How to Use the Swipe-Up Feature in Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet. With so many features being added to the app quite often it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of all that is going on.

All while keeping your Instagram profile eye-popping. However, we have tips and tricks on how to use one feature that is very useful for influencers and businesses- the Instagram swipe-up feature on stories.

But First, What Is It?

Instagram is a great social media app but it has one glaring downfall to it. The thing with Instagram is that it is not as marketing-friendly as it can be. It does not offer a lot in the ways of adding direct links to posts. This can be an issue for businesses who post a few times a day and what to link to different sites.

This can be done by changing the one link space in your bio, and telling the audience that to go to the link in bio, but it is tedious, especially if you have to change it often. And you can only have one there at a time. Therefore, the best option would be to meet the criteria to use the swipe-up features in your stories.

The swipe-up feature is great for businesses that wish to promote sign-up pages, products, blogs, services, etc. The pages open in the app right away if the audience wants to know more about what is being advertised.

This is simply done by the audience pressing the arrow at the bottom of the story, or, as the name implies, swiping up on the story to get the pages.

It is easy for the audience to use, and it is straightforward. Not only is it easy for your audience to use, but it is also fairly simple to set up. However, your account will need to meet one of the two criteria.

What Do You Need to Activate the Swipe-Up Feature?

While this is a very useful feature and one that is easy to use, it can be difficult to get. The feature is currently an exclusive item for the time being. Therefore, there are restrictions on which users on the app can activate it to use it. There are two ways to get the feature:

  • Become a verified account. These are your influencers, celebrities, Instagram models, YouTubers, and anyone who has gone through the process of becoming verified. And, Instagram has decided that your account can be verified. This means that not everyone can become verified on Instagram automatically.

  • Be an Instagram Business Account with over 10, 000 followers. If your account can achieve that number then you can activate the swipe-up feature without becoming a verified account. However, it is challenging to reach that amount of followers. But, good luck.

How to Add The Swipe-Up Link Feature

Let’s say that you have met one of the two criteria that we have mentioned above. Then what? Well, we will guide you through how you can use the feature in a step-by-step guide.

The first step is that you open your Instagram account and go to stories where you add an image or video. You can do this by pressing the square button with the plus inside it.

It is on the right, top corner of the app. Then it will slide to the left where you press on the “story” tab at the bottom. Add the filter that you want, and set-up how you want the story to look before you post it.

Another very important part of setting up your story is that you have a “call-to-action” or CTA on it. Your audience should be able to tell that you want them to go somewhere else and check out something exciting.

This can be done by using text, and gifs. Gifs are generally a great way to make your profile look attractive and interesting even in the feed. Step two would be to press the link icon at the top right corner of the app. It kind of looks like a paper clip. From there a new screen will open up.

It is here where you can add the link to your blog, site, store, etc. It is also on this page that you can add information about your brand partnership if you are sharing a sponsored post.

A brand partnership post will add a “paid partnership with” label and it can also limit the amount of editing you can do to your post. Plus, a notification is sent to the partner which they have to accept first.

The main point of this is that the metrics of your post will be shared with your panther as well as if they share your post then it will be added to the Ads Library. This is why editing the post will become limited.

The final step is that you press the “+ Web Link” and add the URL that you want to promote. Then you press done when you are ready to post.

However, you can clear or edit the link by pressing that paper clip-looking icon again. But, if you are happy with it, go ahead and send it to your Instagram followers.

It is as easy as that. But, when it comes to marketing, as any marketer will tell you, there is always something more that you can do.

Using the Swipe-Up Feature to its Fullest

The truth of the matter is that some people do not look at stories, or they do not pay attention when they do. Therefore, we would suggest that you post something that is like a little teaser to your story on your Instagram feed.

This can be a way to make them curious so that the Instagram users that will find your post if you use the right hashtags watch the story and then swipe up to go to the site.

Remember, you want your audience to use the swipe-up feature in your stories. Plus, stories only last for a day so you can also gently play with that idea. Try to make them not want to miss out.

This should be able to increase your click-through rate as well as driving traffic to your stores or sites. And while the stories themselves vanish after a day it does not mean that they have to be totally gone.

You can add them to your highlights; just do not mention this in your feed post, make your audiences sweat a bit. Highlights are a collection of stories that you can divide into different themes.

This can be a great way to keep the interaction with your posts up for longer periods of time as well as to get your audience to follow your call-to-action more often long after the original story is gone.

Audiences like to engage and interact. You should also keep this in mind when you are setting up your story. It is all good to add a call-to-action, but what is even better is to ask your audience to interact with the post.

This can be done indirectly through creating polls, running competitions, and asking them questions. Making your stories interactive will make the audience want to come back for more.

Or, it will stop them from swiping past your story in the first place since they have something to do with it. While they are answering a question or filling out a poll they can get curious about your products/ services/ blogs and swipe-up to see more. Think of it as targeting their curiosity.

How to Promote Your Blog, Products, Etc.

There are different ways that you can promote different items through digital marketing. Promoting your blog can be different to promote what you are selling. Promoting a website can be different from promoting a video or a podcast. These may be slight, but they would be good to know.

But, before we get more into how you can promote your different types of content we do have a rather important suggestion- colors. Now, what we mean by this is not to use bright colors or dark colors since we do not know your brand and the look of it.

However, we do know that people have to be able to read your text. Therefore, if your post is light then using a dark color for the text is useful. Or you can just make sure that there is a thick outline or a shape behind the text to make it stand out. The text should not bleed into the background; it can look a bit messy. Now that is out of the way let us get into how to promote:


Blogs are a great way to get your views, stories, articles, and ideas out into the online world. And Instagram is a great platform to promote your words regardless that it is used mostly for photo sharing. The pictures are important since they can be a lot more eye-catching than words often are.

Therefore, you should have a few graphics in your camera roll that shows your audience what your blog topic is about. As well as that the graphic suits the tone of your blog. Plus, you should keep in mind the story dimensions when you are using or creating your graphic. Another important note is keeping the colors and text on brand.

This latter point will help give your brand an identity on Instagram as well as make you recognizable. These two features can help increase your brand awareness and could make your audience stop swiping through their stories to see what your business profile is up to.

The set-up of your story should have the title of the blog either in the center of the post or the top. The graphic can also be in the middle or top either above the title or below. As long as it looks appealing.

However, the most important thing is the call-to-action. This should be at the bottom and in a big front. It is to ask people to read your blog and to direct traffic to your site. It can be a “swipe up” or a “to read more” note, something short and simple. And it could work better as a gift since movement does attract the eye.

Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

The whole purpose of the swipe-up feature is to get your audience from Instagram to another site in an easy-to-do manner. Advertising landing pages and lead magnets are a great way to do that. And, you can advertise it well by making it eye-catching, as well as to the point.

Landing pages are often seen as being transactional which means that their purpose is to get people to do something on them. This can be to buy a product, watch a video, or request a service.

Lead magnets are a great way to ask people to sign up for your email list for future products or services. And, if you want to make their lives even easier you can opt to pay for Instagram Stories Ads. Here they can fill out the form to sign-up without leaving the app.

Products or Services

While advertising your blog with Instagram stories is a great thing to do, a lot of companies do not use the swipe-up feature for this purpose. Many businesses use it to advertise their new products or services that are in their online stores. Instagram is a visual medium; therefore, it would make sense to adverts the photos of the products more than the descriptions of them.

When it comes to showing off your products you should make sure that the pictures that you take and use are of a high-quality. This will make potential customers want to swipe up to check out the rest of your store. As for advertising your services, you should make it short, sweet, and clear what you offer as well as what they would get out of it.

You can do this by using the collage feature in the app. Here you can show more than one product. The swipe-up feature is then linked to the rest of the collection in your store. Plus, you can also take this whole thing one more step further with Instagram shopping.

Instagram shopping allows you to link your products to your account so that your audience can go from your story to making a purchase without leaving Instagram. This is more desired since a lot of people would rather stay on one app instead of exiting it to go somewhere else.


Events are also something you can advertise with the swipe-up feature. You should make sure that you have an awesome graphic, enough information to grab their attention, and a call-to-action asking people to register for the event. This can be a real-life event or a virtual one.

Videos and Podcasts

The swipe-up feature allows for easier cross-promotion. This means that you can upload a video, such as a tutorial, onto YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook, or host your podcast and let your audience know with a story on the Instagram app that it is up, and they can watch it. It could help increase your views.

There are several ways that you can advertise your new podcast episode or video. You can post the thumbnail, post a short clip of it, or a voice note letting people know that it is up and what it is about.

You can even just make a short video talking to your audience about the podcast or video and literally point to the swipe-up feature below you. This could be a great way to interact with your audience as well as to show them that you are indeed a person.

How to Increase the Number of Swipes

As mentioned it is important to make sure that your stories are eye-catching and that a call-to-action is present and visible. Gifs are a great way to catch someone’s eye, but what can also work well is the use of arrows. You can place these to point to the swipe-up feature at the bottom of the audience’s screen.

Plus, you should post stories often. Marketing can be all about reminding people that your business is out there and it is still running. Posts different stories that can say the same thing regularly can put your story at the front of their list.

The swipe-up feature on Instagram stories is a great tool for a business or influencer. It is a great way to get people to see your products, blogs, videos, services, and anything else that you want to advertise.

However, the important thing is to make sure that the stories make people stop swiping across so that they would swipe-up. This is how you can create engagement and speaking of creating engagement, why not check out these 10 tips to increase interactions on your posts and stories? It will be worth it, and good luck with your catching Instagram stories.

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