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How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Preview in the Feed

Social media marketing is all about optimization. When getting your products and services in the hands of more people, taking a passive approach to social media platforms won’t give you the results you want. Prospective customers can quickly turn into dedicated customers, and the way you present your business to the public drives this shift. 

New and established businesses have to be strategic to increase audience outreach. Creating a Facebook page for your business or organization is one of the best ways to generate more traffic to the main website.

Most users see your Facebook Page Preview before landing on your page. If you don’t optimize your Facebook Page Preview, prospective followers may be left unconvinced of your page’s value to them. The preview function is crucial in enticing users to learn more about your content. 

Let’s Talk About Facebook Page Previews

Before you can begin growing a follower base for a page, you first have to create a profile. This is where you can log your personal information and share updates with Friends. It’s important to note that profiles are different from pages. 

Facebook pages cater more toward the business side of social networking. Businesses, brands, organizations, and public figures can set up pages after creating a profile to share updates and upcoming events with followers. 

From Advertising/Marketing to Travel & Transportation, Facebook offers a wide range of categories and subcategories for pages. If someone is looking for a particular type of service, they will be able to instantly locate relevant pages with the category feature. 

To give prospective followers a better idea of your page’s purpose, select the category that best aligns with your business. 

Once you create a page, your Facebook Page Previews is active. Whenever your business’ link appears in the feed, users can hover over the link and view the page preview.

What Prospective Followers See

Facebook Page Previews display a page’s introductory information. The core elements are the page’s name, username, and category. After finalizing these details, you can include a brief summary of your page to give more insight about your business. Ideally, the summary will be concise and could include the slogan or mission.  

If you want to direct followers to your business’ website, you can add the website link. This will appear below the summary. You can also increase the likelihood of users visiting your page by displaying a call-to-action button in the preview.

When prospective users view your page preview, a portion of the Reviews and Ratings section might also be visible if your page is registered as a local business. Prospective followers will be able to see how others perceive your business, which will work to your benefit if you have positive reviews. 

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Make A Good First Impression

Because Facebook followers can quickly become customers, it’s crucial to make a good first impression. A page preview is the first line of contact between users and your business. If the information included is outdated or if your business is rated poorly, users might decide against clicking on the link to your page. 

Before you can optimize your page preview, you have to know what you’re working with. Find an active link to your page and hover above it to see what the preview looks like. If the page’s category isn’t tagged, you can add a category in the page’s About tab. Once you’re happy with the page preview’s appearance, you can focus on optimization.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page Preview

The key to optimizing your page preview is to create more opportunities for your page to be seen by users. Page previews will be visible anytime your page is included in a personal profile’s About section, tagged in a feed post, and listed in “More Pages You Might Like.” Instead of hoping that other users will link to your page in feed posts, you can create these opportunities. 

Get More Followers Strategically 

1. Boost Your Posts

For any business owner, it can be extremely frustrating to share updates about upcoming events but not receive a lot of engagement. Facebook gives you the option to boost certain posts and increase the posts’ outreach.

In order to boost a post, you can pay a minimum of one dollar per day. The more money you invest into a boosted post, the wider the outreach will typically be. You can target specific audience groups while also having complete freedom to pause and resume boosting posts at any time. 

2. Share Branded Content

Branded content works to your benefit in a similar way as boosted posts. Depending on the intent of your page, you can collaborate with another user as a sponsor or a sponsee through branded content. 

Facebook offers the Brand Collabs Manager tool, which helps brands connect with influencers to create new partnerships. This tool makes it easier for influencers to get discovered by businesses and for businesses to increase audience outreach while supporting individual creators.

Branded content is content that is created and shared by someone to promote a sponsor. Businesses that seek out partnerships and invest in branded content are able to reach new audiences quickly.  

3. Consult a Creative Marketing Agency

Investing in boosted posts and branded content will give your business more public exposure, but to set your page up for long-term growth, you should consider working with a creative marketing agency. Social media marketing might not be your area of expertise, and that’s okay. 

Unruly Agency partners with brands and influencers for campaigns, events, and more. The team knows the ins-and-outs of social marketing and can help you put big-picture strategies into action.   

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How To Know If Your Facebook Page Preview Is Effective

You can track Facebook users’ engagement with your page preview at any point by navigating to Facebook Page Insights and selecting the Page Previews tab. You can trace total engagement over a specific time period or narrow the statistics down to age and gender groupings. 

With this tool, you can compare fluctuations in engagement with the timing of marketing initiatives. If you invest in boosted posts and branded content for one month, you will be able to see how the engagement rates compare to the previous months. 

Going forward, you can continue to make more informed and strategic decisions to optimize your Facebook Preview Page.

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