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How to Get a Tinder Gold Discount (Get More Matches)

The Tinder app is the most well-known online dating app out there. It uses geosocial networking, similar to what Find My Friends uses. Tinder can be used on Android devices, and Apple iPhones, since you can take it on the go, and swipe till you find the one or the next hook-up. Tinder offers the standard version, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Gold.

What Is Tinder (A Brief History)

Tinder is a mobile dating app that uses the internet that lets its users find matches by swiping. If you swipe right on a profile it means that you like the person. If you swipe left, then it is a nope as in you are not interested. The idea is that if two Tinder users like each other’s profiles, they can begin chatting.

Since it is a dating app the main goal is to either have a casual hookup or looking for a relationship. A Tinder profile is made up of photos, usually selfies, a bio, and interests. This is to get other users to like you and find commonality. The app is very easy to use and any new users can shortly get addicted to it.

Tinder started in 2012, and it went by the title Matchbox. However, there was a name change in August 2012. This was said to be since the logo looked like a flame suiting the name tinder more. By 2014 it had logged in about a billion uses per day. This just shows its fast growth in popularity and appeal. Tinder was started by Sean Rad, and it was originally only on iOS devices such as the iPhone. However, it has moved onto Android devices too.

In the beginning, new users had to log in via their Facebook account. But, that has changed since August 2019. Now, users can set up by using their phone number. It is from here they can log into their Tinder account.

Rad had concluded that computers and PCs were on their way out and that mobile phones were the future.

Therefore, he wanted to build platforms through it. But, Tinder does have a site: tinder.com so perhaps he changed his views about Mac, PCs, and the likes? The mission statement for Tinder was that people would use the app as a game. And that meeting someone new was merely a bonus.

The notion was that you could pick it up and have a bust of playtime. Once done you put it down.

However, Rad mentioned in a 2014 interview with Time that he had planned for the app to go more toward a socializing aspect instead of just dating. But, Tinder does not seem to be there yet. And, it is a question of whether or not it can get there.

IPhone showing Tinder plus and Tinder gold

Tinder VS Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold

Tinder is free to download, but there are ads on it. It is the format where you can swipe, and chat with matches. However, this standard version restricts your swiping time. This means that you can swipe right, aka like someone, 25 times. The liking counter resets to 25 likes after 12 hours.

However, if you want to pay a bit extra with PayPal using the subscription services of Tinder through either Apple or Android. But, you can also pay with your credit card information. It is here that you can get Tinder Plus, or upgrade to Tinder Gold.

But first, how is Tinder Plus different from the standard version of the app? Well, for one, you would have to pay for Plus. It would cost 9, 99 USD per month. And, as with many subscription-based payments if you decide to go for the longer bundles then the price would be discounted.

Currently, a six-month subscription can cost you 37, 99 USD making it 6,33 USD per month. This is the recommended option. If you want your Tinder Plus subscription to last for a year, then it will be 49, 99 USD with 4, 17 USD per month.

With Plus, you would hide the ads, get unlimited likes and rewinds as well as Passport. Rewind is when you can go back to a user that you either liked or did not if you changed your mind or if you made a mistake. Passport allows you to find users within a certain city or place. This is done by dropping a pin on the area you are interested in.

Tinder Gold offers what Tinder Plus has, but with more premium features. However, it is a higher cost. Gold subscriptions work the same way as Plus where you can opt to have a month, a discount if you want six or 12 months.

A month of Gold will cost you 29, 99 USD. The six-month package comes up to 112, 99 USD, with 18, 83 per month, and the year package totals 149, 99 USD, 12, 50 USD per month.

But, these prices are for users over the age of 30 years old. Under the age of 30, it is much cheaper:

  • Monthly- Plus: 4, 99 USD. Gold: 14, 99 USD

  • Half a year- Plus: 18 USD. Gold: 52, 98 USD

  • Yearly- Plus: 27, 96 USD. Gold: 83, 04 USD

Gold can be a high price, but it does give you more benefits such as:

  • You can see who Likes You

  • What Tinder’s view as Top Picks for you. But, 10 of them

  • A free Boost per month. This can make your Tinder profile one of the top ones in your area for 30 minutes.

  • You get up to five free Super Likes. This is a feature where if you super like someone, they will get a notification straight away and will see from there before they swipe

Is Tinder Gold Golden?

The pricing of Gold is quite high when compared to Plus. It then brings up the question is Gold Golden? Is it worth it? The answer can depend on your location. If you are in a city or area with a lot of people who use the app then it could be an investment worth your money.

The Likes You, aka why users want a Tinder Gold subscription to become Gold subscribers in the first place, is appealing. It can save you time. But, if you live in an area where the Tinder population is low, then maybe get Tinder Plus instead.

It will not have the Likes You feature, but this can be a good thing. It can make it surprising, and more of the intended game. We would suggest that you do some research before you head to checkout, and get your subscription.

How To Get Tinder Gold Promo Codes or Discount Codes

One of the easiest ways to save money off Tinder Gold is to go for long-term subscriptions such as the six-month one. However, Tinder is known for sending some members Tinder Gold coupons or promo codes via their official email. Therefore, be on the lookout for that. Sometimes these Tinder coupon codes may give you a discount of 50 percent.

It is a fact that Tinder does not want anyone to leave the Tinder Gold membership. This has led to a rumor floating around that Tinder offers you discounts to keep you around longer. Furthermore, some Tinder users managed to get discounts when signing up for Tinder, the standard version, so that they could upgrade to Plus or Gold.

But, you can search for promo codes online, but make sure that they are safe, and the real deal. This would require research, and some may cost you to get. However, you can try using coupon sites like Honey or the like to get promo codes for Tinder. Currently Honey does not work with Tinder yet, but let’s see what the future holds.

But, there are sites where you can earn money by spending time online. Sites such as Vindale Research, Swagbucks, PointsPrizes, etc. where you can earn a bit of virtual cash, discounts, or gift cards. The concept is that you fill out surveys, watch videos, download apps, etc. and you get something in return.

Something that you know, but should remember is that people online would want to scam you. The truth of the matter is if a site offers you a free Tinder Gold account, it is most likely a lie and scam. Tinder is a business, and businesses want to make money, so they would not offer their services for free.

Even the standard one you can pay for Super Likes, and deal with ads that bring in money to Tinder from their “free” version. So you are kind of indirectly paying them by using their free app. It would seem that the best way to get a legitimate promo code is through Tinder themselves. This is the safest option. Or you can trick them by threatening to leave your Gold membership, so they offer you one to stay?

Online Dating As a Whole

Online dating has come a long way since a couple of years back. There are many apps outside of Tinder such as Badoo, Bumble, and the likes that offer people the chance to find true love, casual hookups, one-night stands, etc. But, safety is a priority when it comes to online interactions from using Twitter, Facebook, and social media platforms, to dating apps.

Come to think of it, dating apps are social media just with a more focused purpose and goal.

We have a few tips to stand out from the sea of profiles. The first would be to take a good, clear, and good-looking profile picture, as well as have a few more on the app. The next tip is to make your bio entertaining, as well as make it clear what you are looking for. You would not want your time to be wasted, therefore, do waste others. If they do not check your profile then that is their loss.

If you get a match then you should break the ice. This is regardless of gender. You can open with a, purposely, silly pick-up line or a corny look. However, a good piece of advice would be to ask them a question relating to their profile. So if they mention a certain interest or you see their hobby in their pictures and try to talk about that.

This can show that you took the time to check them out. To see if the two of you have common interests. This can be advice for those looking for love, and commitment. And a friendly reminder to meet in public spaces or online and more your house, until you get to know them better.

Regarding hookups, it would be advised to keep it simple, be prepared with protection, extra towels, and pillows for when they stay the night, as well as to make your intentions clear and be on the same page.

It is also suggested not to go into deep conversations if the main goal is only sex. This may confuse the message and lead to emotions when you are not ready for it. Sometimes casual sex is just that and should be so as long as all members are happy with it. And be safe.

Make sure that you do not get in danger. If you feel odd about something, then do not invite them over and meet them in a public place beforehand. It is here that you can get a mental feel for them. If all is good, go for it. If not, make the excuse that you got last-minute work to finish.

Regardless of your goal, and intentions, do not send dick pics. If someone wants to see it they will ask. If they do not ask, and you send, you will more likely be blocked, and unmatched.

Dating applications display on iPhone 6 including Tinder

What Dating App Should You Use

Tinder is a great dating app for dating. However, it is also known as being the go-to for hookups and more casual relationships. If you are not a member this is something you should keep in mind before joining.

If you are a user then you should weigh if upgrading to Tinder Gold is right for you. While Tinder could offer you discount codes, and you may find some online, you should consider if it is for you. Many dating apps have different types of users on them, that are looking for different things.

Bumble and Badoo seem to be more aimed at users wanting relationships for example. We are not saying that a long-term relationship cannot come from Tinder, many have in the past. It is just Tinder is not really known for that when compared to other apps of its type. However, it is up to you and your desires.

Ending Off

As for Tinder Gold, we would suggest looking around for real promo codes, doing surveys, etc. for a bit of cash and hoping Tinder will pick you for a discount code before you upgrade to Gold. You can try standard or Plus to get into the flow of things. You can use the app and figure out how to be an influencer at the same time. A pure bonus.

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