How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Fast

When it comes to Instagram and other social media platforms, a variety of content can be accessed with a few simple taps on your device. Because the Instagram app has a global reach, users can connect with people who live nearby and far away. 

The app is home to personal and business accounts, both private and public, that offer a variety of content through posts and stories. As soon as an account is created, users start to gain followers while also following other accounts on the platform. 

Social media influencers and brands are working toward the same goal of growing their accounts and reaching larger audience groups. When potential followers come across your account, one of the first things they notice is the amount of followers you have. 

The numbers listed under “follower” and “following” on your Instagram page impact users’ first impressions about your account. For better or worse, users make snap judgements when deciding whether to follow someone. An account with a high follower count is typically seen as popular and, therefore, worth the follow.

When you’re in the beginning stages of growing your account, it’s important to look for new ways to attract followers. With the right amount of time and strategizing, you can meet the milestones you’ve set for your account. A great way to set your account on the right path is to work alongside marketing professionals. We trust the team at Unruly Agency because they know the industry inside-and-out and have access to all of the resources you could need. 

Another strategy that tends to be overlooked is mass unfollowing on Instagram.  

The intention of a mass unfollow is to reduce the number of accounts you’re following by whatever degree you choose. Influencers might choose to “mass unfollow” accounts for a variety of reasons and can do so manually or automatically. 

Manually unfollowing accounts is simple to do but extremely time-consuming when unfollowing more than a few people. Automated unfollows, on the other hand, can simplify the process of unfollowing in bulk. With this approach, you don’t have to unfollow each account one-by-one.

Downloading an app or desktop software that allows you to unfollow many accounts at once can be game-changing. 

Reasons To Start Unfollowing

Instagram users choose to go on unfollowing sprees for a number of reasons. Mass unfollowing accounts on this platform gives you the chance to reduce the amount of accounts you follow and start fresh. This is especially useful if you find that you’re no longer interested in the content on your Instagram feed. 

Mass unfollowing essentially allows you to make room for new accounts to follow.

Whether you use Instagram for personal or professional content, a mass unfollow might be a smart next step for you. We’ve found that it’s best to unfollow groups of accounts on an occasional rather than frequent basis. Introducing this strategy gradually is the best and safest course of action.  

There are four main reasons why you might take up mass unfollowing:  

1. Level the Playing Field

Your followed-to-following ratio is one of the first things that people notice when they visit your account page. One of the main reasons for a mass unfollow is that you are following far more people than are following you. When the ratio is off, and not in your favor, it’s a smart idea to reach more of a follower-followed balance by unfollowing accounts.

A disproportionate following can be normal, even expected, if you recently created your Instagram account. Potential followers will be able to see the timestamp on your first posts and recognize that you are building your account from the ground up. 

Let’s say you’ve been posting consistently for weeks, but your follower count still hasn’t grown.

Now what?

Reassessing the accounts you’re following and making a plan for a mass unfollow can help you create more of an equilibrium. A mass unfollow can also reverse the ratio, so you follow less people than follow you. 

2. Increase Quality 

The accounts you follow contribute to the content you see every day on your Instagram feed. Inactive accounts take up space in your following count that could instead be filled by accounts that regularly post engaging content. Inactive accounts can go unnoticed for weeks or months at a time unless you’re intentional about unfollowing them.

You can also increase the quality of your account by unfollowing accounts that use bot accounts to boost their platform. Instagram users can increase their number of followers by paying for fake followers in the form of bot accounts. This approach to building a successful platform is frowned upon by many Instagram users. 

Make sure you haven’t fallen into the trap of following inauthentic accounts, and if you did, a mass unfollow is an efficient way to ensure that the accounts you follow are worth your time. Nearing Instagram Limits

3. Nearing Instagram Limits

The creators of Instagram have set limitations on how many accounts you can follow on the platform. You can follow a maximum of 7,500 users, and if you reach or exceed this limit, you’ll receive an error code and won’t be able to follow anyone else. The max following limit is intended to prevent your Instagram feed from being flooded with spam content. 

A mass unfollow is necessary if you want to follow new accounts in the future.

Not every user will run into the issue of nearing the limit, but if you do, a mass unfollow is the best alternative to manually unfollowing the accounts you don’t want to keep up with anymore. Vetting through 7,500 accounts is time-consuming and taxing, which makes a mass unfollow a convenient solution. 

4. Digital Clean Out

A periodic mass unfollow gives you the chance to sift through and unfollow accounts that don’t add value to your Instagram feed. Inactive users certainly fall into this category as well. 

The main appeal of social media is that you connect with people you might not otherwise keep in contact with. Whether you follow a childhood friend or a public figure you’ve never met before, you can access the content at any time in a matter of seconds. 

Your Instagram account is entirely yours to curate. It’s important to remember that you have every right to follow content that appeals to you and unfollow content that doesn’t. Some of us feel pressured to follow back someone just because they follow us, but you shouldn’t follow accounts for this reason alone. 

A digital clean out gives you the opportunity to reset your account and find new content to follow. Unfollowing the accounts that you no longer want to keep up with can be freeing. A great way to come across new content is to search hashtag phrases related to something that you’re passionate about. 

How To Avoid An Account Ban

It’s important that whatever actions are taken won’t jeopardize an account’s safety, especially for people who use Instagram for business and rely on the platform to earn a living. Some users are hesitant to mass unfollow on Instagram out of fear that the account will be banned. It’s reasonable to be cautious, but users should also know that mass unfollowing can be a safe and viable option if approached correctly.

Instagram sets limitations to prevent users from taking advantage of the platform, and there is an unfollow limit of 200 accounts each day. For users who are organically growing their follower base, this is a very reasonable condition. 

Mass unfollowing is safest when done gradually and efficiently. Purging your entire following base can put your account at risk because you’re doing too many activities in a short amount of time. Taking a more methodical approach will pay off in the long-run and ensure your account’s safety.

The Best Apps For Mass Unfollowing

1. Combin Growth 

Combin Growth is a marketing tool available on desktop devices that can help you manage your following and grow your platform at the same time. Through this service, you can easily keep track of follower insights and your platform’s analytics. There is a free trial period for Combin Growth, so you can try out the service and go from there. 

Instagram automation is a main benefit of this service. Users can mass follow, unfollow, like, and comment without having to manually complete each action one-by-one. You can manage up to 15 of your accounts and will receive daily updates on your Instagram activities. ProsCons

  1. Safely mass unfollow

  2. Manage multiple Instagram accounts

  3. Know which accounts don’t follow you

  4. Identify low-quality accounts

  5. Define your target audience

  6. This is not a free service  

2. InstaClean

InstaClean is an appealing app to Instagram users because the app is easy to use and efficient. When using the app, you’re able to see the accounts you follow and the ones that follow you, but a bonus feature of this app is that you can also manage the posts you like on the platform. 

The app allows you to quickly unfollow ghost followers and other accounts you follow. Most free apps for mass unfollowing on Instagram include countless ads, but this isn’t the case for InstaClean. You can manage the posts you liked and the accounts you follow. 

The app creators ensure that your Instagram profile is 100% safe when you use this app.ProsCons

  1. Mass unfollow quickly

  2. Manage the posts you liked

  3. No ads

  4. Simple and safe to use

  5. Specific to Android

3. Fast Unfollow

Fast Unfollow is a great option for users who want to save time and manage their Instagram account efficiently. This app is designed with the safety of your account and privacy in mind. Your login and password information won’t be saved on the app.

In addition to using this service for unfollowing users, you can also manage up to 50 Instagram profiles. This makes managing the accounts you follow simple across multiple accounts, and you won’t have to log back in every single time you need to manage another one of your accounts. If you want to unfollow users who don’t follow you, this app is well-suited for doing just that. ProsCons

  1. Instagram login data is protected

  2. Manage up to 50 Instagram accounts

  3. Unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back

  4. Limited free period

4. Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users is an Instagram management app that gives you much-needed insight into who follows you and who doesn’t follow you. Some other apps limit the number of users you can unfollow, but this app allows you to unfollow however many accounts you want to. It’s a simple process to unfollow a single user or multiple users, and you have full control over which accounts you will continue to follow. 

This app includes in-app purchases for access to premium features. Also, keep in mind that this app is designed for devices that are Android 4.1 and up. All details considered, this is a great option for anyone wanting to manage their account more efficiently.ProsCons

  1. Simple UI to track non-followers

  2. Keep tabs on unfollowers, followers, and mutual followers

  3. Unfollow single users or multiple users

  4. Unfollow unlimited users

  5. In-app purchases

5. FollowMeter

FollowMeter is a one-stop-shop for users who want to monitor follower insights and access analytics on Instagram posts and stories. With this app, you are able to track unfollowers, detect who never followed you back, and unfollow accounts. As far as your content goes, you can see who commonly views your Instagram stories, who engages with your content the most, and which posts are the most popular. ProsCons

  1. Follower insights

  2. Track analytics about posts and stories

  3. Discover ghost followers, unfollowers, and users who don’t follow back

  4. Not all features are accessible through free version

6. Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers is an app accessible through the Google Play store that helps you stay organized when mass unfollowing users. You’re able to see follower insights and can use this app if you have multiple Instagram accounts. Along with selecting users to unfollow, you can also select and save the accounts that you don’t plan to unfollow. 

For mass unfollowing, you can unfollow up to 50 people at a time. This allows you to unfollow users quickly but safely without risking an account ban. ProsCons

  1. Track users who don’t follow back, unfollowers, mutual followers, and more

  2. Mass unfollow 50 users at once

  3. Contains ads and in-app purchases

7. Unfollow Pro for Instagram

Unfollow Pro for Instagram equips you with all the follower data you could ask for. The features included allow you to keep tabs on which accounts unfollowed you, which of your followers you chose not to follow back, and mutual followers. This app is suited for everyone and includes in-app purchases to access more features. ProsCons

  1. Track unfollowers, ghost followers, and mutual followers 

  2. Easily manage each group

  3. Can be used by anyone with an Android device

  4. In-app purchases

  5. Occasional login issues with older versions

  6. Ads

8. Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram is an Instagram manager tool that gives users insight into how other users engage with their account. This app is designed for Android 4.4+ devices.

If you’re looking for an app to reduce the number of accounts you’re following one-by-one or at the same time, this is a great free app to download and start managing your account. A benefit of this app is that you can track any users who have unfollowed you.

While some other apps may include extra features to help you gain followers, this app keeps it simple by focusing solely on unfollowing accounts.  ProsCons

  1. Unfollow an unlimited amount of users

  2. Simple to use

  3. Know who unfollowed you

  4. Unfollow a single user or multiple users

  5. App isn’t designed to help you gain more followers

9. Followers Assistant

Followers Assistant is an app for 4.03 or newer Android devices that simplifies the process of managing your Instagram account. If you want to know who has unfollowed you on the platform, you can access this information quickly. This app is free to use unless you want to access premium features and manage your likes, follows, and unfollows through automation tools. 

Users benefit from using the free version of this app, but the option to upgrade the app inexpensively is always a great bonus.ProsCons

  1. Know who unfollowed you

  2. Has a master list of who you follow

  3. Easily unfollow accounts

  4. Automated features come with premium option

How To Maintain Your Following

Though there are many perks to mass unfollowing, doing so might leave some of your followers with a negative impression of your account if you don’t take the right approach. 

Keep your followers in the loop. If you’re about to exceed the 7,500 following limit and need to dial back on how many accounts you follow, let your followers know ahead of time or right afterward that you’re doing a mass unfollow. If your reason for unfollowing is that you’ve discovered that your feed is filled with content that no longer benefits you, share that.

The people who follow you will be able to see that you’re not unfollowing accounts maliciously or without good reason. You’ve considered your options, and the way to best move your account forward is to unfollow certain users.

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