How to Tell If Someone Deleted You On Spachat

For most social media apps, you don’t get a specific notification when someone unfollows you. This is an intentional choice, to keep people from not unfollowing people they don’t like for fear of some kind of backlash. That having been said, it can be a bit distressing when someone chooses to unfollow you on a platform, especially when you know the user personally. More stress gets tacked on top of this when you genuinely have no idea why someone would unfollow you, so you start to become anxious your actions have upset them in some way.

Snapchat is no exception to these worries and issues. Snapchat’s interface, in particular, can make it hard to keep track of people who choose to stop following you. Asking the Snapchat team for help on this is a waste of time, they won’t give you any information on the people who follow and unfollow you. They view it as a breach of privacy, and, to be fair, it kind of is. So how can you know if someone has deleted you off Snapchat? There are two straightforward ways that don’t require any special hardware, software, or complex systems. All you need is a bit of time and barely any effort. Though maybe you are less worried about people not following you, and instead are the person doing the unfollowing.

Method 1: Keep Tabs on your Followers List

Every Snapchat user should be familiar with the friends list. If your swipe right from the home screen, you’ll come to a big list of people with their real name and Snapchat nicknames listed beside them. If someone decides to follow you and you follow them back, then they will appear on this list. So, if you are suspicious that someone has unfollowed you, you can use this list with a little bit of know-how.

Part of the problem is that Snapchat will keep people on your list of friends even after they remove you, so long as you have had some kind of correspondence in the past. So you can’t know if someone has stopped following you at a glance, but there is a way to know if you dig a little deeper that not everyone knows about.

Start by opening the list of friends. At the top of the screen, there will be a search bar. Enter the name of the person you suspect to have stopped following you. If you have a smaller list of friends, then you can just as easily scroll through the list to find them manually. Assuming you have exchanged a Snap with them at some point, then their profile will eventually pop up. If you don’t see them at all, then they have unfollowed you for sure. However, if their name pops up, check if you can see their Snap score. Not everyone knows this, but you can only see the Snap scores of people who are your friends on Snapchat. If you don’t see a Snap score anywhere on their contact, then they have almost assuredly removed you from their list of friends.

Yellow pieces of paper with a Snapchat icon on them.

Using Snapchat’s message status feature is a great way to know if someone’s deleted you on the app.

Method 2: Message Testing

One of the cool things about Snapchat is how it will give you updates on the status of a Snap or message you send someone. The status updates on interactions is one of the ways you can figure out if someone still has you listed as a friend. If you attempt to send a Snap or message to someone who isn’t following you, you’ll be able to send it out, but the person will never receive it. So, the status will just say “Pending” forever.

Find the person you believe has removed you as a friend. You can either send them a message with the chat option or an outright Snap message. This might be nerve-wracking if you are socially anxious or just a bit awkward if you don’t regularly speak with the person, but try not to worry about it too much. Think of it as an experiment.

Once you send the Snap or the regular message, back out of the app and just wait for a little while. If you get a response back, congratulations, they didn’t take you off their list of friends. If you don’t get a response within a day or two, open up Snapchat again and look at the status of the message you sent. If you still see the status as “Pending…” or if the little arrow next to their name is grayed out, then they have more than likely decided to delete you from Snapchat. If you are a frequent Snapchat user, then you may also be interested in learning how to set Snapchat to Dark Mode.

A Follower Footnote

If you don’t follow the person you think has unfriended you, then neither of these methods will work properly. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to know for sure if someone you don’t follow has unfriended you. The closest you can get is checking your Snapchat stories. There is a feature in Snapchat that you can see who has watched any of your story updates. Granted, this is far from perfect, because not everyone you are friends with on Snapchat is going to watch all of your story updates. But, it’s the best you are gonna be able to accomplish without any special help from things like third-party software.

A Snapchat icon on a phone with a red cross on it.

Browsing your friends list and message history on Snapchat can tell you if you’ve been blocked.

Can You Tell if Someone Has Blocked Me On Snapchat?

Not only can you figure this out, but it is way easier to know for sure than whether or not someone has only unfriended you. Remember the first method where you look for the person’s Snap score on your list of friends? Go through that same process of searching for them. If you know for sure that you have exchange messages with them in the past, but they do not come up when you search for them on that list, then they have blocked you. It is also possible that they have just deleted their account, which ends up about the same for you, but there is less stress over if you have done something to upset them.

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