How to Search Instagram Comments by User

Instagram may be a social network built around photos, but comments play a huge role in making your Instagram account shine. Searching for specific users in your Instagram comments makes networking easier, but can be a bit tricky to accomplish. That’s why we’ve made this easy guide on searching for Instagram users in your comments!

Why Comments Count

  1. Engagement Rankings: The higher the comment count, the better your page’s analytics! Always keep in mind that the more likes and comments a post receives in the first 24 hours, the higher the likelihood that it will be featured on hashtag or Discovery pages. 

  2. Customer Relations: If you’re a blogger or building a small business, consistent communication with clients and potential customers goes a long way to cementing your brand as trustworthy. Research shows that 90% of clients will support brands after interacting with them on social media.

  3. Community Growth: Whether you’re a business account, influencer, or just passionate about sharing your interests, social media is built around socializing. Building a community around your page is one of the best ways to keep your followers engaged and excited about your content. 

How to Search Instagram Comments

Once you begin to engage with your followers, it can be difficult to keep track of your conversations. Whether you’re a business owner using comments to discuss orders and shipping times, or an influencer trying to recall which accounts you’ve interacted with previously, searching Instagram comments by users is a huge help. We’ve collected the easiest methods to sift through your Instagram data below!

Desktop Search: The simplest approach to searching Instagram comments by username is to just open Instagram as a website on your laptop or computer. Pull up your preferred post and click the plus sign to load more comments. Press Command + F to open a search bar in the top right of your browser. Type in your search term, press enter, and voila! This method is easy, but can be time-consuming: Instagram will only load 120 comments at a time, so you’ll have to continue loading comments as you search. 

Download Data: If you know the comments you’re searching for were written by your account, there’s an easy way to track it down! Open your Instagram app on a mobile device. Go to Settings > Security > Download Data. Request to download your data, and confirm your password and email. 

A data set of your Instagram activity will then be emailed to the address affiliated with your account. After downloading you’ll find several files with names such as “My Posts,” including one titled “Comments.” Open the document, and Command + F to narrow down specific users or keywords!

Google Search: Where would we be without good old Google? This is one of the easiest approaches, but also the broadest: if you’re patient and have good research skills, this may work for you. You can search for keywords or users on any website online by prefacing your Google search with “site:www.[Insert site name here].com.” You can then specify usernames or buzzwords within quotation marks, like so: “unrulyagency”

Third-Party Apps

If hands-on searching isn’t your style, these third party Instagram marketing apps have plenty of built-in comment controls and search features to choose from!

  1. Picodash:Picodash is our top pick for the data-driven Instagram user, and definitely the easiest comment searching app. They offer dozens of analytic data sets to choose from but, most importantly for this article, they have a built-in comment search bar for usernames, keywords, and hashtags. 

  2. Hootsuite for Instagram:Hootsuite offers tons of scheduling, advertising, and engagement tools for their users, but it’s Instagram profile suite is key for easy comment access. You can moderate, reply, and delete comments all from your desktop thanks to their Instagram feed “Streams”.

  3. Iconosquare: Iconosquare is a fantastic tool for social media marketing across a variety of platforms — but, as with Hootsuite, it can be pricey to subscribe. Luckily, Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit with the ability to download and review your engagement, followers, and performance rankings!

Follower Analytics

If you want to search Instagram comments by users to research your customers or community members, you may be more interested in analyzing your followers’ accounts than your own. If so, these three social media apps will help you track your top followers and community demographics!

  1. Instagram Insights: This in-app tool will only work if you have an Instagram business account, which requires your Instagram page to be linked to a corresponding Facebook business page. But once you’ve set it up, Instagram Insights can help you track your target audience, when they’re online, how they interact with your content, and how they discover it!

  2. SnoopReport: If it’s specific user data vs. broader demographics that you’re after, look no further than SnoopReport. Type the username of your choice into this web app, and you’ll be able to track what Instagram posts they commented on, who they follow, what they like, and what hashtags they engage with. Bear in mind this app can only filter publicly accessible information, so private account data or comments may not be included.

  3. Followers Track for Instagram: This Apple mobile app is one of the highest-ranking options in a sea of iOS Instagram follower trackers, and it’s easy to see why. Followers Track helps you filter out inactive followers from the top, “royal” followers, as well as accounts that don’t follow you back or consistently interact with your posts without following you. All this paired with peak time and post analytics definitely makes it an app worth checking out.


Searching Instagram comments can be time-consuming, but it always pays to be engaged with your followers. Whether you’re a blogger or business owner, Android owner or iPhone lover, you can be sure that one of these methods will work for you. We recommend you try a free Iconosquare audit before and after you begin managing Instagram comments; the difference in engagement and performance will blow you away!

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