How to Crosspost Between Facebook and Instagram Easily

It would be fair to call Facebook a very old social media platform. It is often a marketer’s dream to use the platform to their full online social media marketing advantage. Another platform that marketers love to use is Instagram.

It was until fairly recently that small businesses were able to crosspost between the two. Which has opened up a lot of possibilities, and we have the ways that you can crosspost down below.

But First, Why Should You Bother with It?

The crossposting feature between two linked accounts is a wonderful marketing tool. It can save you time as well as effort. This is important for businesses that have to update and post on a regular basis. Plus, be able to regularly interacting with their potential customers on their social networks.

Another huge benefit is that you can post from your desktop. The thing is that the Instagram app is primarily a mobile app regardless if you are using an Android or an Apple iPhone. Therefore, there are some restrictions when it comes to posting through your desktop instead of your mobile.

However, with crossposting you can upload Instagram posts from your desktop, through your Facebook account, hashtags included, which will make your life faster and easier. Before this, you would have used third-party services such as Hootsuite, etc. But, there are a few steps that you must take to link your Facebook page and your Instagram account. However, you can only post between a Facebook business page and an Instagram business account.

There are Two Audiences

Facebook and Instagram can have separate audiences. While many people do use both platforms there is often the case when a person uses one more than the other. As well as the ages, interests, and amount of followers/ friends on each platform.

Therefore, you would want to crosspost to reach as many people as you can. Plus, you would be expanding the age range while doing so. It is estimated that about 26.3 percent of Facebook users are in the age range of 25 to 34 years old.

However, on Instagram, this same age range is at about 33 percent. Therefore, if you are targeting this range then posting more on Instagram would be a slightly safer bet. But with the differences being about 7. 3 percent, it would not hurt to crosspost.

The Importance of Engagement

Regardless of which platform you use, it could even be LinkedIn, engagement is the name of the social media game. Engagement is when the audience interacts with your content either by liking or Facebook reacting, commenting, and sharing.

That is why it is important to create content that your audience would want to see, or that they would find interesting. The theory is that an audience is more likely to buy something from someone that they have interacted with. It is a psychological response.

Plus, when you interact with your potential customer then it tells them that you are indeed a human that is running the accounts, not a bot who posts and goes. This can also gain their loyalty which any marketer will tell you is extremely important.

Engagement can lead to more engagement which may result in more sales. People on social media want to interact with others. Therefore, if they see the high level of engagement that your post received then new people are more likely to see it as well as want to “join the party”.

A very important aspect of engagement is trying to get the audience to create an emotional connection with the brand or company. If you have achieved this then your audience would come back for more.

To do this you would have to create something that is informative. And you would have to interact with the comments also in an informative, as well as friendly manner.

Showing your audience respect, and helping them is a great way to make them want to come back to your posts. It may even result in getting someone to like your Facebook page, or follow on the Insta account.

Creating eye-catching, and informative posts is extremely important, but it would be for very little if there is little to no engagement on them. It will take time to grow this engagement. However, it will be worth it in the end when you are able to increase your audience or profits with the help of your social media accounts.

Create The Post

Regardless of what social media account you use to share your content, it is important that you create images and videos that are entertaining, well-made. Plus, these should give the audience information. The latter is especially true if you wish for them to buy something from your small business.

Another aspect to keep in mind when creating the posts is the hashtags that you should use. A Facebook post can also use hashtags as a way to organize the content in sections that are easier to find. However, Facebook is not yet at the level that Instagram is, regarding hashtags.

As in hashtags are not a much-used feature. However, they are essential for Instagram. Therefore, when you post an image on Facebook, that you also want to share on Instagram through the linking function connecting the two platforms then you must include hashtags in your Facebook post.

This is so when it is uploaded onto your Instagram through Facebook, it will have the hashtags in the caption of the Instagram post right away. The point of this is to save you time. If you did not include the hashtags on the post on your Facebook profile, and it is linked to your Instagram feed, then you would have to go to your Instagram to write out the hashtags.

You could then edit your Facebook post and delete the hashtags if this is what you wish to do. However, what many marketers are doing is that they do not have the hashtags in their captions on Instagram but instead they type it out in their comments. This can also work well.

However, when writing the caption for your Facebook or Instagram post then you should make sure to write it in such a way as it should suit both of the platforms. The last thing you want your audience to think is that you first uploaded on to Facebook, for example, and Instagram second if your caption sounds too much like a Facebook post.

This can make you look lazy. But, you can edit the post to make them sound more suited for the different social media giants. Plus, a slight, little aspect that you should also account for is the size of the photo, or graphic, or image that you want to use for both platforms. There is not too much difference between aspect ratio as well as image size, since Instagram supports square, horizontal, and, of course, vertical images.

But, a slight issue that can occur is if the image is bigger than 4:3 aspect ratio. Instagram does not currently support this. Therefore, it will crop it. It is not a big deal, but it can cause a minor inconvenience. Hence, why we pointed it out. When your new post is ready to be, well, posted then you can go to the next step before you upload the newly created work of social media art. And that step is…

To Open A Business Page

Facebook has two types of profiles that you can open: Personal and Business. However, you would have to have your personal profile already opened in order to create a business page. When you log into your Facebook profile you will see in the right sidebar “Your Pages”.

All you do is click on it and then follow the easy-to-understand instructions. And, in no time, or a little bit of time, you would have set up a business page on Facebook. Plus, it can also have Facebook stories functionality. Something that was taken, or borrowed, from Instagram.

There is a new option at the top of your Facebook business page that asks you to try the “Business Suite”. This is where you are able to connect your Facebook business account to your Instagram business account.

Business Suite on Facebook

Pressing on the “try business suite” button will take you to a new site that is business.facebook. When you are on this tab in your desktop browser you will be asked to sign in to your Instagram business profile. Therefore, make sure that you have one.

A quick aside: to change your Instagram profile to a business one is quick as well as easy to do. Log into your Instagram app on your phone, and in the top right of the app, there is a hamburger icon. Press this, and look for the option to change into a business account/ profile. That is it.

Going back to Business Suite. Once you have connected the two accounts, the rest is extremely easy. Plus, you are able to look at the insights of the posts for both accounts to compare. And you can also check your inboxes, create ads, as well as keep up-to-date with the activities.

It is basically combining the two platforms in an easy-to-navigate page where you can follow the growth of your separate profiles at the same time. This would be great to see what works where and plan your next posts accordingly to increase engagements, likes, and shares or bookmarks, for Instagram.

How To Post

When you are in your Facebook business suite you press on the button that says “create post”. This will pop up a table over your business suite. Here you can on the left see the option to post on Facebook and Instagram, a space to write your text. Below the text box, there are media where you can choose between adds an image, video, or even create a video.

If you want to post on both your platforms then make sure that you choose both of them. However, in order to post on Instagram, you would have to create an image post. On the right, it will show you a preview of how your post will look.

It will preview the content post on Facebook desktop, Facebook mobile, and an Instagram feed. If you are happy with all three then press “Publish” and off it will go. It should upload straight away on Instagram and Facebook but refresh both just to be sure.

The business suite on Facebook makes it very easy and quick to post content across the two platforms. Plus, you are able to schedule posts which is very useful when you want to plan ahead. All you do is go to the “Posts” tab in the left sidebar and it will show you all the posts you have on the separate platforms. There will be a little icon of the two different platforms on the thumbnails to indicate where they are.

To plan ahead, you press the “Calendar” tab and it will open up a table. Press on one of the dates and indicate the time you wish the post to go live. Then create, or upload your image post, write the text, and press “Schedule Post.” Facebook business suite is a new option that makes it very simple to crosspost between the platforms. Therefore, you should take advantage of it.

And Through Instagram

If you wish to post through an Instagram profile then that is also simple to do. When you take or upload an Instagram photo, you are then taken to a page on the app where you write your caption, tag people, and add your location. However, there is an “also post to” section below all of that.

Here you can post on Facebook, which we want, Twitter, and Tumblr. Makes sure that the slide next to Facebook is blue, and that the button is also blue while being on the right. There are a few steps to set it all up through Instagram. But, the instructions are so clear that you would barely have to think about it.

All you have to do is press “Continue” if your Facebook profile is correct. And then if you have more than one Facebook profile then you have to chose which one you want to post on. You can only choose one for now. Press “Continue” and the app will ask you to “Set up your Accounts Centre?”.

If you are ready then press “Yes, Finish Setup” if not you can always do it later. And boom, you are ready to crosspost through your Instagram photos onto Facebook. But there is one more thing, and that is you can choose to post on both platforms or just to keep it to the Instagram option.

However, if you have already connected through your Facebook business suite then you are not asked to do these steps. It will just ask you to confirm the first time you slide it. After the post has been shared between the two platforms you are able to edit them. This also means that they are separate.

Therefore, what you do to one post on one platform will not affect the other. That is why we spoke about trying to make your text suit both platforms. So that you would not have to go back and edit them.

Story Time

When you post on Instagram stories you then can also link it to your Facebook stories. The first time you upload a story to Instagram it will ask you if you would want to post to Facebook stories as well. What is important to note is that you can say that you want to post to your Facebook stories every time.

Therefore, when you upload an Instagram story it will automatically show your story on Facebook as well. Remember the whole purpose of linking the two platforms is to make your life quicker as well as easier.

Plus, stories on both platforms are a great way to show what is happening in the present moment with your business. Or if you just want to update your audience. It can also be a great way to advertise newly posted content so that they can check it out. And give you the views, engagement that you want to have in order to grow.

Crossposting is a great way to expand your reach since you are not limited to one platform. While Facebook and Instagram have many useful features, some may need a bit of time to set up, one of the best so far seems to be the ability to easily crosspost between the two platforms. As mentioned it will save you time so that you are able to work on other aspects of work that are really needed.

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