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How To Save GIFs From Twitter (Step by Step)

Have you ever been scrolling through the wonderful world of Twitter, gone to the comments of a post that has a lot of attention, and found yourself rolling on the floor laughing because of a hilarious GIF someone used?

And then you subsequently found yourself wanting to save this GIF either to show your friends or so you could use it to react to something much like it was originally only to find that you can’t even save it!

Well, I hope you still have the post open because there is, in fact, a way to save GIFs off of Twitter. After reading through this article, you will no longer lose hilarious GIFs.

Why Can’t I Save Twitter GIFs?

Before we give you the step-by-step process on how to save these GIFs, you should be educated on the exact reason why you can’t save them in the first place. This is because the GIFs on Twitter are not actually real GIFs. This may seem crazy to hear at first, but it’s the truth.

You may have actually already noticed this as when GIFs are displayed on Twitter, you will see a play button on them. In reality, Twitter GIFs are actually just very small video files that have been made especially for the platform.

Because of this, you cannot actually download the file that is being used. It’s a strange feature that we hope will be changed in the future so that we can all easily enjoy the millions, if not billions, of GIFs floating around on Twitter.

How To Save GIFs (PC)

Now that you have a little bit of backstory, we’ll get to the part that you’ve been waiting for, how to actually save the GIFs. We’ll start with how to save them while using a PC and will look at smartphones and other similar devices shortly after.

The short version of this solution is that you’ll have to use some sort of third-party tool or program to convert the Twitter “GIF” back into a real one, so to speak. With the method we use, you won’t have to download anything and the conversion tool will be readily available in your favorite internet browser.

Without further ado, let’s get onto the steps that are required to save those magnificent GIFs you’ve been waiting to save.

Step 1: Grab your computer and open a tweet that has the GIF you’d like to save.

Step 2: Right-click on the GIF, you’ll see an option that says “copy video/GIF address.” Click on that.

Step 3: Now that you’ve got the GIF’s address, open a new tab and go to ezgif.com and then click the “Video to GIF” link.

Step 4: Paste the GIF’s address into the box that says “paste video URL” and then click the “upload video” button

Step 5: You’ll now see a page that has turned that GIF into a video format, similar to Twitter. Now you’ll need to click the button that says “convert to GIF.”

Step 6: Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll be brought to a new window that will display your newly converted GIF. Now all that’s left for you to do is right-click on the GIF and save it to your computer. Now you can un-like all of those GIF posts you saved for later!

Now that you’ve got your GIF you can send it to your friends or use it on another website. Also, keep in mind that if you decide to use it on Twitter, it will convert back to the video format that is used on the website.

If you find that the website we provided for GIF conversion doesn’t work for you, fear not, as there are plenty of other websites out there that provide the same service. Remember, Google is your friend.

How To Save GIFs (Smartphone)

Saving GIFs from Twitter to your smartphone can admittedly be a bit more of an involved process. There are two ways to go about saving GIFs on your phone: using a mobile browser and using a third-party app.

Mobile Browser

The first way is pretty much just as simple as how we did it on a PC with an extra step, so we’ll go over that so there’s no confusion.

First Step: Open up your Twitter app and find the GIF that you want to save. Now tap on it so that you bring the gif to full-screen.

Second Step: Tap the share button that’s at the bottom-right of your screen and then tap the “copy link” button that will pop up among the other options.

Third Step: Now go to your mobile browser and go to ezgif.com or another similar website and find the “Video to GIF” button just like you did on your computer.

Fourth Step: Next, you’ll paste the GIF link into the little box but this time don’t hit convert just yet. Now, you’ll need to scroll through the link you’ve just pasted and delete everything before the “HTTPS://” portion of the link. The reason being that everything before that is essentially an invite to check out the Tweet and will mess up the conversion process.

Fifth Step: Tap on that convert button and then follow the same steps that we used while converting GIFs on your computer.

Sixth Step: Now that you have your newly converted GIF, press and hold on it until a menu shows up with an option that says “save image.” Tap that and now you’re finally in the possession of your favorite Twitter GIF.

Third-Party Apps

For this option, you’ll need an app like Tweet2gif. There are other apps like it available but we used this one. The steps for converting your GIF using this app are fairly similar to the PC and browser way of doing things.

Once you have the app installed, you simply copy the link to the GIF address like we’ve done previously and then paste it in the prompt box of the app. After that, all you need to do is press the “download as GIF” button and it will be directly saved to your smartphone!

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