How To Get Verified On Instagram (FOR FREE)

In the modern digital age, becoming an Instagram influencer can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money. It can start off as just a side gig for you to do and if you become popular enough, you might be able to turn it into your main source of income. There’s also plenty of ways that you can become an influencer, it’s not just about looking pretty in front of a camera!

Plenty of people can make money simply by showing off their passions and growing a following because of it. Artists, models, photographers, fitness enthusiasts, gamers, and other sorts of things can easily be turned into a source of income if you’re willing to strategize and make it marketable.

There are, however, a few beginning steps you’ll need to get on your journey to becoming an influencer. One of the most important things to do is getting yourself verified on Instagram. Being verified confirms the authenticity of your brand, personality, or whatever else you’re posting about.

It shows people that you are the real thing and that you essentially are one of the best when it comes to your type of page. For this article, we’ve put together the steps that will help you get that magical checkmark next to your name on Instagram.

Requirements For Verification

Before you get verified, there is are certain requirements that your page will have to meet before Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, will go ahead and give you the checkmark. Below, we will list all of the requirements and talk about what each of them means.

Authentic: Your page must properly represent you in some way. It can’t be a made-up persona, it must be you, a registered business, or entity.

Complete: Your account must be public for everyone to see, it can’t be set to private. Additionally, your account must have a profile picture along with a bio. Another stipulation is that your bio cannot contain any links to your other social media pages.

Unique: The page must be the unique presence of the entity it represents. What this means is that you can’t make a page that constantly posts cute puppies or memes. Your content must be original and special to your page.

Notable: This is probably the most important part of the verification process. Your account must have a fairly large presence and be well-known. A verified page cannot be a little-known brand, person, or other entity.

Ready For Verification

Once you’ve gone and made sure that your page meets all of the requirements that have been listed above, it’s time to see if you can get verified! The process for verification is not automatic, you have to actually request the verification. This can be done very easily via the Instagram app.

Simply go to your profile, tap the three dashed lines in the top right corner and then tap Settings at the bottom. Once you’re there, tap on the “account” option and scroll down to the “request verification” option. After that, you’ll have to answer a series of questions and then prove that you are a real person. These questions are fairly simple and ask you what your full name is, along with what you’re known as.

You’ll also have to select a category for your account as Instagram will recommend your page to those interested in a particular category once you’re verified. You will also need to attach a photo of your ID to prove you are who you say you are.

Once you’ve filled everything out and sent in your request, Instagram will then go over your account. You’ll receive a notification showing whether or not that you’ve been verified soon after you put in your request. If you don’t get verified, you’ll be able to submit another request in 30 days.

What Does Being Verified Mean?

If you’ve spent any extended amount of time on social media, then you undoubtedly have come across influencers that have a checkmark next to their name. At a glance, it might just seem like some sort of status symbol bestowed upon accounts that are very popular. However, it’s not quite what you’d expect.

The verification badge is designed to make authentic accounts stand out from the dozens, if not hundreds, of other similar accounts or spam that lurk on almost every social media page. This magical checkmark is easy to spot and catches the eye when looking at the account in question.

It is a very coveted symbol to have on your account as the checkmark more or less guarantees that you’re a quality page that posts excellent content. Because of the verified mark exclusivity, it’s pretty safe to say that those accounts with the checkmark on them are likely to receive more engagement than accounts without it. However, it should be known that Instagram has stated that verified accounts don’t get special treatment within their algorithms.

Tips For Getting Verified

If you’re having trouble getting verified, try out these tips to give you better chances at receiving that seemingly mythical checkmark.

  • Avoid “buying” a verification checkmark: There are a lot of websites and social media influencer services out there that claim that you can simply buy the blue checkmark and get verified easily without going through the whole process on Instagram. This is a complete lie. Third-parties are not in any way, shape, or form able to buy the verification mark for a certain page or person, you must go through the process on your own. This also goes for people that might dip into your dm’s claiming that they have a verification mark that they do not want anymore. These are scams and you should avoid giving them money at all costs.

  • Monitor for when your brand is in the news: If you’ve noticed a huge influx in followers, then it’s quite possible that your page may have been featured in some sort of news story recently. If you feel this might be the case, go ahead and search yourself or your brand on Google and see if you’re featured on any notable news site. If you find you’ve been featured, then now is the time to apply for verification! Instagram favors accounts and brands that are featured in trustworthy news sources for their verification process.

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