How to Change Background Colors on Instagram Stories (+4 More Hacks)

Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to stand out on social media. But having interesting stuff to put on your Insta stories is only part of making them impressive. So how do you take your Stories to the next level?

If you’ve ever looked at someone’s Instagram story and wondered how you could do some of those cool tricks, then wonder no more. Here are some easy tips and hacks on how to change up your Insta story and help it stand out.

If you want to look at other Insta stories for inspiration, but want to stay anonymous so it doesn’t look like you are ripping them off, you should look at these ways to view Insta stories without anyone knowing.

Changing Your Story’s Background Color

This tip is the first because it has the most little intricacies. It can be a lot to process at first, but once you get the hang of these, they’ll immediately open up some awesome ways you can customize your Insta story.

But why would you want to change the background color anyway? Well, Instagram will pick a random color from an image to generate the shade of the background, and this doesn’t always work out. The image and background can bleed together, the color can be kind of ugly when it takes up too much of the screen, and sometimes the perfect background color isn’t one that exists in the picture.

How you change the background color is a little different depending on what kind of post you are adding to your story. But all of them involve opening up the scribble menu — or the drawing menu or marker menu, whatever you like calling it. 

If you are adding a story post you were tagged in onto your story, then Insta usually makes you have a background with it. If you don’t like the one it automatically generated, open up the scribble menu, and select the little dropper icon in the bottom left. With it, you can tap on any part of the image and change the background color to whichever pixel you picked.

If you prefer a background to be a color not in the picture, then select the first marker tool, and then pick the color you want your background to be from the bottom menu. With the marker on your selected color, tap and hold on the background for a few seconds. This is a bit finicky so just keep trying if you don’t get it right away. If you do it right, the background will change to the color of the marker.

You can also do the marker press trick with the Create tool. You have to add text with the Aa button first, but after that, it should be the same. The marker press trick has one more fun use, but it felt different enough to make it a separate tip. Keep reading to learn about it.

Customize Fonts

Backgrounds aren’t the only thing that can change color. You can change any text you insert on an Insta story to be whichever color you want. With a little work, you can even have multiple colors across text boxes, but more on that later.

Odds are, you probably already knew this was an option. When you select the Aa tool, the keyboard that pops up has a row of colors along the top. Tap any of those and what you type will be in that color.

Something you may not have known about the color selection is that there are a few more default colors. Swipe right along the colors to reveal a few more.

But if you already knew that, here’s something you probably didn’t know: You can customize your default colors. If you press and hold one of the color options, a color bar will come up with every color in the visible spectrum. You can always have the perfect text color whenever you want.

When you bring up the color bar, you might notice that there is a dropper icon. Using that and tapping on the image will make the text the color of whatever pixel you selected, just like with your background.

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Turn Images Into Videos

Videos can be featured on Instagram stories for twice as long as pictures can. Turning your pictures into videos can help assure people will be able to absorb all the information you put into a post. You can do this with a simple screen recording.

Or, if you want to put in a bit more work, there are 3rd party apps that allow you to convert images created in an Insta story into videos. These allow you to fine-tune the image much better, and you can add small effects along with some music. Media and news sources utilize this technique well and often.

You can take this trick to the next level by creating Instagram collages that you can turn into videos.

Combining and Customizing Text Posts

Only being able to have so much text in a box on your Insta story is a pain. Not only that but sometimes you also want to have different shapes and colors of text on one image, and having to tuck all the text in one place is a hassle.

The best way to remedy this issue is by combining multiple story images into one, or “stacking” them. This involves a bit of work, but it is a great way to strengthen the actual storytelling of your story.

To start, begin creating an Insta story image post, then add a small amount of text. Then, upload that post to your story and save it to your phone. Next, use that image as the “background” of the next Insta story update you do, and repeat as desired.

Remember the multiple text colors hack from earlier? This is where it comes into play — each new addition you make onto this image can have a different size, color, and position for the font.

By adding to each successive post on your story, you can help create a pacing effect to your stories and set up for a big reveal, all while making sure people have time to read all the texts you put in your story. Or, you can choose to delete all the steps along the way and just show off an impressive final product.

Create a Custom Border Using the Marker Press Trick

When you are uploading an image from your camera roll, you have the option to put a border on it. If you try the marker press trick in this case, for some reason, it just covers the whole post in that color, image and all.

Don’t worry though. In this case, the marker press isn’t changing the background as much as it is covering your whole screen in that cover. That means you can “dig up” the image by using the eraser tool. If you aren’t sure how to upload photos from your camera roll to your Insta story, check out our guide.

You may find it tedious to try and carefully erase around the border of your image. To avoid that, and take an opportunity to give your story post a little extra flair, use the eraser tool to create a custom-shaped border. It’s a great way to highlight specific parts of a photo or maybe smudge over something in the corner that you don’t like.

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