How to Change Your Name on Tik Tok Quickly

Tik Tok is quickly becoming one of the top names in the world of social media platforms. What many people thought was going to be a shameless rip-off of Vine has proved to be hugely successful in its own right. The ability to combine sounds and videos and combine those things further with the works of other content creators has turned into a sandbox of creativity with seemingly endless possibilities. You can even create original sounds that can be used by other content creators and possibly lead to you becoming wildly popular on the platform.

Of all these awesome features and many more like them, one of the best things about Tik Tok as a content creator is that anything you create gets your username pasted onto it. This makes it so much easier to gain notoriety and develop a brand for yourself. However, sometimes your username needs a change.

There can be any number of reasons for wanting to change your username on Tik Tok. Maybe you just didn’t have any good ideas at the time of making your account and settled on a place holder. You’ll often think of a much better username once you have a bit of experience on the platform. Maybe you make a Tik Tok that becomes wildly popular and you want to change your user name to make that more in line with the Tik Tok you are most known for. And, let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t do your diligence and make a spelling error when you enter a username.

The good news is, not only is it possible to change your name in Tik Tok, but it is a pretty simple process. There are a couple of requirements you have to meet to be able to change your name, but they are all fairly easy to meet. Even more good news, as long as you continue to meet the handful of requirements, you can change your Tik Tok username as many times as you want, so there is no pressure to get it right on any given try.

Before we get into how you can change your username, why not take some time to check out some of the biggest accounts on all of Tik Tok?

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The Requirements for Changing Your Account Name

As mentioned previously, there are a couple of requirements you have to meet to change your username on Tik Tok. Firstly, you can’t be trying to change your username into something another person already has registered as their username. This can be one of the most frustrating things in general when making a username because sometimes you have your ideal name in mind, only to find that someone has come in before you and taken it. On a positive note, since changing your name is easy and free, sometimes you might be able to go back and try to change your name to see if whoever had your desired username has changed it to something else.

The second requirement is that you have not changed your Tik Tok username within the last 30 days. This can feel a bit weird since it is almost on a monthly cycle, but not quite. Being a few days off at a time can make it a bit confusing. In general, you won’t want to change your username back and forth wildly every few days anyway. It makes it hard for people to identify your influencer identity on sight, which is one of the key steps to becoming a popular influencer. Plus, if you publish an incredibly popular Tik Tok under one user name, then change your username several times afterward, the popularity of that Tik Tok won’t be able to give you the most exposure possible.

That being said, it can be fun to change your username for a seasonal occasion, such as making your regular username a bit spooky for Halloween. Be wary o people trying to snipe your regular username out from under you, though. We recommend making a second Tik Tok account as a way to hold onto the original username while you use the seasonal version.

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How To Change Your Tik Tok Username

As long as you have met the two requirements, changing your Tik Tok account name is easy and will probably take less than five minutes.

  1. Open up the Tik Tok app, and, if necessary, log into your account.

  2. Pull up the “Me” tab. You can normally access this from the home screen by selecting the icon with your account picture in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap the “Edit Profile” option.

  3. There will be an option labeled “Username.” As you might suspect, you’re going to want to tap that.

  4. You will see your current username populated in a text field. Tap on the field to edit it. To change it fully, you need to delete all of the previously existing text.

  5. Enter whatever username you want into the field, and double-check it’s what you want your username to be. Remember, you’ll have to wait 30 days to five any missed spelling errors.

  6. Once you have everything in place, tap the “Save” button.

If you try to enter a non-eligible username, you’ll get a notification after you try to tap the Save button and be taken back to the name editing screen. If that happens, you can try to work your way to a similar username, or just give up and try again later. If you back out of the name editing menu, Tik Tok will revert to using whatever name you had saved previously.

A Final Note on Changing Usernames

It was touched on lightly above, but worth stating again for clarity. If you have a growing following, you should not change your username often if you can help it. If you happen to be at the bottom or top end of influencer levels, then you are probably okay to do it a few times before your followers become annoyed with the constant change. The hope is to avoid confusing potential members of your audience.

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