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GIFs Not Working on Facebook (How to Fix)

GIFs are nothing new, and they are on all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, GIFs, and in particular, Facebook GIFs are fun, and amazing short looping videos that can show your reaction to a comment, a post, or a photo on Facebook, or even on Facebook messenger. But, what if GIFs don’t work on Facebook? And how do you fix it? Well, let’s find out.

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But First, What Are GIFs

A GIF is known as a Graphical Interchange Format which came about in 1987. It was created by a United States software writer, Steve Wilhite. Wilhite wanted a way to create moving images in the smallest, possible, file size. He ended up creating a GIF file format.

Hence, GIFs were born. It can be a collection of still images, to give the idea of movement, such as animated GIFs. And, it can also be short videos without any sound. GIFs autoplay and both types play on a loop without pause.

These can be found all around a variety of social media platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, and, of course, they also work on Facebook.

Users can post GIFs on Facebook posts, Facebook pages, Facebook messenger, etc. They can even use a GIF for their status update. But, you cannot post GIFs in ads or to brand pages, currently. It is a way to show a reaction to something instead of just using an emoji, stickers, or text. It is to highlight their point, in an entertaining way.

As the saying goes, a pic is worth a thousand words. Therefore, by that logic, a GIF could be up to a million words.

GIFs can be a way to say “Happy Birthday” and many GIFs are from TV series or movies that make a particular comment. There are also GIFs if you wish to congratulate someone on their achievement or success.

Posting GIFs are not only limited to social media. They can be shared on WhatsApp using an Android phone like a Samsung, or any other mobile device. And, GIFs can also be shared with an Apple iSO product like an iPhone. Come to think of it, many messenger apps have GIF support allowing users to post GIFs.

And, it is pronounced as JIF, with a “J” not a hard “G”. The pronunciation of GIF is still something that the internet can be up in arms about. Well, at least you know that it is said as “Jif” with a soft “J” so that you can one-up your friends at your next social event.

How To Post GIFs on Facebook

GIF posting is very easy to do on Facebook. There is a huge collection of GIFs that are already on Facebook, that you can choose from. Plus, many of these GIFs seem to come from Tenor, which is a search base and engine for GIFs. And, new ones come around quite often on Facebook.

So be always on the lookout, to find something that truly says how you feel in a moving form. But, it is easy to find the latest GIFs since they are at the top of the GIF list which you can get to by pressing the GIF button which we shall go more into.

To post a GIF as your status, all you have to do is to go on to your web browser, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, etc, and log in to your Facebook profile. Then, press on your status bar that asks “what is on your mind”. Likewise, you can also go through the Facebook app on your mobile.

While at your status bar, there are three buttons to the right side of it. Pressing on this will give you more options on what you can post, but we will put our focus on the GIF button. And, this button will take you to the Facebook GIFs collection that you press on. It then goes on your status, and you simply press share.

This is the same method for posting in comments, or messages, or on people’s walls. There is always a handle button nearby that lets you GIF away. However, if there is a GIF that you want to use, but it is not yet in the Facebook collection, worry not.

There is a site called Giphy, giphy.com which is a rival to Tenor, but who cares. Giphy also hosts plenty of high-quality GIFs for you to play with. All you have to do is go to the site and search for the GIF you want to use. Then, you press it.

It will then take you to the page of the GIF where there is the option to get the link for the particular GIF or you can also add it to your favorites list, or embed it, But, for this purpose, we will just be focusing on the link option.

When you click this option you will get two choices. One is to use either the short URL or a long URL for the GIF. Copy one of them and then switch over to your Facebook account.

On Facebook, you paste your link in the status bar and the GIF will appear. To neaten the status up, you can delete the URL since this will not delete the GIF. Or you can create your very own GIFs and share them around Facebook either through the web browser or the mobile app. But, you would have to upload it to sites like Giphy to get it to be shareable on Facebook. Facebook does not allow GIFs from computers or mobile devices.

When To Post GIFs

Any occasion, comment, and post could use the right GIF to show the user what you think, or how you feel. GIFs are great to send for birthday messages, instead of the standard “Happy Birthday”. Therefore, GIFs can be used at any time, and with many opportunities. But…

Sometimes GIFs are not called for. They are usually funny, little looping videos. Therefore, if a serious matter is being discussed or shown in a post, then a GIF would not be a good place for it. Emojis would be better or well-thought words of love, support, and encouragement.

What If You Cannot Post GIFs on Facebook

While Facebook has brought GIFs into their world in 2015, there can be some issues when it comes to posting them. Mostly, that you are not able to. However, this is rare, but we still have some ideas on how you can get past this annoyance.

The first thing you would want to do if your GIFs are not posting or the GIF button just vanishes is to make sure that your Facebook app on your phone is updated. Just go to your Play Store or App Store, search for Facebook, and press update. Or you can check your device settings.

Using the latest version of Facebook fixes the glitches and issues that you could be dealing with.

If you are on Mac or PC then there could be a possibility that your video card does not support the GIF format. And, you can take it to someone or check online on what to do about this issue. If these suggestions do not work, messaging Facebook Customer Service would be your best bet.

However, it could also be the chance that the GIF is just not working. This means that you can try to refresh the page. But, if the GIF is not moving then you may have to re-edit or status or comment/ To do this you can press on the three buttons to the side of either. And, go to “Edit”.

Delete the GIF and search for it again in the Facebook GIF collection. When you find it click on it to add it again to your status or comment. If this still does not work you can try a different GIF with the same meaning. It could be a faulty GIF, it happens.

Using Non-Facebook GIFs

When you use GIFs outside of the Facebook library then Facebook will view it as a standard link. Even if it does move, Facebook does not see it that way. So, when you use a GIF from another site, it is important that you do it correctly.

Giphy lets you use two links to post one GIF. However, it is necessary that you use one of these links and not the page that hosts the links, aka the address bar. If you use this URL when it will show a still image on Facebook instead of what you intended it to.

If you have found a link that is not from Giphy or the likes then there is a workaround where you can still post these moving images to your Facebook. What you do is that you right-click on the GIF that you have found, possible through Google or other search engines, and choose to open it in a new tab.

When it is in the new tab then you go up to the address bar URL and copy the whole thing. Make sure that this link ends in .gif. From here you can paste it onto Facebook and it should work.

Why Can’t You Post GIFs on Ads and Brand Pages?

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company. Therefore, they would follow much of the same rules. One of the rules is that you cannot post a GIF on your or anyone’s Facebook brand page. There is also a rule that you cannot post GIFs in paid ads on Facebook, and Instagram. It is simply not allowed, and there is no way to get around it. Some places may claim to have an answer to this, but as of late nothing has worked nor been proven.

GIF Animated Images Graphics Interchange Format Concept

GIFs from TV Series, and Movies- Why are They So Popular?

There are a ton of GIFs that are short one-liners, or reaction shots from TV series, shows, and even movies. This is because many of the shows, etc. are very popular. This can mean that when someone sees a certain GIF they know the context of it, in terms of the show, etc.

However, GIFs work in such a way that even people who do not know the show that the GIF came from can still understand its reaction. That could be why GIFs are a popular form of expression since they are clear in what they say. Well, they are usually clear in what they say.

Why Some Users May Not Like GIFs

While we think GIFs are a great and fun form of reactions, and expressions this does not mean that everyone would agree. Some people can find GIFs childish, an easy way out, even repetitive. GIFs may be used as a replacement for talking, or some people may not get the GIF that they were sent.

And, seeing the same thing over again can be annoying for some people. Hence, why they could think GIFs are repetitive. But, then again, it also depends on the friends. Since there is a large library of GIFs on Facebook and other sites, there should be no need for repeating. However, some people do like certain GIFs more than others.

More Tips To Fix Your Non-GIF Issue

Sometimes the issue with not being able to post GIFs on Facebook can boil down to the browser you are using. You can try using a different one to see if that solves the problem. But, if you have tried everything, from updating Facebook on your browser and the app; to doing the points that we mentioned above and still no go, then you can “report an issue”. There is a button for it that reports the problem straight to Facebook. It would be a great idea if you took a screenshot, if you can, of the issue so that you have proof.

To Summarize

  • Make sure your Facebook is updated.

  • That you copy and paste the URL of the gif and not the address URL.

  • That the link ends in .gif.

  • Make sure your video card on your computer can support the GIF format.

  • Refresh the Facebook page if you do not see your GIF.

  • Try adding the GIF again by editing your comment, status, etc.

  • Connect Facebook either through the “report an issue” button or by messaging Facebook Customer Service.

  • Make sure that your original GIF is uploaded to a GIF site first so that you can share it on Facebook. Not directly from your desktop.

While we understand that it can be confusingly frustrating when you want to say something in GIF form, and Facebook does not want to play along. There are a few things that you can try, even the old classic of turning your device off, then on.

The last point is the simplest method. Therefore, it is the one that is the most overlooked. Perhaps, your device just needed to reboot, and figure itself out? It could be a possibility.

However, we hope that the points above will help you out. But, if you are not a fan of GIFs or certain comments you can always opt to turn them off.

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