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How to Clear Your Instagram Search History

Instagram is a social media, mostly photo sharing and taking, an app that keeps track of your search history. It does this due to its design and algorithm, hence why you keep seeing the same stuff on your explore page.

But, if you are looking for a fresh start, or you just want to clear your search history on Instagram, we have step-by-step methods for you to follow.

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How To Clear Instagram History On Android And IOS Devices

Instagram keeps all your search details, hence how they can give you suggested searches, based on the first letter that you type. However, to clear all your Instagram search history on iPhones, Android Devices, iPads, tablets, etc. is not difficult to do.

The first step is that you log into your Instagram account and you tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will take you directly to your Instagram profile. And, then you tap the menu icon, the three horizontal lines on the top right corner. From here it will slide into the menu where you tap settling, the cogwheel, in the bottom of your screen.

When you are in the settings menu you have to look for the “security” tab. Now here things will be a bit different when it comes to wording depending on your device. For Android tablets or phones you would have to find the “search history” tab. When you are on the new page with the hashtags that you have looked up, you simply tap “clear all”.

As for iPhone or IOS products, you would tap “clear search history”. And then the clear/ remove all option. Regardless of the device that you use, you must confirm your decision. And, from there you have cleared Instagram search history on your mobile.

There is one more way that you can make sure to clear your search history, and that is by deleting what you have searched as you do. When you type something into the search bar on the explore page, a bunch of options will pop up. You choose what you want to check out in tags and it will take you into the hashtag.

When you are done, you tap the back arrow icon in the top left corner. This will take you to the “top” tab where you have a list of what your recent searches are. There is a little cross by every hashtag and you just have to carefully press it to delete search history. This does not only apply to hashtags, but other Instagram accounts as well that you looked up.

If you want to clear everything then you can tap the handle “see all” which is in the top right on your screen, below the “places” tab. This will take you to a list of all your searches, hence the name. However, it will also give you the chance to “clear all” your history in the same place as the “see all” that was on the page before.

Therefore, instead of tapping each little cross, you can just go this way instead. It is a lot easier and faster. Since a lot of time you end up just pressing the hashtag or account instead of the small cross next to it.

Clearing Instagram History From Your Mobile Browser

You can also get to the social media platform through your mobile browser. All you have to do is go to instagram.com and log in. Once in, you will see that it has a very similar layout and UI as your app. You tap on your profile picture in the bottom of your screen to the right.

The settings menu, the cogwheel, is in the top right corner of the screen. When you are in the options tab of settings you must look for “privacy and security”. It is then that you look for “account data” and press on the “view account data” option.

When you are on this page, you should scroll down a bit until you see “account activity” and the last item on this shortlist is “search history” which is what you want. There is a page that should show your search items. You can delete these all by pressing “clear search history” and confirm your decision.

How To Clear Search History On Instagram From Your Web Browser On PC

You can do a lot on the Instagram website like check your messages and delete your history. Some people would rather do a clearing spree all at once. This means to clear all your histories, from your Google, Amazon searches, up to and including your social media accounts.

Even cleaning up their Microsoft or Mac digital workspaces. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to clear your Instagram search suggestions and history on the PC or Mac. As usual, you have to log into your Instagram account. From there you look for your profile icon, and click it to choose “profile”. This will once again take you to your profile page.

The cogwheel icon for settings is on the right by your user name. Clicking the cogwheel will make the menu pop up, and you will then look for the “privacy and settings” option. And, much like on your mobile browser, you will look for “account data” and press on “view account data”. From there you will be taken to a selection, which is in a grid.

You look for the “account activity” title and under “search history” you press “view all”. It will take you to a page where you can choose to “clear search history”. Furthermore, you will be asked for confirmation and you choose “clear all”.

Plus, you will also see a list of what you looked up, be it hashtags or accounts. One thing that we must point out is that deleting your search history on whichever device is only temporary. According to the Help Instagram site, what you delete may still reappear in your history if you re-search it. And, another thing is that you may see accounts you have searched for in the past, but they will come up as suggested results.

Why People Would Want to Delete Their History

There could be several reasons why someone would want to erase their search history on Instagram. Much like how someone would want to erase their web or mobile browsing. They want a fresh start, and to see new things. Or it could be a habit particularly if you delete it every time after you search for something.

Reasons why people delete their searches:

  • They searched up their ex and decided it was better to forget them. Out of sight, out of mind

  • It is easier to erase when to scroll down and find who they are looking for

  • To make their recent search just look neater

  • They were embarrassed by what they were interested in

  • A fresh start

  • Why not

While Instagram does still keep some form of track of what you looked for, it is not as “in your face” as it once was. And, much like clearing out the digital space in your PC or Mac, it can be good to wipe off past search results.

Clearing Instagram Cache

While we are on the topic of clearing space in your PC or Mac, this action can also help your devices to run faster. This also applies to Instagram. You would have to clear your Instagram cache to achieve this effect. The cache is temporary and junk files that just take up space in your device slowing down your phone and apps.

On your Android device, you go to your settings, the cogwheel, and look for “apps” or “apps and notification” depending on your device. You scroll till you see the Instagram tab and you press on it. Then you go to “storage” which you press on. And, finally, you press “clear cache” to free up your phone.

There is another option which is to “clear storage/ data” and this will end up clearing everything and logging you out of your account. However, it will also erase your search history which can be a plus. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app to clear the cache. You can hold down on the Instagram icon and press uninstall in the pop-up menu.

And then go to your Play Store where you can search for the app and download it again.

However, for iPhone users, you would have to delete and reinstall the Instagram app to get rid of the cache. There currently does not seem to be a choice in the matter. Therefore, you would have to go to your settings and find “general”.

From there you look for “iPhone storage” and inside you will find all your apps as well as the amount of storage they take up. You look for Instagram and you press the delete button. Then you download it again for the IOS store and log in.

Then your cache will be clear. However, you can also hold on to the app and choose to uninstall it in the pop-up menu. On your PC you would have to clear your whole browsing data and you will be logged out of everything. Plus, everything will be erased meaning you would have to start over again.

Start Anew?

Sometimes it may be a good idea to have another Instagram account. There could be a few reasons that you may want one, such as for business. The idea to separate your personal account with your everyday life from your store/ artists/ etc. account can be beneficial.

It can also help more with the algorithm as well as keeping your profile more focused. Plus, it will make your explore page different from your other account since you will be looking up different hashtags for business and marketing purposes.

Another thing that you may think of doing is having a separate account that is outside of the public sphere of Instagram. Also known as a private account. This can be great if you just want to show your posts to close friends and family and not the whole world.

While you can opt to use hashtags on your public posts, there could be a little, slight chance that it could end up on the explore page. This could be due to what the image is. It is rare but could happen, even more so if there is another update in the works.

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Instagram Advice

Regardless, if you are using this app for business or fun we have some advice that could do you some good. Make sure that you are aware of your online presence since it can follow you. Even if you have a tiny following of only your friends, life can happen and it is better to be prepared. Therefore, you should not post nor say something that will or could come back to bite you.

Another thing you should do if you are going down the more marketing or business side of Instagram is to optimize your bio. This means to make it clear what your account, and hence business, is about. Also, throw in a hashtag that is directly related to your work. This can help with marketing. Plus, Instagram is adding more video features to its app from stories to reels. It would be wise to take advantage of that and post them more often than photos.

And, people would rather look at something that moves than stays still. Regarding captions try to add a call-to-action in them such as “check out the link in the bio” or even ask your audience or followers questions related to your post. This can help with engagement which in return will help increase your visibility on the platform.

To Round Off

You can clear your Instagram search history in a few ways, depending on your device. There are many reasons why you would want to, and we are not the ones to judge. It is easy to erase your search history, but Instagram does warn that your old search topics could come up again.

We would suggest that you clear your search history through the social media mobile app on your phone. Instead of going through a browser or even a mobile one. And it would be quicker and easier to do it through the app.

And we would not suggest clearing your cache if you just want to delete your search results. You should clear your cache if your phone or apps are slowing down.

The above steps will help you to clear your Instagram search history so that you can feel refreshed and even new. We hope that you have found this article helpful. If you want to read more we have a great one on how you can get your posts onto the explore page of Instagram.

It is a great way to market your work or business as well as to find new followers. It is what every business mind social media user aims for since it could help them with visibility as well as potential sales. But, nothing's carved in stone.

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