Hiding Who You Follow on Instagram: Can It Be Done?

While Instagram is a social media app with its prime goal of allowing users to share their photos, even make a bit of money, it is still a social media app meaning that you will get some followers.

This is usually great news, depending on the types of followers you get. Some could be rude, crude, gross, or an ex. So the question comes up: Can you hide who you follow on Instagram? And the answer is… kind of.

Privacy is Key

While there is, currently, no clear and easy way to hide who you follow on Instagram, there are some ways that you can go about it. The first is by making your account private. You do this by logging into your account and pressing the three parallel lines, the menu, in the top right corner of your profile page.

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Then you scroll down till you see settings, which you will press. Then you search for the “privacy” section and switch the “private account” toggle to on. This will, obviously, make your account private meaning only your followers can see what you post. However, they can still see who you are following. However, new followers cannot unless you accept their follow.

Remove Followers

An issue that can come in is that you do not want certain followers to view what you post. This could be because you find them untrustworthy, or you just do not want them to know what you do. You would have to remove them from your followers' lists to stop them from seeing what you post. To do this, all you need to do is go to your Instagram profile, press on your followers' list, and find the users you want to remove.

When you find their username press on the “remove” button that is next to their name. This will take them off your list so that they cannot see anything. But, before you remove them you may want to think about letting them know that their behavior is not on. A warning can work and if it does not then you would have to remove them for your peace of mind.

Blocking Users

The above option is a great way to go, but there is also another way that you can stop certain individuals from seeing who you follow. And that is by blocking them. This is done by searching for the username, either in your followers' list or through the search bar.

Once you find them, you press on their profile, and at the top right corner, there are three dots, going down vertically. You can press on this and a pop-up menu will spring up. It is from here that you press “block”, to will, block them from seeing what you post.

Restrict Users

If you do not wish to block people for whatever reason, then you can also go for the option to restrict certain followers. Doing this can stop them from sending you direct messages, as well as limit their interaction with your posts. This means that other followers cannot see what they post, but you can. All you have to do is much like you would if you want to block someone. Find their profile, and three the three buttons at the top. Instead of pressing on “block” you press on “restrict.”

Close Friends Group

When it comes to stories there are two options that you can share your stories too. The one is to everyone that comes across your profile, and the other is to your “close friends” group. The second option can give you a lot more privacy since you can choose who goes into that group.

Therefore, only they will be able to see your stories.

Hiding Stories

Since Instagram stories are often in the moment, you may want to limit who sees what you are currently up to. This can be done by pressing on your profile picture in the top left corner. This will take you to your stories window. When here you press on the cogwheel icon in the top left corner since this is your camera settings. It is here that you press on the “story” tab and then click on the “0 people” tab that is below the “hide story from”.

You then search for the followers or Instagram users that you do not want to view your stories. It is also under this section that you can make your “close friends” list as well. Furthermore, you can also decide who is allowed to send message replies. Or you can switch this off completely.

Mute Them

If there are people that you follow whose posts you do not want to see, due to being repetitive, boring, etc. but you cannot unfollow them due to them being your work colleagues, etc. You can mute them. This is simple to do, but it does go into a lot more detail here.

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Basically, you go on to their profile and press the following button. A menu will pop down and you choose to mute them. This will give you two options: Posts or Stories. You can choose both. They will not know that you muted them, and it can make your life easier. However, you must be following them for this to work. And, you may want to mute them without getting caught doing so.

While there is no way to stop followers from seeing who you have followed, the above steps can help you get around that. Some of them may seem a bit harsh such as blocking but if it is what you need to do, then it does work. We would suggest restricting first or making a close friends group regarding stories.

The main thing you can do is to be careful who you follow, certainly so if you have a private account. Many Instagram followers may follow back if you follow them, so you would have to think if you want them to do that. To tell if they most likely follow back is by checking their following and followers numbers.

If they are close together then it means that they are most likely following everyone who follows them.

We hope this article helped you out, and if you want to read another article, such as: how to clear your Instagram search, then check it out here.

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