Instagram Creator Account: Is It Right For You?

Instagram is one of the best social media apps on the market for creating and developing a brand name for yourself.

There is a huge influencer presence on the app when compared to other types of social media and it can be possible to grow your own successful page.

Because of how many influencers drift to Instagram as their main platform, the developers of the app created something in 2019 known as “Creator Accounts.” In this article, we will delve into just what a creator count is and if it’s something that you, as an influencer, should take a look at.

What Is A Creator Account?

First off, what exactly is a creator account? This is a type of account that was introduced in 2019 by Instagram that is specially made for high-profile influencers and creators. Specifically, this type of account can be used by pages that have over 10,000 followers and will have access to a few new features over a normal account.

These extra features include tools for a closer look at how people are looking at your account, known as “follower insights.” Additionally, creator accounts will receive extra direct messaging tools as well, extra labels to help distinguish themselves from the crowd, and other tools. But how do all of these extra features help the creator? We’ll take a closer look at them individually in just a second.

Instagram Insights: This feature is essentially a data analytic tool. It will let you see follower growth in a day as well as being able to track the statistics of all of the content that they post. You’ll be able to see which posts have seen the most engagement by being able to see how many likes and views that they get.

This data will allow you to see where spikes and declines in your content are, allowing you to figure out what works on your account and what doesn’t. There are also more features that come with Instagram Insights, that allow you to get a more detailed look at your page’s growth.

For instance, the Activity Insights tab allows you to see how many actions people have taken to interact with your account. This is all-encompassing and includes likes, favorites, and comments.

On top of that, there’s also the Audience Insight tab that allows you to see what demographics your content is the most viewed by such as age and what genders consume your content the most. You will also be able to see your daily data of follows and unfollows on your page.

However, you should keep in mind that this tool only shows data for the past 7 days though, other third-party apps are able to show your data over a longer period of time.

Direct Messaging Tools: As your account grows, you will likely start seeing an increasingly larger amount of direct messages from fans and strangers alike. An Instagram creator profile gives you a lot more control over who’s DMs you see so that you can easily ignore inappropriate or spam messages.

Additionally, you can sort your messages into three categories: primary inbox, general inbox, and requests. Another added messaging tool is the ability to rank message requests.

This will allow you to rank the different requests you receive, in case you don’t have time to look at all of them but also don’t want to miss any important requests.

Labels: A feature that might not seem that important at first glance is the ability to put a category label on your account. This will appear right below your account’s name on your page and essentially allows you to display what your niche is, in terms of content.

The labels range anywhere from bloggers to architects, public figures, and celebrities. This feature makes it easier for people who are looking for your type of content to find you as you’ll appear in the search results if they search for your niche content.

Creator Studio Desktop App: With an Instagram creator account, you will also have access to something that is known as the Creator Studio. This is a desktop app that acts in a similar manner to the Follower Insights that are available from the app on your phone that can also connect to your Facebook page.

The desktop app allows content creators to see all of their posts and other content along with all of the metric data that is tied with it (similar to what you'd see on the growth insights page on your phone). It also has an extra feature on it called “post scheduling” which will talk about in just a moment.

Post Scheduling: This is a scheduling tool that is a big benefit for Instagram influencers that have a lot of things to post or even have a backlog of things. Many influencers have very busy schedules and cannot always set aside the time to make Instagram posts day in and day out, that’s where this tool comes in handy.

It simply allows you to choose the date and time that you would like your content to be posted. This includes content besides photos such as IGTV videos. Instagram stories cannot be scheduled, unfortunately. This is an excellent tool for influencers who like to make their posts in bulk to be posted at a later date.

Shoppable Posts: Unique to the creator accounts is the ability to make what is called a “shoppable post.” This is a type of post that allows the creator to tag certain products that they are using.

Usually, this is created in partnership with a brand or other company as a type of influencer marketing and the creator is usually compensated for promoting a product either by being paid directly or sometimes receiving free products from their partnered brand/company.

Contact Options: Creator accounts also have access to a feature that allows them to display only certain contact information on their profile such as a business phone and email. This helps to filter out unwanted contact.

Why Use A Creator Account?

Creator accounts are super useful for Instagram users who are looking to create a name for themselves or are looking to grow their following and increase engagement.

The unique aspect of a creator account when it comes to social media influencing and marketing is that it adds a more personal element to the way you create your brand. Instead of seeing just a logo or some mascot, your followers will see a person.

They’ll see you less as an entity and thus will see you and whatever it is you’re making in a more personable light. In this modern age, this can really help to increase sales or exposure for your brand.

The creator accounts are basically made with the idea of more one-on-one engagement with a creator’s followers. Due to the creator account’s extra messaging feature that allows you to control who you interact with and how often you do, it can be a lot easier to manage than a business profile.

Also, depending on how you use your creator account, you may find plenty of other business opportunities with other brands or companies via paid promotions and Instagram marketing.

The Creator account is an excellent way to not only manage a profile that has a large following but can also be used to help grow your follower base if you’re managing a smaller profile. This is mostly due to the label feature that comes with a creator account.

It’s a rather simple tool but it can give you a boost to your following as people who are looking for your type of content will see your profile in their search results. Ultimately, this will end up with more people engaging you and your content.

Other Account Types

Something to keep in mind as you learn about creator accounts on the Instagram app is that there is also more than one type of specialized account that you can use on Instagram that may better fit certain kinds of social media influencing.

Besides creator accounts, there are personal ones and then ones built for business. Personal accounts are very straightforward, they’re the basic type of account that you get upon making an Instagram page and do not come with any of the special features that are part of business or creator accounts.

If you’re looking at becoming an influencer, a personal account won’t be a very good fit for you as your page will be harder to manage and it’s likely it won’t receive as much exposure.

Instagram business accounts are designed mainly for marketers. The two biggest differences between this type of account and the creator account are the ability to run ads on your profile and also branded content tools.

The branded content tools provide transparency to the users of Instagram so that they can tell see what posts are being promoted by a brand or company.

Additionally, Business profiles have access to the ability to make paid promotions and can manage these payments within their account.

Beyond these two major features, you can also set up Instagram Shopping to tag products for sale, are allowed to use video chat, and you will also gain access to video chat and Instagram insights that are specific to businesses.

The Instagram business profile should really be used if you’re using your profile to represent a brand or company. Of course, if you’re a small business owner or the head of a company, you may find more success using this type of account over a creator account.

Should I Use A Creator Account?

Now that you have a better understanding as to what the creator account can do for you, we now move onto the big question: is this type of account right for you? First off, you have to look at how you’d like to conduct business on Instagram.

If you’re looking to build on a brand, or if you’re page is supposed to represent a company, a creator account will not be the best choice for you. If you’re an individual creator, looking to build yourself up so that you can really put yourself out there, then this type of account is ideal for you.

You’ll be able to manage things a lot easier than if you were using a personal or even a business profile. There’s a lot more control over who can and cannot talk to you via direct messages or other types of contact as well as the ability to view all of the analytical data associated with all of your posts.

Along with individual creators, this type of account is excellent for those who make content for niche markets or audiences. The reason being that the label system usable by creator accounts allows you to be up-front about the type of content you make.

Additionally, it can help increase exposure as if someone searches for your niche, they are more likely to see you as part of the search results.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who’s an individual creator or you’re catering content to a niche market, the Instagram creator account is an excellent choice to switch to. Not only will it help you get that extra bit of engagement you might need, but it also has plenty of handy tools to help you stay on top of things.

How to Switch to a Creator Account

By now, you will probably have decided whether or not you want to turn your Instagram account into a creator’s one. If you have indeed chosen a creator’s account, the next thing you’ll say is “How do I make one? Do I have to create a whole new account?” Thankfully, that is not required, and setting things up is very ea

Additionally, you can sort your messages into three categories: primary inbox, general inbox, and requests. Another added messaging tool is the ability to rank message requests. l all the way down after that and you should see bl\text that reads “switch to creator account.”

Once you tap that, you’ll be greeted by a couple of prompts that are easy to fill out, including a label for your profile. After that, you’ll be all set up and ready to start working on your creator account!

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