The 5 Best Instagram Online Viewers of 2020

These days our phones are practically glued to our hands. We use the modern marvel to scroll our friends’ posts on Instagram and Facebook, read political discussions on Twitter, chat with friends on WhatsApp, and dance our buns off on TikTok. Your phone houses all these popular apps and more. But oftentimes phones have their limitations. You may run out of free space when you record yourself dabbin’ with friends on TikTok videos, or on the day you took hundreds of selfies because you couldn’t get your hair right.

You may even have the burning desire to stalk your work crush on his Instagram Stories without him knowing. You’d be mortified if Brad saw your username pop up under his viewers. Both Android phones and iPhones are limiting for businesses as well. It is a hassle to create tons of daily Instagram content for multiple profiles and platforms from a dinky phone.

Using your desktop may not be your first go-to move, but we will discuss here why using an Instagram web viewer can be beneficial for you, and review some of the best ones out there today. Not only can they be helpful for everyday Instagram users, but Instagram viewers can also be especially helpful for businesses and influencers that deal with high-volume Instagram use. If you are stuck sitting at your desk all day anyway, it makes much more sense to use desktop apps. Save some of your phone data, we’re going back to PC!

Benefits of an Instagram Online Viewer

You can browse anonymously: A lot of people post in their Stories rather than on their main page. Instagram Stories have some of the most popular content on the image-based platform. You can easily add graphics, gifs, videos, and slideshows. Stories only last 24 hours, and thus can be a more unfiltered, raw, and intimate look at someone’s life. On Stories, you are also able to see who has viewed your content. All you have to do is swipe up on your content, click on the eyeball icon, and then you’ll see who is viewing your content.

This makes it hard to Insta stalk someone when you want to. Maybe you want to check out Brad, your office crush, to see if he’s on the dating market. Or perhaps you are a business hiring manager and you’d like to check out a potential employee or influencer to see if they are a good candidate for your brand.

Some companies use Instagram viewers to help do market research or check out the competition while in stealth-mode so they can view undetected. Instagram online viewers are software tools designed to view Instagram profiles without even having to log into your account. Sneaky huh? It may seem like you are doing something wrong, but it is actually perfectly legal. It is actually not against the Instagram terms of service as long as you are using a viewer that uses the Instagram API. You can check out content from users, competitors, and influencers without feeling guilty or them even knowing. So go on, check out what Brad is up to you Insta stalker! We’ll never tell.

A phone with Instagram on it.

Using an Instagram viewer will make it easier to manage and market your account.

1. Images are Bigger

From a desktop, it is much easier to look at the pictures. And pictures are what Instagram is all about, isn’t it? You often can’t take in all the details of pictures from your small phone. Being able to see images of your friend’s wedding on a desktop app can allow you to see the details of her dress, the happy faces, the flowers and decorations. Don’t miss out on all the best details of life!

2. Difficult to Market from a Phone

When you are using a small phone in your hands, you might have a hard time typing in all the text for your Instagram post, along with hashtags for your caption. You are switching between keyboard options. However, on the desktop app you can input this information much quicker. You can also interact with other posts quicker as well, leaving comments. Having the app on a desktop can also help you manage other accounts easier. You have a wider library of photos and videos available on a desktop computer than your tiny data-filled phone.

You get some extras not available on the standard version: When you buy a plan from some of the options listed below, you get a lot of extras for your money. For instance, you can receive analytics data to learn about the traffic certain posts get, leading you to understand what works and what doesn’t. Another interesting feature is AI-generated hashtags which automatically scan a picture and come up with suggested hashtags. These are just a few examples of the tools a viewer can provide.

3. You can Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Several of these tools give you the option to make posts ahead of time. This is incredibly useful when you are in charge of several profiles across various platforms and don’t have time to piece together posts one by one. Instead, you can put them together ahead of time and still ensure daily content to your loyal followers. After all, having consistent content on an active profile is more likely to entice users to hit that follow button.

How Instagram Online Viewers Work

There is a misconception about Instagram web viewers, and this is that they help view private Instagram account information. Private account viewers are not legal. You can never view private Instagram profiles without the user’s permission, no matter what tools or apps you are using. Any app calling itself an Instagram private profile viewer, and that promises you access to private accounts, is scamming you. And there are a lot of them out there, so be careful. These apps violate privacy laws, which is against the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Additionally, these apps will ask for some of your personal data before delivering the promised private pictures and profiles. You could in turn become a target for scamming or phishing schemes. Look out for some apps like Instalooker and Watchinsta, as these are more than likely scams or have dishonest practices. So we’ve learned that private photos really are private. Sorry, no ex-boyfriend stalking! But if you still really want to view the private account, we feel the best, most courteous way to do so is to send them a follow request. That is really all you can do.

But Instagram viewers can still help improve your stealth game even if they can’t view private profiles. Some of the best tools out there will let you view Instagram profiles without even logging into your account. But how do they do it? They work through the Instagram API, or Application Programming Interface. The API allows apps to talk and interact with Instagram. Customers can use these apps to view tags, pictures, comments, likes, and other information you can find on Instagram. Although these viewers don’t show private profiles, there are still some details you wouldn’t otherwise come across on your own. We are now going to explore some of our favorite web viewers and their options so you can choose the best one for you.

Best Instagram Web Viewers

1. AiGrow

AiGrow is an Instagram scheduler and viewer tool which you can use from a desktop computer. You will have the same kind of Instagram experience you would on your mobile. Not only can you schedule your post and stories, you can view accounts anonymously, and upload photos and videos to various user profiles, among other things. You can send and receive DMs from your email of choice.

You can easily schedule posts to multiple accounts days, weeks, and months in advance. This is especially useful if you are in charge of lots of Instagram accounts. AiGrow features AI-powered hashtags, account, and location targeting. Their hashtag research and post analytics are powerful diagnostic tools for your growth arsenal. On the “Social Calendar” section, you can find hashtags for global events related to your posts. This can inspire your own posts. You can easily repost viral posts without leaving a watermark, see posts in which you are mentioned.

Since Instagram only allows one link per bio, AiGrow’s Bio Link allows you to add several links. It does this by giving you a link to place in your bio. This link will take you to a site where you can place multiple links that you think would be useful in promoting yourself or your business. This could be anything from your featured products to blog posts.

One of the most popular features is AiGrow’s organic growth hacking services. Growth hacking for Instagram means growing your followers, likes, and views. You can do this by optimizing your bio, running ads, creating attractive designs, using the most effective hashtags, and tracking your competitors to name a few. AiGrow offers these services in varying levels with the different plan option levels available.

The tool has a direct connection to Instagram, which means your account will stay safe and protected, none of your login details at risk. With AiGrow there is no need to download the app, and they provide 24/7 support if you ever have any issues. You can immediately start using AiGrow with a free trial, but there are also economical package options. And plans range from free to $99 a month.

2. Later

Later is the top Instagram marketing platform and one of the best apps for desktops. After downloading from Later’s official website, you can easily plan and schedule your posts up to a month ahead of time. You can also schedule your Stories ahead of time. Use your desktop to upload all your favorite moments without having to touch your phone, though the app is available for both desktop and phone versions. Recruiting your social media team to help is easy; simply add them to your account and feel the stress melt away.

An Instagram Partner, Later is a secure app that uses Instagram Graph API for publishing. Safety is extremely important to the company, and you can rest assured that your account will not be hacked and your data used against you in any way. In other third-party apps, you are under the threat of being banned, but with Later this threat doesn’t exist.

You can easily sync pictures from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, laptop, among other locations. Later creates labels for your pictures on its own, and so you save time by not having to scroll through all your pictures. Later also has the ability to tell you when the best time is to post. This will allow you to gain more followers due to catching them at the right time. The app can also track likes, followers, and clicks using Instagram Analytics. Then you can use this data to make informed decisions for your marketing strategy.

Later has two categories of subscription plans: one for individuals and one for business plans. For individuals, there is an option for a free plan. This subscription allows the 30 scheduled posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are 50 posts available for Twitter. The other individual plan costs $9 a month. With it, you can schedule 100 posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And for Twitter you are allowed unlimited posts. In both of these plans for individuals, you are allowed one profile per platform. The business plans start from $19 a month for start-ups and $49 a month for established businesses. In most of these plans, you can schedule unlimited posts on all of the platforms.

3. Flume

This is another online viewer that allows you to use Instagram from your desktop. Unfortunately, however, it only works on Mac computers. With Flume, you can easily upload your photos or videos directly from your Mac. Edit your photos or videos if you like, and apply filters before you post them. Reposting is also possible. Flume allows you to easily send and receive DMs. One great thing about this app is that you don’t see any sponsored posts on your feed. If this is one thing you find annoying, this is a great advantage over using the Instagram phone version. Pricing is $4.99 a month. Some cons may include a low speed and only a Mac version is available. Also you cannot schedule your posts.

4. Ramme

This app is for desktops and closely resembles the Instagram iOS app. Download Ramme on You just need the .exe file to download. You don’t have to go through an installer or use the Windows store. Easily transfer Ramme onto a USB stick or you can even download it to use temporarily on a computer you share. Did we mention Ramme is free??

The Ramme app is just as functional as the mobile Instagram app and everything is located where you would expect it to be. This means anything from photo uploads to creating stories and sending direct messages. The resemblance to the mobile app makes Ramme easy to get used to. This app is especially great for users who can’t compromise the quality of their images, like influencers or  brand ambassadors. Easily upload images by clicking the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen, then browse through Windows File Explorer to find whatever image or video you would like to upload.

Not only does Ramme provide excellent quality images, but the app is also quite lightweight and even runs smoothly with only rare performance issues. The service runs well without causing your PC to struggle. Once implemented, you can resize the Ramme wndown on your desktop. Everything on the screen will easily adjust to the size of the window without a problem. One con is that Ramme is not officially endorsed or created by Instagram.

5. Webstagram

Also called Websta, this online viewer is a social media marketing tool that allows you to view Instagram anonymously. You can easily check out user stories without logging in. You can also track some of the most popular Instagram hashtags. Having these abilities is helpful in several ways. You can track your competitors through their Stories, without leaving your username footprint.

Another use for Websta is the ability to view the most popular accounts on Instagram. You can find influencers that might be helpful for your own brand.  This is all available with the free version. If you opt for the paid version, you can access analytics which can help you grow your followers through more compelling material.

A girl on a computer.

Using a laptop or desktop with a bigger screen can help you manage your Instagram better.

Back to PC

Now you have more tools for your social networking toolkit. Not only is an Instagram viewer for computer a good way to keep your profile optimized and running smoothly, you can keep an eye on your competition in stealth-mode. We here at Unruly Agency hope that this knowledge will help you to more efficiently manage your Instagram account. So you have more time to do the things you wish, like dab on TikTok and flirt with Brad at work. If you still feel a bit overwhelmed with looking at Instagram stats, providing daily content, or maybe you just don’t know how to get started, we are here to help.

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