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How to Engage With Other Facebook Pages Using YOUR Page

Whether you are trying to build a brand, grow a community, or manage your business, Facebook Pages are one of the best ways to get the word out in the digital age. But it can be hard to start from scratch, so often one of the best things you can be doing to grow your Page is to use it to interact with similar Pages.

Previously, you used to be able to switch back and forth between any profiles you had or pages you ran by using a drop-down menu in the top right of the Facebook home screen. Don’t worry though, it is now possibly even more convenient to interact with Pages as your Page. the changes might take some getting used to, so here is a quick guide on some of the basic ways that Page interaction can be done, and how you can use it to promote your Page.

If you are looking to promote a business, consider looking into Facebook’s Business Manager.

Like Other Facebook Pages Similar to Your Page

This is an important first step for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are plenty of Facebook Pages that you can’t interact with or even view until you like them. Second, it allows you to get an idea of what kind of content Pages similar to yours are putting out. Think of it kind of like market research — take note of what kind of posts are going well, which one didn’t receive good engagement, etc.

Since you can no longer switch to acting as one of your Pages, you can’t just hit the like button. That causes you to like the pages as whatever profile you are logged in as. You have to select the options menu, which looks like three little dots close to the like button. When you open that menu, it will drop down a list, and one of the options is to like the Page as your Page. After selecting that option, a new menu will pop up with all of the pages You have control over. For people that use Business Manager, any of those pages will also be available as options.

Unfortunately, this can be a tedious process if you manage several Pages and want all of them to like the same Page since there isn’t a multi-select option for the like menu. It isn’t any more frustrating than having to do it the previous way though, so there is at least that comfort.

Post On Other Pages as Your Page

Not every Facebook Page is open to posts from all of its members, but the ones that are can be an invaluable engagement tool. Not only does this give your Page access to an established platform, but it can get the manages of the Pages you are commenting on to notice your Page from the activity traffic.

To do this, find the status update box on that Page. In the top right corner, you should see a box with your profile picture and a little downward arrow. Clicking this will open up a dropdown menu of all the accounts and Pages you have access to, and selecting one of them will allow you to make a post as that Page or account. Business Manager users will have to scroll to the bottom of the list, select their Business Manager account, then choose the business Page you want to be posting as.

Before you make the post, it is a good idea to double-check you are posting as the right Page. To do that, just hover over the box you used to open the selection menu to make your name pop up. With that, you are ready to make your post.

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Interacting With Another Page as Your Page

This is most easily done by liking or commenting on another Page’s posts. This is another great way to get your Page noticed by people with similar interests.

To do this, you’ll want to open up the post as a thread, rather than view it from your feed. Just above the comments section, along the right side of the post, you’ll see a familiar box with your profile picture in it. This is a similar process to the previous tip, including the couple extra clicks for Business Manager.

While you are in that post thread and have your desired Page selected, any action you use to interact with that post will be done as your selected Page. This includes liking and other reactions, commenting, and even sharing the posts to your Page’s feed. Be sure you do everything you’ll want to while you are there because backing out and returning will reset how you interact with that post, meaning you’ll have to go through the Page selection menus again.

Some Facebook Pages will have partnered Instagram pages. You’ll need an Insta account to interact with them on that platform, but if you are just scoping them out for ideas, here’s our guide on how to view Instagram without an account.

Stay Up To Date On Similar Pages

If you follow a bunch of people and Pages on Facebook, you can easily miss updates and lose interaction by not being able to sift through the slush to find the important things. Luckily, you can view a specific feed just for the Pages that you follow. 

To do this, go to your page and click on the “See Pages Feed” button — this is sometimes accessible through the “View Pages Feed” button on the left sidebar. This will show you a screen with two columns — the left side is a list of all Pages you have like as your Page and the right side is a feed with all updates relevant to just those liked Pages. You can use this to directly engage with multiple other Pages as your page without having to constantly fuss with menus.

Keep in mind that this feed is tailor to every Page, meaning if you have to manage multiple Pages, you will have to go through this step for each one of them. Also, if you intend to use Business Manager, you’ll have to access your page through Business Manager first, then go through the rest of the steps as normal. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of Pages you are trying to manage, consider picking up a Facebook Page manager app, such as Facebook Business Suite.

Reply to Mentions as Your Page

You don’t get too many opportunities to engage directly with someone’s profile as your Page, but one of these opportunities is when someone directly mentions your Page in a post. Take the time to engage with the people that mention your Page. Naturally, getting mentioned will increase your Page’s visibility, and it looks extra good when you put forth the effort to interact with someone.

To make sure you catch these chances when they come by, turn on Notifications for your page, so you’ll be able to catch everything that comes by. You can view a specific feed of any notifications involving your feed by clicking on the Notifications header while you are on your Page.

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