How To Delete One Photo From an Instagram Album

Instagram is one of the best photo-sharing social media app in the world today. It does have many great features. However, some of them have to have a “workaround” to get to them; such as hiding who you follow or deleting one photo from a carousel post. There is no direct way to do either.

This article will focus on the latter, and answer the question: how to delete one picture out of multiples on Instagram?

How To Post a Carousel

A carousel post is like uploading an album onto Instagram. It is where you can show up to 10 photos in one post. This can be used to show what you did on holiday. Or for digital artists to show close-ups of their work or work in progress. It is also great for comics since one panel can be one picture and the audience slides through to read the story.

There is a lot that can be done with a carousel as long as there is some creativity behind them. And, it is fun. To post a bunch of photos in one post, all you have to do is to log into your Insta account, and on your home page, you press the “plus” icon at the top right corner. This will slide into your gallery and in the middle of your screen there is an option to “select multiple”.

You press on this, and then you can choose up to 10 photos to put in one post. Then choose your filter, that can apply to all the photos, type your caption, add your hashtags and post it online. However, the downside of a carousel post is that you cannot delete one image from the group.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right photos before you share the post. Once you share, it's there, meaning you cannot remove a single photo from the post.

What You Can Do

The only way you can remove one photo from a carousel post is by deleting the whole thing and starting from the beginning. You can upload the original pictures that you want with the replacement if you still have them saved on your phone.

However, if you do not then you can screenshot the original carousel post on your Instagram before you delete it. You would have to do this since you cannot save the post off of Instagram to your mobile. So, take a screenshot of the pictures you want to keep. Make sure that you wait a few seconds for the numbers that indicate how many photos are in the post, in the top right corner to vanish first.

Then crop the screenshots so that only the photo is seen, not the text below it. You can crop the photos using a third-party app or the one that is on your phone. Before you delete your original post you may want to copy your caption and hashtags. To do this, you just press the three horizontal buttons at the top right above the post and press edit. It would be a good idea for you to select all the text, press copy and you can paste this text in your notes, or messenger, etc.

Then you can delete the original post. Then you choose the photos you want to post and make sure to include the one you left out last time or do not post the one you do not want online again. Copy and paste your caption and upload your improved carousel.

What About The Edit Button?

Ahhh, good eye. However, this is not to edit your photos. It is to edit your captions, hashtags as well as to tag people in your post. Plus, to add an alt text, so your pictures may come up on Google, as well as to add a location to your post. It is not for changing the carousel order or for adding or removing photos in the post. You cannot even change the filter.

So How To Delete

Deleting a post on Instagram is fairly easy to do. You go to the post that you wish to remove and press the three dots at the top right of the post. Then a pop-up menu will appear and you look for delete. Pressing this option will remove your post from your feed.

Get Right The First Time

As we mentioned, the only way to remove a picture that you do not want in your carousel post is by deleting the whole thing and re-uploading it. This is the only way you can do it until Instagram makes an update.

Therefore, to avoid all of this you should pick your photos carefully, and make sure that you will not regret your decision later on. This also applies when choosing a filter. Take a bit more time on your post before you share it.

Why You Would Want to Delete A Picture

People may want to delete a picture from their carousel due to personal reasons such as a breakup, or they no longer like the filter they used on the images. The reasons can vary depending on what is happening in their life. Much like how you may want to mute someone who you used to talk to you.

To Round-Off

While there is no way to delete one picture from a carousel, currently, you can try using third-party apps. However, we would suggest that you delete the whole post and re-upload since this is the safest. But, since you cannot delete a photo this means that you have to be careful with which pictures you choose and which filter you use.

Giving more time to your posts, certainly from a marketing point of view, will make them better. Hopefully reaching a wider audience and gaining monetization. Therefore, take time when creating your post since you cannot remove one picture from a carousel.

This will make your posts better, as well as give you a chance to rethink if you really want to share these pictures with the world. Happy, and fun Instagram posting, and we hope this article helped you out.

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