Find My Friends Location Not Available: What Should I Do?

There are many great apps online such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, these are mostly used for entertainment and marketing purposes not to check where your friends are, or where to link up with them. That is where Find My Friends comes in to fill in the gap in the market. But, what happens when the app tells you that their location is unavailable, and how do you fix it? Well, let’s find out.

What is Find My Friends

There are many apps such as iTunes, iMessage, and social media platforms that can make your life easier. However, Find My Friends is different from the others in that it can give you peace of mind. Find My Friends is a location app that you can use on Android and iOS. You can access this app through your Apple iPhone, and iPad, etc.

It works on many Apple devices from an Apple Watch, iPad pro, iPad OS, iPhone X, iPod touch, or any other types of iOS devices be it iOS 13 or iOS 14, etc. The app can easily be compared to find my iPhone apps that are used to locate your lost iPhone. But, instead of looking for objects, you are checking in on people. This is for their safety and yours. If you can check where they are then they can check where you are.

Therefore, Find My Friends is a location sharing and location tracking app that lets you keep track of your loved ones, friends, and family members if they give you permission to do so. You can use it to make sure that your children and loved ones are safe and to meet up with friends at a social gathering.

It is a location services app with the main goal of putting your mind at ease knowing that the people you care about are safe. However, an issue can come up when the annoying message of “No Location Found- Find My Friends” comes up. There are several ways you can fix this problem. It could be that the app is not working correctly.

Why You May Want This App

While no one wants to be seen as a “stalker” that is not the point of Find My Friends. It is important to know where people are for their safety. As well as for them to know where you are for them. This can be helpful if you are going on an online date and you want to know that your friends have your back. Or if you go for a jog in the forest, or hike up a mountain. Just make sure your GPS is working really well in those locations.

Another way this app is useful is for parents to know where their children are in case they have to rush over to them. The thing is that many people are not good with locations. So they can describe the buildings but not know the address or location. Therefore, an app like this in your back pocket would certainly make your life a lot easier.

And many people do tend to get easily lost.

It is either a new place for them, or they took a wrong turn, or they are just bad at directions. The app can help you guide them to where they need to be. Plus, this app can help to find your friends in big areas when you want to meet up.

The No Location Found Error Find My Friends App

There could be several reasons that this error came up on your app. And they are fairly easy to solve. The error could be that:

  • Your friend’s device might have the incorrect date on it

  • The device is off

  • They do not have an internet connection either Wi-Fi or cellular

  • They have opted to turn off the Locations Services or that they have picked the “Hide My Location” option

  • The device that you are looking for is not signed into the app

  • Your friend is in another region or country that does not offer the Find My Friends app

  • There could be some glitches with your iPhone or Android device

These are the more common ones. However, there could be other issues, and if so we would suggest that you contact customer or Apple support to get down to the bottom of it.

How to Fix the No Location Found Error

Like any apps that have the main purpose of finding something from Find My Friends, to types of “find my iPhone” apps the settling have to be correct for them to work properly. Therefore, you have to check if your app is functionally correctly, and then go from there.

One of the most common things that can bring up the “Find My Friends location not available” message is that your GPS, in the iCloud for iOS, is turned off. We may turn this feature off to save battery, or we turn it off automatically when we do not need it. Therefore, the app cannot work since it does not have the location data to do so.

The Find My Friends app will switch over to using cellular data instead of GPS, but this is not as accurate as the latter tends to be. And, cell data is also dependent on the network area. It would be best to stick to GPS and check if yours is turned on.

All you need to do is open settings, press on Privacy, and go to Location Services and check if the Share My Location/ Location Services is on. Or you can ask Siri to confirm if it is on. Let her earn her keep.

Time and Date

Another thing that could cause you this issue is that your date and time are incorrect. This could be because you went from different time zones and your Wi-Fi was turned off to update the times. The quickest way to sort out this problem is by going to settings and pressing on time, then going for the set automatically opinion.

This is so that you do not have to manually change and update your time. Plus, other types of apps also depend on the correct date and time so you would be fixing a few problems with one swipe.

If The Last Known Location Is Shown

The whole point of using this app is to show your current location and for you to see your friends’ current placement. If your app shows a location that you are not at then it means that it is not updating.

If this happens, after you have done all your checks with date, time and GPS then you would have to refresh the app.

This may have to be done a few times to get it right. Plus, your friends may also have to do the same thing if it is an issue on their end. You can also log out of the app and log back in to see if this is a solution. Your app may just need time to register what is currently going on.

If the problem decides to not go away then you should force reboot your phone. This can clear the memory and give the app a fresh start. When it is on you can check your app again, and see if the area is updated. If this does not fix the problem you can uninstall and reinstall the app again. When Find My Friends says location found and it is the current one it is working correctly, and you are good to go.

Re-Add Your Friends

Another opinion that you can try if the above does not work out is to re-add the people you want to keep track of. You do this by telling them that you will remove them from your app so that you can re-add them.

Remove the friend, and add them again.

Once they accept the invitation and you can see where they are then it is working once again. However, you may have to keep in contact with them to make sure that your app is showing the correct information. Such as looking for someone’s Likes and comments on Instagram can take a bit of time these methods could also. But, if you get it right then you would know what to do for next time. Or, if you are lucky, the problem will not come up again.

Keep Going Till the App Works

The app is designed to tell you where the people that you care about are as well as for Find My Friends to tell them where you are. This is useful for traveling, dating, etc. Therefore, you would have to do the above steps as many times as you can till the app works correctly and shows the current locations of both parties. As we mentioned you may have to keep in contact with them to fix your app.

This can be done by calling or texting them and letting them know what you are doing. You should make sure that they give you their location so that you can check if it matches up to what the app says. Or you both can meet up at the same place and do the above steps there.

But, if nothing is working then your best option would be to call customer support and see what else you can do. You can also go online and see if the app is just offline for other people, not just you and your friend. This could happen as well. But, keep at it till the problem is fixed. An app is only good when it works.

Frequently Asked Question: Is The App Safe to Use?

Find My Friends is as safe as any other apps of its kind. If you do not want people to know your location then the app will not be for you. But, if you do not mind the idea of people watching out for you then you have to make sure that your password is strong.

And since you can add and remove people you do not want to see, and you do not want to be seen by them then you should be good to go. With an online app, it is important to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe. If you do not then there is your answer. But, overall the app is fairly safe.

To Summarize

One of the first things you should do is to check if your Location Services/Sharing/GPS is turned on. If it is then check if your date and time are correct. You can do this by comparing your time on the phone to your time on the Mac or PC. Refresh the app, and log out to log back in. Or reboot your phone. You may have to uninstall the app so that you can reinstall it and log in.

If need be you may have to re-add your friends. You can do this by removing them, and inviting them again. And then wait for their acceptance. If the above does not work then you should contact customer services and see what is up. Or you can go online to the forums to see if someone else figured out a solution. However, we would advise you to speak to a professional aka customer support first.

Apps, like Find My Friends, are there to make your life easier, and safer. That is why many people use them. It is a helpful tool that you can use to help find your friends, or to direct them to where the meeting spot is. While you can have a location tag on your social media posts, it is not the same thing since it is often not current.

This tag is for the influencers to tell their audience where they are, but not the exact location. Plus, it also does not update when you move around. Therefore, Find My Friends would be a better fit for tracking, just make sure your settings are correct.

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