The Top 50 Most Followed Accounts on Instagram

Instagram is already the biggest social media source in the world, and it keeps getting bigger. It surpassed one billion regular monthly users a few years ago, and there are no signs that it has slowed down. Since there are so many people using the app, one of the hotly coveted account features is the number of followers you have.

We have already talked about some of the hottest Instagram models out there, and they all have an impressive number of Instagram followers. Many of them have more followers than the average person ever would, but even those gorgeous models pale in comparison to some of the insane numbers the top Instagram accounts have. You might not believe how many followers some of those accounts have.

50. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, 52.8 million

If you aren’t familiar with how big soccer is around the globe, be prepared for some surprises because Ronaldo is only the first on this list. He is a Brazillian former footballer that had a long and impressive career. He is now an ambassador for the Barcelona team. His account features pictures from his life, meeting interesting people, and highlighting fan homages to him.

49. 9GAG, 55.1 million

9GAG is itself another social media platform created for people to upload user-generated content. They have grown in popularity after using other social media platforms as a way to generate attention. The account is mostly a collection of memes and wholesome content, as those are the things that tend to do well on the website itself.

48. Snoop Dogg, 55.6 million

A former rapper turned into a multimedia mogul, it’s not hard to understand why Snoop Dogg has such a big following. Since he has a reputation for being a bit goofy, don’t be surprised to see his account filled with memes and posts of him doing some wild stuff.

47. Maluma, 55.7 million

There are many active musicians on this list, and although he comes first, Maluma is no sloucher. He is a huge singer-songwriter sensation in Latin America. His account is full of selfies, promotional material, and wonderful pictures of his friends and family.

46. Dua Lipa, 55.8 million

The first female singer on this list, Dua Lipa is certainly not to be slept on. She is a synth-pop artist with several accolades, including having one of the most streamed albums on Spotify in a year. Her account is mostly pictures of her and promotional posts, but occasionally an adorable picture of her dog will slip through.

Dua Lipa and FKA Twigs.

45. Shraddha Kapoor, 57 million

Shraddha is one of the most successful actresses in the history of Indian film, both in terms of earning power and the accolades she has received. She uses her platform to be a voice of positivity and empowerment, and her Instagram reflects that. You can also catch updates on her life on her Instagram.

44. Shawn Mendes, 57.7 million

A Canadian singer-songwriter that got his start posting cover songs to Vine, Shawn Mendes is now one of the biggest names in American pop music. Most of his feed is stunning pictures of himself mixed in with some promotional posts and peeks into his life.

43. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 58.7 million

Priyanka rose to stardom as an Indian singer, actress, and producer, but most American fans heard about her after her stunning wedding to Nick Jonas. You’ll find everything on her profile from cute pets to activism and unbelievably gorgeous photos from her wedding.

42. Emma Watson, 59 million

The child star who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films grew up to be a beautiful and strong woman who speaks out against the injustices in the world. Her account is a bit dormant, but when it is updated, it is mostly advocacy posts and drawing attention to important topics.

41. Justin Timberlake, 59.5 million

With a storied career in music and acting, Justin Timberlake is easily one of the most recognizable names and faces around today. His account is a mix of snapshots of his life and posts in support of political and activism movements.

40. Gigi Hadid, 61.2 million

Even people who aren’t keen on the fashion industry have likely heard Gigi Hadid’s name. She appeared on Vogue international magazine covers 35 times in four years and is now a loving mother. Her feed is full of pictures of her modeling, daily life, and her journey through pregnancy.

39. NASA, 61.6 million

Who doesn’t love rockets and space? It might surprise you that a space research agency would have so many followers, but given that they post gorgeous photos of the planet and outer space phenomena, it suddenly makes a lot more sense.

38. David Beckham, 65 million

This is a name that even people who aren’t fans of soccer can recognize. David Beckham was a hugely successful footballer and now oversees a few teams himself. He often posts some pictures from his daily life, as well as a few heartfelt moments to encourage his followers through hardship

37. Champions League, 66.3 million

If you are an avid watcher of Champions League soccer, then you are probably familiar with Kinsey Wolanski and her stunt during a final a few years ago. The account covers updates and interesting events that happen during games as well as the lives of some of the players.

36. Vin Diesel, 67.4 million

Known most for his lead role in most of the Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel is a prominent actor in American action films. His account is mostly personal updates about his life, as well as some motivational posts about fitness and believing in oneself.

35. Victoria’s Secret, 68.8 million

While not the only clothing brand on this list, it is certainly the only lingerie brand. Victoria’s Secret is well known for offering quality and alluring women’s underwear. That, coupled with the beautiful models they use to promote their products, might be the secret of why their Insta is so popular.

34. Shakira, 69 million

Shakira is a stunning singer and dancer that recently was featured as a performer for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Her account is both a way to offer fans an insight into her life and a platform that allows her to speak up against issues facing Latinx individuals.

33. Billie Eilish, 71.1 million

Billie Eilish exploded onto the scene a few years ago and has already become one of the biggest names in music. Unlike many of her counterparts, you aren’t likely to catch sexy selfies on her feed, but you can see some of the fun adventures she gets into.

Billie Eilish.

32. Drake, 72.6 million

Since he is a titan in the music industry, many people may have forgotten that Drake got his start in the teen drama series, Degrassi. His Instagram is a catalog of the cool things he gets himself into, as well as some cute photos with his family.

31. Chris Brown, 73.1 million

Throughout his extensive career in singing, songwriting, dancing, producing, and acting, Chris Brown has maintained an air of being someone you shouldn’t mess with. That’s part of what makes his many cute pictures of his family on his Instagram account that much more heartwarming.

30. LeBron James, 74.7 million

There is a real conversation to be had about whether or not LeBron James is one of the best basketball players of all time. You can see some of his best moments and training snapshots, as well as some Black Voices advocacy on his Instagram account.

29. Cardi B, 78.3 million

Cardi B has been a polarizing presence ever since she started taking over the music industry. Don’t discount how much her haters are fueled by jealousy — it’s hard to look at her and not think of success, and her Insta account certainly reflects that.

28. Zendaya, 80.6 million

The first of a few former Disney stars on this list, Zendaya has now found an incredible career in modeling. Even though her Instagram is filled with photos of her remarkable beauty, she still manages to feel incredibly human and uses her massive following to be a voice for issues facing minorities.

27. Virat Kohli, 83 million

Kohli is the captain of the Indian national cricket team and is regarded as one of the best cricket batsmen in the current age. A lot of his account is dedicated to a love of the sport of cricket, but you can also see him being a sharp spokesman for plenty of brands.

26. Rihanna, 87.5 million

Rihanna has an illustrious career in music and is now a fashion and beauty icon. She’s up to a little bit of everything on her Instagram, including routing for the Lakers, advocacy, promoting beauty products, and being breathtakingly gorgeous as always.

25. FC Barcelona, 91.5 million

Fans of American football think they are devoted, but they have nothing on European football. FC Barcelona uses their Instagram to hype up fans for the game, make announcements regarding the team, and post the occasional highlight from a match.

24. Ellen DeGeneres, 92.2 million

The account both for the Ellen DeGeneres show and its titular host. You’re a bit more likely to find posts promoting the show on the account than you are to find ones by and about Ellen herself, but the latter isn’t too rare.

23. Demi Lovato, 93.4 million

Another former Disney child star who went on to make a major name for herself in modeling, but Demi has also had an impressive music career. Her Instagram is similar to Zendaya’s in that it blends plenty of alluring pictures of herself and activism, though Demi seems to be less focused on a single topic.

22. Real Madrid CF, 93.6 million

The final of the football clubs on this list. This account is similar to all the other ones with fewer followers. its content is mostly to promote its affiliated team and plates, as well as hype fans and share news updates in the world of soccer.

Kevin Hart.

21. Kevin Hart, 100 million

The only comedian to be featured in the most followed Instagram accounts. Kevin Hart is most known for his standup comedy and his growing career as an actor and writer for comedy movies. As you can expect from this, his Instagram is filled with humorous content.

20. Kourtney Kardashian, 103 million

The first of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family on this list still possesses an absurd Instagram following. The majority of her content, in line with the rest of her family, is based around her modeling career.

19. Katy Perry, 108 million

Katy Perry was at one point the biggest name in pop music, having multiple hit singles and one of the most well-received Super Bowl Halftime performances. She is beloved for her music and silly personality, and her Instagram is a window into the wonderful life she lives.

18. Miley Cyrus, 116 million

Miley was perhaps Disney’s most prominent poster child, fell into obscurity for a few years, then came back with a vengeance. Now, she is a fierce and wild musician who documents many of the wild things she gets herself into on her Instagram.

17. Nike, 122 million

Easily the most recognized name in athletics, there is a reason none of Nike’s competitors are even on this list. The account has a long history of highlighting impressive athletes, and the brand has recently started using it as a platform to stand up against hate.

16. Khloe Kardashian, 123 million

The other of the famous Kardashian sisters. Her Instagram content is similar to Kourtney’s, but Khloe seems to have a greater pension for making motivational posts and sharing pictures of her lovely child.

15. Nicki Minaj, 124 million

It can be argued that Nicki Minaj paved the way for similar artists such as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Though she isn’t the rap and pop superstar she was a few years ago, she still commands a huge audience and has the Instagram following to prove it.

14. Jennifer Lopez / J Lo, 133 million

It’s hard to imagine someone as successful in music, modeling, dancing, acting, and everything else J Lo has dipped her toes into. She’s been in the game for a while and seems all but invincible. Her Instagram account is mostly about her modeling career, as that is what she is most devoted to these days.

13. Taylor Swift, 140 million

Taylor Swift has stayed on top of the music industry for her entire career. It’s hard to imagine why she draws as much hate as she does, but she has no problem shaking it off and maintaining an Instagram full of aesthetically pleasing photos.

12. Kendall Jenner, 142 million

Yet another of the Kardashian-Jenner family that has amassed a huge following because of her stunning beauty and impressive modeling career. You can catch her displaying exactly why she draws and maintains so many eyes on her Instagram account.

11. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, 143 million

The big names in soccer continue to show up on this list, and the star player Neymar has plenty of reasons to have as big of a following as he does. His Instagram is about half soccer-related posts, and then half of his everyday life.

10. National Geographic, 146 million

A close relative to NASA as far as the types of Instagram accounts in there. If you are less interested in cool pictures of rocket science and are more in the market for breathtaking pictures of the Earth’s natural beauty, be sure to check out their Instagram account.

Justin Beiber.

9. Justin Bieber, 152 million

Justin Bieber started his incredible music career at a young age, and it likely had some adverse effect on him for a while. He seems to have gotten better and continues to make music, while also using his Instagram profile to give inspirational messages to his followers.

8. Beyonce, 156 million

People call her Queen B for a reason. Beyonce is a contender for one of the biggest names in the history of the music industry. Her Instagram is a collection of all her fabulous adventures, as well as a few posts that show her views on some recent issues in America.

7. Leo Messi, 169 million

We’re getting close to the top of this list and the soccer players keep on coming. He has become a huge name in the sport due to his impressive skill as well as his charismatic nature. His account is heavily focused on his beloved sport, as well as promoting his brand.

6. Kim Kardashian West, 192 million

The woman herself, the person that made her family a household name. She continues to be just as fabulous as ever, and her Instagram is a catalog of all her modeling ventures and the misadventures of her family

5. Selena Gomez, 195 million

Another Disney show star, Selena Gomez has made a name for herself in the beauty and fashion industry. Her battles with lupus have turned her into an icon of perseverance and living the best life you can.

4. Kylie Jenner, 201 million

Kylie has become the most prominent member of her impressive family tree, as evidenced by her huge fanbase. Her account shows off her beauty and modeling skill in all its glory.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 205 million

He started as a wildly popular WWE star and has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood and fitness. The Rock is larger than life in more ways than just his stature, and his Instagram can more than prove it.

2. Ariana Grande, 208 million

Ariana got her start as a child actor, like many others on this list, but she was featured on Nickelodeon. She has gone on to have an illustrious music career and dabble in a bit of modeling. Her Instagram is a nice showcase of how photogenic she can be as well as her adorable personality.

1. Christiano Ronaldo, 244 million

This list began with a soccer star and it ends with a soccer star. Christiano is one of the biggest names in the sport with the largest global following, so it only makes sense he tops out Instagram followers over everyone else. His account looks similar to many of his colleagues, but he has a lovely profile picture showcasing his lovely family.

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