bookstore, hotel, movie theatre, real estate, school, retail, personal care,

  2. Company, Organization, or Institution: Church, computers, beverages, insurance company, legal, software, media, news, travel, university, labor union, political party, governmental organization, 

  3. Brand or Product: Application, electronics, clothing, jewelry, health, cooking, pet supplies, furniture, commercial equipment, household supplies, video game, 

  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure: Athlete, chef, doctor, lawyer, musician, teacher, writer, journalist, blogger, video creator, movie character

  5. Entertainment: Book, concert tour, radio station, TV channel, movie, sports venue, magazine, music award, movie character, etc.

These are just a few of an endless array of choices you have when making your Facebook page. Choose the categories which best represent who you are or what you have to offer, to help connect you with the right audience. You can change these categories at any time, so make sure they’re always accurate and give you the best chance at success. 

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