How Nicky Gathrite & Tara Electra Are Changing Social Media

Social media and digital marketing go hand in hand. Back in the day, the worlds of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. were seen as places to chill and have fun.

Nowadays they still have that aspect to them, but now influencers are able to make a living off them. Nicky Gathrite and Tara Electra took note of this and founded Unruly Agency to help out many elite influencers.

What is Unruly Agency?

Unruly Agency is a place where Nicky and Tara aim to help influencers create campaigns that will help them turn a profit while driving traffic and exposure for large brands. This will help the brands and talent to get higher numbers across all their social media platforms.

Nicky and Tara have a background in social media management as well as influencer marketing. Plus, content creation and a lot more. Therefore, these are the two that any influencer would want by their side.

This entrepreneurial duo’s knowledge and hard work have helped them create a multi-million dollar business in which they can help change social media. To say that they are leaders in the digital innovation revolution would be an understatement.

Unruly Agency’s main goal is to help create profit for the influencers that have joined their agency. They want to help these female influencers not only gain a profit but also boost their self-confidence, monetize their image, and help them achieve their goals.

Nicky Gathrite

Nicky Gathrite has been around the social media block for a long while. This is where he gained the much-needed skills and know-how to help elevate female influencers. One of the latest studies said that about over 80 percent of influencers are women, meaning that it can be hard for one to stand out from the crowd.

Nicky must have taken note of this and decided to use his marketing expertise and brand management skills to aid more of them to rise to the top of the influencer pyramid. He is a leading digital marketer in Los Angeles meaning that he certainly does know his stuff.

If you can make it there, then you have already made it in the rest of the world. However, he did not become a marketer overnight. There was a ton of hard work involved. This means that he could have personal experience of the falls and rises of how to get to the top.

A bit of background to the man behind the ladies. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, where he studied communications. He was also a football player in his college days where he learned his leadership skills. It was these skills that led his team to win several bowl games. And it is also these skills that he is using to run Unruly Agency.

After he took his graduation degree from college he landed a job as a financial adviser. In 2017, he was named as one of the top 50 advisors in Los Angeles, and he has the award to prove it. However, he did not stop working, growing, and, more importantly, learning.

He learned and researched social media marketing as well as influencer marketing. It was through this effort that he managed to require the knowledge and skill that later made him a household name not only in marketing but talent management as well.

He was also one of the contestants on “Fear Factor” where he was able to not only take in the challenges presented to him on the show but the marketing aspects as well. With this background, it should not be a surprise that he wanted to do something more for the community that he studied. So alongside Tara, he founded the Unruly Agency.

This particular platform came about because Nicky saw the importance of social media influencers having space where they can create their own images. Instead of the aesthetic views that brands would often push upon them. The platform aims to help them make a profit while allowing influencers to have more creative freedom.

Nicky has said that they are helping a few of the most talented models to achieve their dreams as well as to monetize their image. He admits that the digital world is complex but he knows that with his professional guidance he would be able to help these models and influencers build their images. Plus, to maximize their income through their digital content.

Another thing about Nicky is that he does see the value in empowering women to help them reach their goals. As well as to increase their confidence. Confidence can open a lot of doors, especially for social media influencers. Nicky also has the numbers to match up to his marketing experience. On his Instagram, he currently has about 140K followers.

He has so far managed to generate millions for the influencers and models that are a part of Unruly Agency, who he manages. However, he did not do it alone. It takes a team to run and build a platform and he has a fantastic co-leader in Tara Electra.

Who is Tara Electra?

Behind every hard-working man, there is an equally hard-working woman beside him. Or him beside her. Either way, Tara Electra and Nicky make a wonderful social media marketing team who both put theirs all into the adventure that is Unruly Agency. However, Tara has as much social media marketing knowledge as her man counterpart.

And much like him, she did not get to where she is overnight. It took hard work, researching, and staying on top of the ever-changing trends of digital marketing. There have been highs, there have been lows but all of these are experiences and lessons that she puts into Unruly Agency to make it the best agency for female social media influencers, and models.

Tara has had her hand in another influencer marketing agency, and it went by the name of Electic Mind. Afterward, she landed a role at Insomniac where she was able to develop their first influencer campaign for EDC. Tara has always been a business-minded and focused individual with her eyes on the top of the social media and digital pyramid.

One of her most important goals is to take companies to a new level with the use of marketing strategies through digital trend-forecasting. Therefore, it is not a surprise that she would have the same goal for her own company Unruly Agency.

It is with her raw talent and leadership skills that she was able to go places. However, it was not always an easy climb. In her working past, she was consistently undervalued as a leader figure. But, instead of backing down, she took this as motivation to prove competitors and doubters wrong. It would be fair to say that this experience gave her the mindset to reach higher and break boundaries in her way.

Unruly Agency was in the works months prior to its release. It was the pandemic that Tara was a chance to put her, and Nicky’s plan into motion. When the dies started to roll she approached all her influencers' contacts that she has gained for the last seven years working in the online world.

She was able to bring them onboard her agency not only as influencers but marketing panthers as well. This is how she would be able to increase their brand deals, as well as improve their online traffic. With the goal being to get money into their pockets through her marketing skills and their hard work. Hard work can go unseen if there is not a strong marketing team behind it.

Tara knows that a very common misconception from people outside of the influencer sphere is that social media celebrities earn their money based on their thousand, upon thousands of followers. However, this is not totally true. Those followers have to be “turned into” real, spendable money. And Tara, along with Nicky, know just how to achieve this transaction without the influencers’ audience feeling like props.

She has aided her well-known influencer friends to not only “convert” followers into “funds” but has also helped them invest in their own brands as well as themselves. Such as in empowering them. But, doing so in such a way that Tara’s own business voice is not lost in the process.

Tara has gained a unique skill that she has mastered with her decade of working in the social media world. She has learned how to use the internet to make money which has not been an easy task. As we have mentioned earlier there have been ups and downs on her path to get her where she is today.

While every chance that she took, or opportunity that she created there was a risk that it would not go well. And some projects fall to this risk, as some tend to do. But, the path to growing, developing, learning, and inspiring is one that is on a rocky hill, not a well-paved road.

With every down, she has learned how to reach the next up. She learned how to make her next project better. Another talent that she has is that she can enter a meeting and understand exactly what they need as well as how to get it or build it for them.

It is with these unique skills that she was probably ever to get so many wanted influencers to join her agency. Another reason that the Unruly Agency came to be is that influencers get very little of the income that their deals offer them. They would work for brands and companies, give them what they need, and move to the next gig.

While this system of working is not a bad one, it is quite necessary. Brands and companies make more profit with well-known influencers working for them, and showing off their products. However, an issue that comes in is that some brands and companies pay out very little to the influencers that helped them gain their bump in profit in the first place.

That is why Unruly Agency is here as it is a space for influencers to see their value and worth. It is also a space where they will be looked out for, while they too can become those multi-million earners that they have worked for. But, with their own brands and companies. That is why when you visit the Unruly Agency site you will see a lot of top influencers on it. They want to make a living of their image and name more than the companies that have hired them in the past.

What Unruly Agency Does Differently

As mentioned the idea is that influencers and models under the Unruly Agency umbrella feel empowered to grow their own brands. As well as get what they are worth in terms of profit. However, Unruly Agency takes it another step especially when it comes to the rocketing service of OnlyFans.

The agency helps their influencers set up not only content shoots but posting schedules as well. They also work with some of their influencers on incorporating integrative marketing such as in product placement on their OnlyFans. Many talent managers do not work with OnlyFans which is a loss for them because since 2020 it has been on the rise bringing in a lot of money for the people that post on it.

And the agency is also able to connect its clients, influencers, to brands such as Pretty Little Thing and even Manscaped for partnerships. Unruly Agency takes their influencers’ ideas and helps them become real. A necessary process for anyone that wants to make a splash in the social media realm.

The Social Media Influencers That are Part of Unruly Agency

The agency has a lot of influencers that have joined them. We will mention a few of the well-known ones starting with: Tana Mongeau. Tana Mongeau whose full name is Tana Marie Mongeau is an internet personality from American. She is also a musician, and a model as well as a YouTuber.

She has been making videos since 2015 and has gained about 5.48 million subscribers, where she would post vlogs, and storytime-type content. She is also well-known on Instagram with her follower counts reaching 5.7 million.

Another influencer that is under the umbrella is Daisy Keech. She is also from America and she also posts videos on YouTube. However, she is more on the fitness side. Plus, she is a TikTok star as well. Her videos are that of working out. Her TikTok account has about 6.4 million followers, her YouTube has 1.45 million subscribers, give or take.

And her Instagram, since she is also an Instagram model has about 5.6 million followers. Charly Jordan is another influencer that is part of the Unruly Agency. She is also a model, as well as a DJ that has made quite a bit of music. She has worked with brands such as Forever 21, Revolve, and Pura Vida. Her Instagram followers come up to 4.3 million followers. And her TikTok is currently at about 5.6 million followers.

Lexy Panterra is also a model, as well as an actress who has been in a number of films. She has also put her hand in music quite a few times. Her Instagram account is currently standing at about 2. 7 million followers. While Nicky and Tara wish to empower female influencers that doesn't necessarily mean that they will completely turn their backs on men.

As a matter of fact, they have a few male influencers that have joined their group such as the well-known Lil Pump. His real name is Gazzy Garcia, and he is an American rapper who got his big break in 2017 with his hit song “Gucci Gang”.

Before that, he was seen as one of the most influential SoundCloud rappers. His Instagram has about 16.4 million followers, with only three posts on his page. His SoundCloud has 1.39 million followers with about over 40 tracks on it.

While the influencers, that have joined Nicky and Tara’s Unruly Agency it would be no surprise that more will join their ranks soon. And even some will become the new “It” influencer with Unruly Agency’s help and guidance. Tara and Nicky are doing a great job with their Agency that only started in 2020.

It is only going up from here. If you can throw your hat into their ring to become one of their influencers by filling out the form on their landing page. Click here to check out what the two marketing experts have achieved, so far, but it is only the beginning.

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