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How To Connect Your Instagram Account to Facebook

In the world of influencing, it is well-known that Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012. Even though they are owned by the same people, they are still two very different platforms and each of them has its own unique uses.

That being said, the powers that be at Facebook have since added a feature that allows you to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account or vice versa. This feature has some benefits that any budding or popular influence can make use of. In this article, we’ll go in-depth on how this feature can benefit you as an influencer and how you can link your accounts.

Benefits of Linking Your Accounts

Before we get into how you link your accounts, you might be asking yourself why you would want to do this in the first place. To break it down into the simplest of terms, connecting your accounts will lead to extra exposure. By merging your Facebook account with your Instagram you’ll be effectively hitting two markets at once and doubling the number of people you reach.

These two platforms are quite different from each other, so being able to have posts that are popular on both will end up making you quite the successful influencer. Something to keep in mind is that Facebook has a much larger userbase than Instagram does. Therefore, if you’re looking to maximize the amount of reach that you have then it’s really important to link your accounts.

You quite literally have nothing to lose by doing this, in fact, if you decide not to link your accounts then you’re missing out on the extra exposure that’s possible by posting to both Facebook and Instagram. Moving onto the more logistical aspect of account linking, the extra exposure your posts will receive will actually prioritize them in Instagram’s algorithms.

This is because the app will recognize that your posts are receiving a lot of likes or reactions on Facebook. When an Instagram post receives all that extra engagement the app will then want to show it to more people, further increasing its exposure. Additionally, if you were already making posts to both Instagram and Facebook separately, this feature makes things a lot easier.

With your accounts linked, your Instagram stories and posts will automatically post to Facebook. This will save you some time and help things run smoother. If for some reason you post completely different content between the two platforms, this setting is completely optional.

Another benefit is that connecting your Instagram to Facebook may help you stay connected with friends and family that don’t use Instagram. This is a personal benefit and really doesn’t pertain to the increase of followers or promoting your brand but it can be a useful way to let your friends and family know what you’re up to.

How To Link Your Account

Now that we’ve taken a look at all of the benefits you can reap just by linking these two social media accounts, we’ll get into how you can actually do that. The process is thankfully fairly simple and doesn’t take long to do.

First things first, you’ll need to have both an Instagram and Facebook account. If you’re lacking one, you can’t perform the linking. Once you’ve made sure that you have both accounts, it’s time to link them!

We’ll be using the Instagram app to link these accounts as we found that it’s the easiest to explain. First, you’ll need to go to your Instagram profile. Once you’re there, tap the three dashed lines in the upper-right hand corner of your profile. From there, you need to tap 'Settings' at the bottom. Then, tap the “account” option. You’ll then see the “sharing to other apps” option, tap that.

You’ll then see a menu that will include other social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Ignore those for now and instead tap on Facebook, the reason we’re here in the first place. Once you select Facebook, you’ll simply be prompted to do a quick sign-in for the platform and then your accounts will be linked!

While you’re there, you can also connect to the other social media apps that are allowed by Instagram. The process for these is similar to connecting your Facebook account.

What Does Linking Do?

Now that you’ve got Instagram linked up to your Facebook account, what can you do with it? Thankfully, this is a pretty simple and straightforward answer. With the two accounts linked, any post you make on Instagram can be instantly shared to your Facebook page once it is uploaded. You simply need to go back to the “sharing to other apps” menu that we used when we linked the accounts.

In that menu will be an option to share Instagram posts to Facebook when they are created. This also included your Instagram story as well, if you upload to that, it will go to Facebook. If you’d like to catch up on your Facebook page to your Instagram one, then you can also share your older photos! This is easily done by going to any one of your Instagram posts and then selecting the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

This will bring up a list of options including “post to other apps” right at the top. From there you’ll be able to select what other platforms that the photo gets sent to. You can also easily turn off this feature in the same menu if you feel like posting to Facebook separately.

Differences Between Facebook and Instagram

We’ll close out this article with a quick discussion of the two platforms. The biggest difference between them is that Instagram is a purely visual social media platform. You can certainly add meaningful captions to your photos and add text to stories, but Facebook allows you to create many different types of posts that ultimately allow for things like large articles and text posts. Photos are certainly a popular way to share things on Facebook but plenty of other different posts can gain a lot of traction.

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