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How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page Explained

Instagram has become the go-to social media platform for large to small businesses and influencers. It is easy to use, and using the platform can help your company grow its audience. The app is easy to use, and you can do a lot. It is not that easy to get on to the Explore Page where you can grow your new audience. Luckily we have some suggestions on how your company can do that, but this is only in theory, practice is different.

What Is the Explore Page?

The Explore page was not always known as such. It was first called the “Popular” page where Instagram users would see the posts from popular accounts that had a high engagement, aka that were trending. However, this changed to the Explore page since the “Popular” page was not showing people what they were interested in.

Now, the page shows what individual users want to see. It is an endless collection of reels, IGTV, posts, and videos. It is tailor-made to a user who searches for certain hashtags or has liked certain posts. Therefore, it would be fair to say that each user’s Explore page is different. It is still found by tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen.

It is suggested that over half of Instagram users go on to the Explore page per month. However, many users also go there multiple times a day. This can be because they are looking for something new that is in their niches. The Explore page is made up of posts users have engaged with or it shows posts from accounts similar to those they are currently following.

At the top of the page is a navigation bar that filters what users would want to look at. There is currently an IGTV tab, fashion, architecture, DIY, etc. Businesses should aim to get their posts onto the Explore page. There is a lot of growth potential.

How Does Getting On To The Explore Page Help You?

As already mentioned, there are millions of eyes on the Explore page, and as a company, you would love that some of those eyes fall on your posts. The Explore page helps you to reach out to a large audience that would be interested in your product or services. The page works by being personalized to every account, making many of the posts on it relevant to the user. Therefore, the page helps you to better reach not only a wide audience but a targeted wide audience.

Another plus-side of landing on the Explore page is that it will help build your brand awareness. When users are searching for a certain service or product that can come across what your business has to offer. It is a way for them to get to know your brand while fulfilling a need that they have. This is a goal for all marketers.

Plus, when your Instagram posts are on the Explore page you can get a higher chance of increasing your followers. These followers can become, or are already, customers. Thereby, you could be able to increase your profit margin with the right marketing. The Explore page helps your company to reach out to your target audience.

How to Get Onto the Explore Page

Now that we have gone through what the Explore page is, and how it can benefit your company profile, let us go on to our suggestions, and remember, these are in theory. Practice can be different since every business is different. Therefore, trial and error could be involved on your way to growth. These suggestions can be applied to both businesses and Instagram influencers.

Know Thy Audience

One of the most important suggestions we can give you is to know your target audience. This is a standard when it comes to digital marketing, and the same applies to Instagram. Therefore, you should research certain aspects of your audience such as:

1. The age range

2. Locations

3. Interests

4. Gender

5. Income

6. Hobbies

7. Ambitions

Knowing this can help you create posts that would resonant better with who you wish to target.

Your Brand’s Voice

Once you know and understand your target audience, the next suggestion would be to create posts that would appeal to them. However, an important aspect of this is the brand voice. It must be consistent. This means that if someone were to look that your business profile they would know what your company is all about without reading the bio.

This is also important when it comes to getting on to the Explore page. Instagram does not look at individual posts for the Explore pages; they look at the whole account. This means that if you post about DIY items one day, fashion the next, and cars the following, the chances of your posts ending up on the Explore page are slim to none.

Therefore, if you have more than one business then your best bet may be to use more than one Instagram account. The thing is that Instagram's algorithm focuses on accounts that are similar to what their users have engaged with. Your profile should stick to one topic, as well as use certain hashtags that could give you the best results. Plus, interacting or connecting with other accounts in your niche can also help to get your account out there.

When Your Followers Are Online

Instagram, like all the social media platforms, is all about timing. This means that when your posts new post and timed correctly they are more likely to be viewed by a lot of your followers. While you do want to expand your brand, the first place to start is “at home” with the followers you already have. From there your posts can go on to attract your new potential followers.

Your current followers should want to interact with your posts and in doing, so they indirectly help your business reach the Explore page, and, therefore a wider audience. You have to research when your followers are the most active online. These would be the best time to post.

This can be done through trial and error, using certain apps, or just good old research. Plus, if you are not online when your audience is, due to time differences, etc. then you can use an Instagram scheduler to make sure that you do not miss out when your followers are the most active.

Talk To Your Followers

If you are online at the same time as your followers then it would be a great idea to interact with them. Instagram is a social media platform after all and best not to forget the “social” aspect of it. Engaging with your followers can help make your posts more relevant. The more relevant your post is the higher the chance of it to stand out and get on to that beloved Explore page, we are all aiming for.

Instagram views comments, likes, shares, bookmarks as a level of relevance. Therefore, the more interactive your post has with your current followers the better it will rank. You can encourage your current followers to engage with the post by making it a high-quality post, and asking them questions. Plus, replying to their comments also helps, since it can encourage your followers to keep commenting and interacting with your future posts.

Doing this will tell Instagram that your posts are good for users that have similar interests to your current followers. Therefore, Instagram will show it to your new potential target audience. And, you would also be keeping your current followers happy as well as engaged.

Tags: Hashtags and More

Hashtags are a standard when it comes to social media marketing especially on Instagram. They are how new people can find your posts. There are three types of hashtags that every company or influencer should have on every post that they make. And, these should be changed or mixed around fairly often.

The first type of hashtag is known as industry hashtags. Industry hashtags are the terms that are used in your industry. For example, if you are a clothing brand then using hashtags such as “fashion”, “clothes” etc would be a great choice to get to a wider audience; these are the terms that people are searching for.

Topic hashtags are similar to industry ones since they can be the topics that people want to know about, such as “t-shirt designs”. Topic and industry hashtags are what get your post to a wider audience. Plus with the former, if you use a topic that another user has used or looked for then the post is more likely to appear on their Explore grid Instagram feed.

The third type of hashtag is the branded one and this is if you have branded items, and you want to improve your brand awareness by using your name as a hashtag. If your brand gets well-known enough then new people can search for it directly.

A piece of advice would be to go to the search icon on the app and type up your main industry hashtag. From here you can choose the ones that have over 100K posts and use them for many of your hashtags, then search for the ones that have a smaller amount. Finally, have about one or two that are totally unique to your brand.

Another type of tag that you can use that is not hashtags is tagging relevant brands or influencers that are working with your product. This is one of the best ways to drum up engagement as well as to hop on to the trends that people want to know about. Plus, it can be good business practices as well.

There are also location tags. These are great if you want to target the area that you are situated in. It would be a great use to small businesses as well as to create quick engagement.

Don’t Forget About the Captions

While the Instagram app is primary for visual content such as photos or graphics it also uses captions. Captions are becoming more popular as time goes by. They are a great way to directly talk to your old and potentially new followers.

This is where you can put what the posts are about, and a CTA, a “call to action”. A CTA is asking people to do something. This can be to like the post and follow for more. You can also ask them to check out the link in your bio if you have a site or online store there.

Another common way to use captions is to ask the follower a question such as “what do you think” or something along those lines. A caption that is well-written can also help keep people on your posts for a bit longer. This can help boost your engagement as well as could cause interaction if the right questions are asked.

The more engagement your posts attractions, the more Instagram will notice your post, and the more likely they will put your posts on the Explore feed page. Remember your goal is to get to as many people as you possibly can.

Giveaways Can Be the Way

If possible a giveaway could be the thing to give your post the boost it needs to get to the Explore page. It can be a great way to increase engagement since people like to participate in contests even if the chances of them winning are slim. Some Instagram accounts that host giveaways often ask new and old followers to comment or to follow the account.

It can be easy to track the new followers since you can see their accounts even if they are private accounts. Therefore, choosing a winner should not be that difficult. However, make sure that you have something to giveaway and that you are able to.

Paying Can Be Caring

While there is some research as well as trial and error when it comes to finding out what can get you onto that desired Explore page, it will take time. We are suggestions what could work in theory. However, one way that can get your post to achieve high results is to turn it into an Explore ad.

This is achieved by creating an Instagram feed ad, but you just select Explore as one of your placements. This feature came about to Instagram around June 2019. The ad will only show if a person presses on the post as not to be intrusive to the followers.

However, while this feature could help get your ad to a wider audience the post have to be engaging. Create high-quality posts that people would want to engage with it. If your post looks like “last minute rubbish” then people will not look at it. Instagram will, therefore, not put it on their Explore page and you would have wasted your money.

Check on Your Analytics

One of the highlights for having a Business profile on Instagram is that you can see the analytics per post. Here you can tell where your posts are getting the most interaction from. Is it from your profile, home, or from the hashtags? If it is more on the latter then this can be good since it can mean that your posts are getting to a wider audience and could have landed on the Explore page.

It can also show the number of accounts your posts have reached as well as the amount of content interaction your profile has gained. Turning your profile into a business account is a handy way to keep up-to-date with what is working and what is not.

Video Content

Instagram has grown a lot in recent years. Before it was all about photos and now there are videos, IGTV, and reels that you can use to increase your engagement. Videos are under 60 seconds, reels are 15 seconds, they are created through the app, and IGTV can be up to an hour.

The first two can be great for ads while IGTV is obviously for long-form videos. These can be “how-to-do” content etc. Videos auto-play in your feed and the same happens when they reach the Explore page. Therefore, they gather attention quickly since the eye is often attracted to movement.

Getting onto the Explore page will take time and hopefully, the suggestion above can help get you there. But, the most important thing, outside of knowing your target audience, is to make posts that people want to see. This will make them want to interact with them, boost engagement, and ending up on the Explore page.

Tags, such as hashtags, location tags, and timing are very important too but if your post, regardless if it is a photo, graphic, video is of poor quality or has no meaning to it, people will not stop to look. Your posts have to be eye-catching while showing off your brand. Hopefully, your business will grow greatly or you will become the next biggest influencer.

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