How to Hide Likes on Twitter (Use This Easy Tactic)

Twitter is a great social media app where you can share your quick thoughts, under 280 characters. And you can like other users’ tweets quicker. But, the latter could land you in some hot water if they are NSFW or something you rather people do not know what you like. The thing is that people can see what you like so you can either mass delete the liked tweets or hide what you like so people do not see it.

How to Hide Your Liked Tweets

The easiest way to hide likes on Twitter is by making your account private. The first thing you should do is log into your Twitter account on either desktop or Android. You then go to the menu and click on Settings and Privacy. Afterward, you look for the tab titled Privacy and Safety. From there you will see the tab for Audience and Tagging.

This one will allow you to customize what your audience will see from your Twitter. You then can click on the little box next to the option to Protect your Tweets. This will make your account private. However, this opinion will still let your followers see which tweets you have liked. But, the rest of the public will not.

How To Unlike What You Have Liked

If making your account private is not a good opinion for you due to business, then there is another way to “hide” your liked tweets. Well, you would, unlike the tweets which will make them disappear from your account.

To do this all you have to do is go to your profile and look for the “like” tab. And from there you unlike what you have liked.

This may take some time, but it could be worth it later to make sure your business reputation is a good one. And another thing you should do is to remove those liked tweets from the lists that they are on if they are on any. Unliking the tweet does not remove them from lists you would have to do that manually.

If You Want To Save Your Unlike Tweets

The thing is that you liked those tweets for a reason. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if you want to keep them. But, just so no one else knows that you liked them. There is an easy way to do this and it is by bookmarking the tweets.

To bookmark a tweet you go to the tweet and you press on the share opinion. It is the little arrow that points up is what the icon looks like. It will give you three options and you choose the one that lets you bookmark the tweet. Your bookmark list is private.

Therefore, if you want to like a tweet in secret on a public account then you should bookmark it instead. This may take a few seconds longer, but it is useful if you want to enjoy Twitter fully without coming across as “questionable”.

How to Hide Other’s Likes

Twitter has been around for a long time, since 2006. Some can argue that it is one of the first social media platforms that they have used. While it aims to be user-friendly there is one aspect that the social media giant is lacking. And that is the opinion to hide other users liked tweets.

Why You Would Want to Hide Other’s Likes

While it is a good idea to see what your audience or friends are interested in the Twittersphere it can be a bit overwhelming. That is because the liked tweet appears the same as any other tweet just under a username you do not know. While this can cause slight confusion at first glance it is not a big issue.

However, what can be an issue is that you miss important tweets that you want to interact with. On top of Twitter often using a randomized tweet algorithm liked tweets can just clog up your feed making it more difficult to see what you want to see. However, there may be a method that can solve this little issue.

A Method to Hide Other’s Tweets

This is a method that may be a touch risky. It is because you would be muting certain words as to not see them when some users like particular tweets. If you want to try this method all you have to do is go to your Privacy and Safety tab and look for the Mute and Block option.

Here you will choose the Mute Words tab and type in which words or phrases you do not want to see on your timeline. This will only apply to your homepage and notifications, not to the search function. But it could be a way to unclog your feed and to see those tweets that may inspire you.

This would be an easy way to avoid those unwanted liked tweets from other people. But, you would also be avoiding all the tweets that have your muted words or phrases in them. Therefore, we would suggest trying it out and you can also change it back if it is not working for you.

Future Practice

While it can be difficult to kill old habits there are ways that you can “replace” them with something better. Instead of liking a tweet that does not suit your image you can bookmark it. This way that tweet can be revisited by you without anyone knowing about it. As for hiding other users’ liked tweets, there is no method. The muting phrases and words are only a suggestion that could have a high likelihood of working.

But, it could work out. However, if you already have a personal Twitter account and want to use it for business then you may want to consider starting a new account. Twitter gives you the option to jump between the two so it is easy to do and use. You would be starting over, but at least you would have fresh statistics to keep up to date with.

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