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How To Delete Your Kik Account Forever

Kik is a messaging app that you can get for free on iOS, iPhone, or Android mobile, much like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. All you would need is an email account, be it Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. And, your birth date as well as a Kik username. Kik messenger is one of the more popular messaging apps among teenagers, but not everyone wants to keep their Kik account, nor go back to it. So how do you permanently deactivate your Kik app?

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What Is Kik Exactly?

As mentioned Kik is an online app that lets you chat and interact with other Kik users. You can use it to chat with individuals, friends, as well as group chat. It allows texts, and emojis, as is the standard with many messaging apps.

However, Kik goes a step further by allowing its users to send images and GIFs. Plus, there is also a live video chat option as well. And users do not need to add their phone number to use the app. The way you can find your contacts is through your contacts lists, or you can search for their username.

Another method to add people to your Kik network is by scanning a circular QR- looking code known as a Kik code. It is easy to use, and free, all you would need is an internet connection either Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

One of the things that make Kik different from other messaging apps is that you can chat with strangers in public chats. Here you can meet like-minded people who share the same interests as you. However, this is also where a lot of problems can come about since you cannot trust anyone/ many people online.

Kik offers anonymity. This can be a nice change for some, but it does have the potential to be dangerous for many. That is why, if you still want to use Kik you should be careful what information you give out. Not everyone has good intentions when it comes to the online world, and this is an unfortunate, inescapable truth.

Why You Would Want to Delete Your Kik Account

As much as social media is a great thing, there are a lot of dangers that can come with it. Kik messages are no different. One of the main issues is safety, such as Kik having a lack of end-to-end encryption. This can gather a lot of potential problems such as:

  • Online threats, exploitation, even potential stalking. Kik, like other apps of its kind, can have a huge problem when it comes to child exploitation. Plus, many researchers find it challenging to get data so that these types of cases can be investigated. However, Kik has made stricter measures to find and handle these threats.

  • There is a short supply of parental control. This is because teens, and even preteens, can easily use the app without their parents knowing. And, many of them can just add a fake birth date to register. The age limit for Kik is 13 years old, but that has not stopped preteens before.

  • Lack of privacy. Due to Kik not having end-to-end encryption, this means that service providers can view all the messages that have been sent. Even though Kik does delete message history, this is only done after a while; enough time for cybercriminals to intercept messages or give them to third parties. Plus, they could see your IP allowing them to pinpoint your location.

  • Users do not verify their identities. While anonymity can be good and offer a lot of freedom it can also cause a lack of accountability which may lead to cyberbullying, exploitations, and scams depending on whom you meet.

Kik is also not transparent when it comes to its code. This makes it not open for independent review as well as not being properly documented. However, there are many other safer messaging apps that you can look up.

And while Kik does have its problems, it is not too much different from other similar apps.

It all boils down to the users. You could come across ones that are genuinely using the app to chat, as is its purpose, instead of malicious intentions. However, when it comes to a child’s account it is better to be cautious and safe, than sorry.

If you are being threatened on Kik, or you have safety issues regarding it then you can send a message to kiksafety@medialab.la through a web browser, Mac, iPad, Android phone, etc. Make sure your subject line is clear, blunt, and urgent. Or you can check out their faqs to see if there is already a way to solve your issues.

How To Deactivate Kik (For A While)

Kik offers two types of deactivations. The first one is temporary deactivation which means that you will not get any messages or notifications, your username cannot be found, and it is gone from the user's contact lists. However, if you sign back in then your account will be reactivated.

If you want to take a break from Kik or hide from it, then you can go to their web page, https://ws.kik.com/deactivate where they will send you an email to deactivate, but not to delete Kik account. As in you can always go back to it as if you never left.

But, you are not here about deactivating temporarily, are you? Nope, you are here for the “forever” haul. Permanent deactivation, the deletion of Kik from your life.

How To Delete Kik (Forever)

Deleting your Kik account means that you cannot go back to it at all. It would be gone along with all your messages, contacts, the public chats that you joined, everything. Much like a temporary deactivation except you cannot sign back in at all.

Therefore, if you change your mind, and you want to use Kik again then you would have to start from the beginning with a new email address. And find your friends, your chat groups, etc. as if you did actually leave this time.

How to delete a Kik account is very easy to do, very similar to temporarily deactivating but just a different web page. Therefore, if you want to permanently delete Kik you should go to https://ws.kik.com/delete. Here you fill in a tiny form with your username, email, and you can give a reason why you are leaving the app. You can even give it in a lot of detail in their “Additional Information” block although it is not a requirement.

From there, Kik will send you an email with the permanent deactivation link which you press on, and then you are done. You can delete/ uninstall the Kik app from your phone or tablet, and get on with your day. Or find another app that you would like to use. Or you can go back to building your social media empire by figuring out when to post what on where.

Keep in mind that your friends will not be able to find you through search or on their contact lists. Furthermore, if they have messages from you through Kik, then those will stay on their phone, or tablet for a few days. Plus, your account will also be cached on their devices.

So Easy To Delete Even Parents Can Do It

Parents who are concerned about their preteens or teens using Kik can delete their accounts. All they would need is the preteen/teen’s username and the email that they used to set up the Kik account.

They can find this information by opening the Kik account on the device that the teen or preteen uses for Kik. It will automatically open to their main chat lists. At the top of the screen, they can tap on the settings icon. This is found at the top left and it is a gear-looking icon.

When they press this, the app will take them to the profile page where they can see the username as well as the email. However, if the parent is also using the Kik app, and they are in contact with the preteen or teen through it then they can easily see the username from chatting with them.

Kik usernames can be a combination of numbers, capitals, etc. Therefore, it is important for the parent to write it down as it is, or to copy and paste it. One wrong symbol can make getting the account deleted a lot more difficult to do. Or they could end up deleting the wrong account.

Once the parent has all the correct information they can send a message to kiksafety@medialab.la with Parent or deactivation inquiry in the subject line. Here is where they also send the username and email of the child in question. As well as the age of the kid.

However, if parents do not mind that their child is using Kik, but want to monitor them then they would have to go through their child’s app. They cannot use their own or other external devices. This is because Kik does not share chats and messages across other devices or accounts. Plus, it does not store messages between users for a long time.

But, Before a Parent Deletes Their Child’s Kik Account

Deleting a child’s Kik account should be done when the child in question is being threatened, getting unsolicited messages and photos, or is sending threats, or unsolicited messages and photos. However, if not then there can be other ways that a parent can try to make Kik safer for their child to use.

There is a feature on Kik known as “New Chats” which separates messages from strangers and people that the child knows, aka the ones in their contact list. The parent or the child can disable this feature to not get messages from random, unknown users.

This can be done by going to settings, the gear icon, tapping on notifications, and switching off the “notify for new people” option. This will block messages from users that are not on the child’s contact list. If certain contacts need to be blocked then this can also be done through settings. The parent or child can block a user by going to the privacy option in settings and pressing on their block list.

From there they can press the add icon, a “plus” sign, and find the username that they wish to have blocked. And then confirm that this is what everyone wants. All the messages for the blocked user will not be seen, and new ones will not come through. Plus, the blocked user will not know that they are blocked. These two points, along with a VPN would be a great way to try to make Kik safer for teens to use.

However, if the child is under the age of 13 years old then it would be best that they use messaging apps that are in their age range. Adults and older teens can, and do, use Kik. This can mean that the chances of someone below 13 years old to find commonality in the community is slightly limited.

VPN network security internet privacy encryption concept

Wait, What About A VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that stops hackers, and the likes from viewing or online data and IP addresses. Mostly used for public Wi-Fi. Plus, you can also use it to view movies and tv shows in other countries.

A VPN can hide your IP address, making it close to impossible for anyone to find your location. This is a must-have for apps like Kik that do not use or currently have end-to-end encryption, as well as those other privacy issues.

Therefore, if you or the kids want to keep on using Kik, or to start using it then your best bet would be to download a VPN first. This will give you a level of safety. You can send messages with the knowledge that no one can intercept them. Or find out where, and who you are.

Ending Off

Kik is a messaging app like any other but it has a strong sense of anonymity as well as the ability to chat with new, unknown people. This latter point may cause a lot of concern and could lead to unwanted chats, images, etc. Hence, why some users would opt to permanently remove the app from their devices, and not go back.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of deleting Kik since not every user has the same experience. Some could meet friendly strangers that become online friends. Others could run into those that should never be online in the first place.

If the latter is evident then it would be best to delete Kik. If it is something that can be dealt with or minor then blocking would be the way to go. However, there are countless messaging apps that you can try, and find one that is right for you. If you are a parent then you can find one that is more suited to your child.

But, every social media app has a messaging system that you can use to talk to friends. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, all have it. Speaking of Instagram, did you know that you can recover deleted Instagram messages? Well, you can.

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