How to View Instagram Without An Account

With over 95 million photos, videos, Stories, and Reels being added to Instagram every day, it’s no wonder even people without accounts want to browse. Although it’s been possible to view public Instagram content as a website for years now, it’s recently become trickier thanks to page blocks. If you hate the pushy pop-up ad that Facebook has added to any publicly viewed Instagram page, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best ways to view Instagram without an account below!

Insta’s Latest Update 

In previous years, users could open Instagram to view as a website, with or without logging in to an account. The site would typically include pop-up or banner ads encouraging viewers to log in to their Instagram account, but they never visibly blocked the page from browsers or refused to load more posts.

Unfortunately, that’s since changed. Since becoming acquired by Facebook, Instagram began including screen-blocking log in popups on any public Instagram page browsed for a moment or two without an account. If you’re browsing with a VPN or incognito tab on Google Chrome, this pop-up opens automatically before you ever see the page. 

If you’re not a head executive at Instagram, it can be hard to fathom why they’d bother. Surely the more page counts, the better? Facebook claims it’s to promote the sense of Instagram as a community, which may be the case. But Facebook also brought home about 69.7 billion U.S. dollars in ad revenue last year. If you’re not logged in to Instagram, how can they know which ads to show you? 

Whether you’re skirting around ad data, viewing blocked users, or simply snooping, we’ve got multiple ways around the Instagram login pop-up below!

How to View Instagram Without an Account

Browser Plug-In: Since all you need to do is hit “add extension,” these are are some of the simplest workarounds to try. Once downloaded, you can either click the extension icon at the top right of your web browser to turn the program on, or some will automatically begin working on any page. Note: Each of these are Chrome extensions save for Instagram Popup Blocker.

  1. Instagram Without Account

  2. Unrestricted Browsing

  3. Insta-Unlock

  4. Instanon

  5. Instagram Popup Blocker (for Firefox)

Instagram Web Viewers: Rather than adding a piece of code to your browser, there are hundreds of third-party apps designed to run on your browser. These Instagram web viewer sites function just like Google: type the username or hashtag of your choice into the search bar, and browse the results. Unfortunately, none of these will simulate a Discovery page since Instagram won’t have your personal data to build their algorithm around. But if you know precisely what tags or public accounts you’re looking for, these login-free sites are a godsend. Although there are dozens of white-walled Instagram web viewers that look similar to ImgInn, most of them only save data for celebrity accounts. ImgInn caches data from millions of accounts and hashtags, allowing you to find and view Instagram stories highlights, public posts, and tagged photos. You can also download any individual posts, as well as a “Download All” button on the top of public pages. This web viewer is one of the best. With high-quality photo storage and limitless downloads, FullInsta is a free and easy way to view profiles, browse hashtags, and even download profile photos — all with much higher quality than a simple screenshot. Although this third-party app is limited to public accounts and cannot view private Instagram profiles or stories, it’s still a fantastic mobile app-free alternative for discreet viewing. Although both ImgInn and FullInsta have millions of posts to share, they’re not specifically designed for Instagram Stories. Luckily, InstaStories is here to help. Enter any Instagram username with a public account, and you’ll be able to browse any saved highlight albums and stories posted in the last 24 hours. You can also download photos or videos uploaded to stories, making this a great way to download videos like TikToks, or important fliers and event info shared by brands.

Coding Solutions

For the more tech-savvy at heart, there are multiple ways to code your way around Instagram’s privacy settings. For more detailed alternatives, try the following:

Remove Instagram Login Enforcement: This home-coded Google Chrome extension offers the same benefits as our previously listed plug-ins, but installation is a bit more in-depth. Try downloading and installing this code in Developer’s Mode for easy in-app browsing!

Use Developer’s Tools: Thanks to technical support from Digiztal, you can DIY your way to view Instagram posts without being an Instagram user. Although this tutorial is a bit old — for instance, you can no longer open an Instagram public profile, quickly click on a photo, and then use the arrow keys to browse the page without being caught by the pop-up — the more in-depth coding tutorials should still work.

Tips & Safety Concerns

  1. Be careful downloading plug-ins. Browser extensions can look into the pages you view, edit data, and even steal your log-in or personal data forms. 

  2. Some Insta web viewers can be limited to more notorious accounts: smaller accounts may not always be accessible, and private accounts are always un-viewable. 

  3. Unless you take the time and effort to make a fake account (which will often require a throwaway email address), you won’t be able to do any of the following when browsing;

  4. Like posts

  5. Comment or view comments

  6. Follow Instagram accounts

  7. View private Instagram profiles

  8. Use the mobile iOS or Android App


It can be hard to retain your privacy in today’s world of social media and targeted advertising. And with algorithms designed to keep us absorbed for longer and longer stretches of time, it’s understandable to try and avoid having an Instagram account. But whether you’re doing social media marketing research, avoiding detection from blocked accounts, or just keeping up with the lives of your loved ones, there’s plenty of ways for you to view Instagram without an account!

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