How to Create a Facebook Public Figure Page (And Why You Should)

Developing a professional presence in the public sphere takes time. 

New and established entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and public figures share the same goal of reaching bigger audiences and making significant impacts. A Facebook public figure page is a space for business-savvy Facebook users to focus on professional growth. 

Before you read further, it’s important to understand that “public figure” can mean many different things. 

You don’t have to be the founder of an industry-leading organization to create a public figure page. If your business hasn’t progressed beyond the planning stage, that’s just fine. 

Your public figure page is a place for you to share professional updates, connect with followers, and further develop your brand. With this type of Facebook page, you spend time and energy building your social presence, curating the best content, and networking with others.

Where Personal Meets Professional

In order to create a public figure page, you first need to have a personal profile. While a profile is meant for connecting with Friends, a public figure page is intended for connecting with patrons and new customers. 

If you try to merge a business account and personal account all in one, you’re bound to run into logistical issues. For one, you won’t be able to accurately track audience engagement because there isn’t a way to separate friends from current or prospective customers. 

Without a separate page dedicated to your professional content, the data you receive is most likely skewed. 

This is where a public figure page works to your benefit. 

You can still share professional updates on your personal profile but direct the bulk of your business content to this page. Doing so takes the complication out of separating your personal from professional life. 

Though public figure pages are typically used as professional platforms, you shouldn’t shy away from sharing who you are. While Facebook business pages focus on organizations in a more objective and collective sense, public figure pages showcase the people who work behind-the-scenes. 

If you just launched a new small business, the people who are interested in your business are also interested in knowing you. If you’re a social media influencer partnering up with new brands, people want to know what makes these brands worthwhile to you.

What led you to create your business? How did you get from Point A to Point B? What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

These are all questions that you can answer on your public figure page.

Multiple Facebook Pages Benefit You

If you’re a business owner, creating multiple Facebook pages can be an effective strategy for generating more website traffic and reaching new prospective customers. When it comes to big-picture operations and products, the business page is great for keeping followers updated.   

Followers can find your public figure page and take the opportunity to connect with you. The content you share on this page will reflect your identity as a professional. Prospective customers could land on your page and be swayed to learn more about your business. 

You are able to build trust with your target audience by connecting with them on a more personal level. This trust can quickly translate into loyalty as a customer. 

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Setting Up Your Public Figure Page

1. The Personal Touches

To create a public figure page, navigate to the Pages tab in the sidebar and select Create New Page. The setup process is pretty seamless going forward. After filling out the page information (i.e. the page name, category, and description), you can add photos and contact information. 

When you invest time into curating your public figure page, Facebook users will notice and be more likely to engage with your content. 

2. The Business Capabilities

Bringing the visual elements together is the first step, but before you can begin managing engagement and revenue growth, you should create a Business Manager account on Facebook. 

One of the key functions of Business Manager is that you can create and monitor different ad accounts. When you work with other brands or public figures, you can create separate ad accounts and manage everything through Business Manager. 

Doing so allows you to keep payment methods separate and track different advertising campaigns. If you’re an influencer working with a brand, the brand can grant you permission to access the ad account that you’re involved with. 

By accessing Ads Manager, you can create and manage your new ad campaigns. For each campaign, you can work out the fine details for selecting your target audience, budget, and more. At any time, you can make changes to active ads.

Through Business Manager, you can stay up-to-date on the rankings of your ad accounts and pages. You will also have a list of alerts at the top of the page if any ads weren’t approved, if certain ads aren’t meeting your goals, or if you have any unread messages.

Staying informed on how the ad accounts are performing is crucial. Business Manager is the best tool for gathering the necessary reports on Facebook.

3. The Finishing Touches

After filling out your personal information and setting up Business Manager, it’s time to claim the public figure page you just created. 

This is important because, in some cases, a Facebook user will create a page for a business without managing it or the page will be automatically generated through Wikipedia. The best proactive step is to go ahead and claim ownership so your page doesn’t show up as an unmanaged page.

Find The Right Balance

With a public figure page, you cultivate a social platform dedicated to professional growth. 

The result is a healthy work-life balance. During business hours, you face fewer distractions and can focus on optimizing your public figure page. When you’re off the clock, you’re able to devote more time to your personal profile and connect with friends.

People look to public figures they trust, who have authority in a specific field when making smart and cost-effective decisions. A public figure page is a platform for Facebook users to connect with you and, oftentimes, learn from you. 

Especially with a Business Manager account, entrepreneurs and public figures like you can monitor progress and strategize for new ways to move your business forward.  

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