How to Check Who Shared Your Instagram Story

Instagram is a social media photo-sharing platform where users can post photos about their lives, interests, and other more business-oriented content. However, one of the major things that have been on the rise regarding Instagram is sharing other people’s posts.

It can be a good thing for influencers and businesses to see that their posts are reaching a wider audience. It is fairly easy to see who shared your posts if you have a professional account on Instagram.

But, it is more difficult when it comes to Instagram stories. So how can you tell if someone shared your story, or even screenshotted it, and does it matter?

How to See If Someone Shared Your Posts

Stories are a feature that was introduced to Instagram fairly recently (circa 2016). It allows users to post short videos only to their followers and these only last for 24 hours. But then the question arises- how to see who shared your Instagram story? And would you want to?

To see who shared your post is easier than seeing who shared your story. The first thing you would want to do is to make sure that your account is a professional Instagram account since you would be able to check out your analytics.

This is useful to see how your account is doing and what you need to change to make it better. Once you have changed to a professional account by going to settings, then account, and pressing professional you can see who shared your posts.

All you would need to do is to click on your post in your Instagram app on your smartphone. There are three buttons on the top-right corner that will give you a drop-down menu.

When you see “view story reshares” as an option then it means that someone shared your posts to their stories. You press this option and it will show you the other user’s story and the date it was shared.

How to See If Someone Shared Your Story

Now this one is a bit trickier to figure out. There are three ways that you can share someone else's story, but to know who shared yours is difficult. The main way to know if your story has been shared is if you have tagged them in it. Therefore, if they share the story on their account you will be notified.

Other than that you would have to check in on your followers to see who shared it. The professional account lets you know that your posts have been shared but not really your stories.

A way that people can share your stories without you knowing it is by taking a screenshot of them. Back in the day, Instagram would notify you if someone has done this. However, this feature was taken away by the end of 2018 since the users were not fans of it.

They did not mind that their stories were screenshot since it was not sensitive or private like that of Snapchat where Instagram stories originated from. And since then the feature has been kept in the dark void of other rejected upgrades.

Maybe it will come back, or it will just float in the void forever. But, you can see who watched your story, and how many times it was shared but just not to whom and by whom. In short, you cannot see who shared it unless you do the digging around yourself.

But Why Would You Want Someone To Share Your Story?

Well, the idea of any social media platform is to create engagement with an audience. This means that people interact with what you post and if your story is shared, then they must obviously find value in it or just plainly like it. Therefore, making sure that your stories are engaging is the best way to go.

It can help lend you to making some money in terms of branding, getting noticed, and getting people to press on your affiliate link to your store.

You would want your stories to stand out in such a way that when someone does share them, their followers know that it is from you.

Sharing is caring when it comes to the social media world. So while you may not know who shared your story without some old-fashioned snooping just knowing that it is being shared means that you are creating an impact.

And creating stories is fun. There is so much that you can do with them in terms of keeping your followers up-to-date with upcoming projects, posting little teasers, or something odd that would not really fit into your feed, but you think is nice to share. Stories cannot only be used for marketing purposes.

They can be a great way to give your followers a bit more insight into the person behind the account. To show that a person who is running the account and not a bot or a person that turned into a “bot-like creature.” This could happen if you focus too much on advertising that you forget “to be human.”

People like humans, so show that you are one with random bursts of stories. If you can. If you are running an account for a business then random bursts of oddness may not work too well since they can just confuse the audience.

It all depends on your account and what you aim to do with it. Businesses and influencers have different goals. Therefore, they have to go about things in different ways. Either way, you would want to create content that is shareable or that others find value in it.

Therefore, maybe it is best to not know where your stories go just as long as they are going somewhere. Getting a story shared can be more difficult than getting a post liked so good on you if you have done the former and the latter. So make sure your stories are eye-catching, entertaining, fun, and even informative. Good luck with getting those shares.

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