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How Much Do Your Favorite YouTubers Make?

People flock to YouTube to get their fill of independently made content from gameplays, vlogs, tutorials, reviews, etc. This surplus of content can influence others to make their own. Even though it will be difficult at the start it could be worth it.

But, then a question arises: how much do YouTubers make? Well, let’s take a look before you brush up on your internet slang to become the next YouTuber.

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is not as easy a job as any YouTuber would tell you. But, it can be one worth doing once you get into your flow, and money starts to slowly flow in. Unless you get really lucky and hit it big off the bat. There are several ways that YouTubers make money off their YouTube channel.

Ad Revenue

One of the ways that you could make money off of your YouTube videos is by getting monetization which means that you can get Ad revenue. This is when you can make a bit of money off of the ads that are paid on your videos. However, the numbers can vary depending on your channel, and you could earn something when your videos hit 1000 views.

Many YouTubers could earn about 18 USD for every 1000 views on the ads that are played in, before, and after their videos. This can work out to about three to five USD over 1000 normal, not watching the ads, views. It can be used as a quite rough estimate about how much you could earn by making a living with your YouTube channel.

However, you would have to meet certain requirements to get monetization you would have to reach about 4000 public watch hours in the last year, and 1000 subscribers or subs. But, these numbers could change so it is important to keep yourself up-to-date with them. And you should know that YouTube works in terms of watch time not the number of clicks the video content gets. That is why many YouTube stars aim for eight to 10-minute videos to post online.

Another note to pay attention to is that YouTube and Google Adsense tend to change their terms for payment fairly regularly. Plus, you would have to reach a balance of 100 USD before you can even cash out.

It can be tough, but it would be worth it.

However, do not tell your viewers or subscribers to click the ads since this is against the rules. They can if they want to, but you cannot tell them to. And make sure that you have your Adsense account ready to go, and that your channel is accepted as part of the YouTube partner program so that YouTube pays you.


Another way the part-time or full-time YouTubers can make money outside of YouTube ads is with sponsorships. A lot of YouTubers make money through sponsorships some more so than their ad revenue. But, getting sponsors is not an easy task either.

For one, you should have a large number of subscribers to show that companies can make something off of you when they sponsor your video content. Sponsorships could pay you in cash or they could send you free items for an unboxing video, a gameplay one, product reviews or just to talk about it in your video.

But, you do have to make it clear that it is a paid promotion. That is why some YouTube videos have that text at the top telling the views there is paid promotion in the video. It is bad faith, illegal, and dodgy to not include that fine bit of text. If a company asks you to not say that they are paying you for their promotion, leave them and look for another.

Affiliate Marketing

Something that can be seen as being connected to sponsorships, even though slightly is the use of affiliate links. What these links do is that you can earn a bit of commission if one of your viewers or subscribers buys the product that you are advertising. You can mention that they can click this link, and a lot of the time they would get a discount.

If you have an affiliate link to an Amazon product, per se, and your viewers click on it then you would get something small in terms of the sale. This can be a small percentage for which sale. But, these little commissions can build up to help give you are a large amount of money.

Plus, it also shows the company that gave you the affiliate link that your audience is active. This could lead to another “hiring” with the same company. However, it is important to talk about products that are related to your content or it can help your views. This should be done so that your audience is not thrown off with something that is of little to no use to them.


YouTube is not only a place that you can market other companies’ items, but it can also be a place where you can advertise your own. This is merchandise, merch, that is done outside of YouTube but you use the social media platform to let people know about it, so we will count it.

Merchandising is when you sell items that are related to your YouTube brand. This can be posters, hats, t-shirts, toys, games, etc. However, you would need a strong following that would want to buy your stuff. If you do not have one then you are more likely to lose money than to gain it.

Plus, the style of merchandising can also depend on what you want to sell. Do you want to only sell items that only relate to your channel, like inside jokes, and stuff only your viewers would get? Or do you want to have a wider appeal where someone who does not watch your videos will want to buy the items? This will require research and NerdCity has a great video going over it in entertaining detail.

Patreon and Others

This is seen as a life-saver for many YouTubers regardless if they are well-known and successful YouTubers or the highest-paid YouTubers on the platform. Patreon can be seen sort of like a crowdfunding monthly service. A lot of YouTube content creators use this platform to make their money since Ad revenue can often be unreliable, and there are a lot of ways that monetization can be taken away from certain videos.

The idea is that their subscribers can choose to pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from one to two US dollars to about 140 USD depending on what tiers the creators have. However, the upside of using Patreon is that the people who sponsor you can get access to certain tiers.

You can set-up the tiers such as early access to videos, behind-the-scenes footage, access to your discord, etc. It may require extra work but it seems to be the most constant option so far. Think of it as an award for your subscribers who want to help pay for you to create the content they want to see. And not only do YouTubers use this service, but many other types of influencers do as well.

Other types of sites are similar to Patreon with the most well-known being- Buy Me a Coffee. This is where people can buy you a digital coffee and send you a message of support. The best thing to do is to look into each one and see which is best for you.

But, we would suggest that you build up your subscriber count as well as video views to make it worth it for your potential, financial supporters. It is important to monitor how you are doing on the platform. And this also applies to any other social media platforms outside of YouTube. It would be good practice to do so.

So How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

While there are a few ways that one can make money through YouTube, getting to the top 10 list is difficult to do. Obviously. But, the lists can keep changing so there is a slight glimmer of hope for you. It will take a lot of effort, and time but could be doable. Just not straight away.

Let’s look at the top 10 high-paid YouTubers, so far, in 2021. But, this list can change so you should try to keep yourself up-to-date with it if you want to. However, keep working on your own content and channel by improving your craft/ skills and finding the niche that you want to as well as enjoy doing.

1. DanTDM

“Minecraft” is a popular sandbox game that took the YouTube sphere by storm when it first came out. It has had a recent recurrence and many people have jumped on board with one of them being DanTDM. DanTDM is run by Daniel Middleton who is from the UK. He had found success outside of YouTube with several published comic books, and a YouTube Red series.

As well as starred in “Skylanders Academy” a Netflix TV show as well as some others. But, a lot of his income comes from his Minecraft videos, merchandise, and gaming sponsorships. He currently has about 24. 9 million subscribers and earned around 16. 5 million USD.

2. VanossGaming

Another gamer that is ranking in the money and subs is VanossGaming. This channel is run by Evan Fong. Unlike DanTDM he plays a variety of video games from the popular “Among Us” to the classic “Call of Duty”. Evan Fong worked on “Dead Realm” a video game where he was the creative director in 2015 as well as co-authored a series called “Paranormal Action Squad.”

His channel currently has about 25, 5 million subscribers but he makes about a million less than DanTDM, putting this income at about 15. 5 million USD.

3. Dude Perfect

Stepping away from gaming we have Dude Perfect. This is a channel that has five members such as Cory and Coby Cotton as well as their three friends from high school. They mostly do a combination of comedy with sports infusion.

The crew also has a mobile app as well as a partnership with Nickelodeon for their own show “The Dude Perfect Show.” You can expect a mixture of content on their channel. Speaking of channels, their channel currently has about 55. 7 million subscribers and it earns about 14 million USD. Many of their videos are sponsored.

4. Markiplier

One of the most well-known, and one that has been on the platform for a long time, since 2012 is Mark Edward Fischbach more commonly known as Markiplier. He is a gamer that does commentary in his smoothing voice mostly playing indie or horror games. His trademark is the fake pink mustache that he wears as well as playing around with the color of his hair.

He also did some voice work for several shows, as well as has a clothing brand called CLOAK which he co-owners with another gaming YouTuber, Jacksepticeye aka Sean McLoughlin. However, Mark has about 28.8 million subs and ranch in about 12. 5 million USD.

5. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a YouTuber who sometimes makes music videos, but he does, and always has made vlogs. He also hosts his podcast called “Impaulsive” with two co-hosts. And, he has taken to the professional boxing ring several times.

His channel was started in 2015 and has gained a YouTube following of about 22.9 million making him about 12. 5 million USD. However, he does sell his merch under the Maverick Clothing brand.

6. PewDiePie

Alongside Markiplier we have another YouTuber gamer that has been on YouTube since 2010. PewDiePie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is Swedish, and not only does he do gameplays, but he also takes his hand at commentary. He tends to jump between the two.

At his prime a few years back he made a net worth of about 30 to 50 million USD but that may include sponsorships, his YouTube Red show, and other factors. He may not be making as much as he did back then, but he is still going strong with about 109 million subscribers making him about 12. 5 million USD on YouTube. He also has his own merch as well as having released a book.

7. Jake Paul

Another of the Paul brothers is the younger one called Jake Paul. Back in the day, like his brother Logan, he was a Vine star, and his early videos would involve pranks. Nowadays he too is a boxer, a vlogger, and releases music. He joined YouTube in 2013 and before that. He currently has about 20. 3 million followers and makes about 11. 5 million USD.

8. Ryan’s World

Ryan Kaji is the face of Ryan’s World. A YouTube channel that started in 2015, and it is all about Ryan who is a very young child who opens and plays with new toys. He does RyanToysReviews where he has fun while talking about the toys. He currently has 29. 2 million subscribers giving the channel over 11 million USD.

9. Smosh

A YouTube channel that has been on the platform since 2005, making it the oldest one on this list is Smosh. This channel was started by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The two would make sketches, parodies of video games and whatever came to their minds.

The channel grew not only in subs but also by adding more people to the cast.

In 2017 Anthony Padilla parted ways with Smosh to do his own thing but the channel is still going well with 25. 1 million subs bring in about 11 million USD. The channel still makes the same content as it started with.

10. IISuperwomanII

Lilly Singh owns and runs the channel IISuperwomanII since 2010. She makes comedy sketches, vlogs, and a variety of content. Her subs count is currently about 14. 9 million earning her about 10. 5 million USD. She has her only talk show on NBC called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh” from 2019.

How You Can Become a YouTuber

While the above numbers are impressive what you should keep in mind that those YouTubers have been creating content for years. Therefore, you should find your niche, and create content that you enjoy and people would want to see. It may sound cliché but there is a lot of truth in it. That is what the above seems to have done, and are doing so it works. Something else to keep in mind is digital marketing and how you can get your videos out there.

This could require you to adhere to the different lengths for posts on a variety of social media platforms. To learn what the differences are, give this article a peek. It can help with your future YouTube career as long as you keep at it. Good luck YouTuber!

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