This is How You Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat

It seems like with each passing year, we start to spend more and more time on our phones. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. In a digital world, being able to connect and be productive from your phone is a keep part of modern life. However, all that extra screen time can take a toll on your eyes and your battery life.

That’s why Dark Modes have been rolling out on seemingly every device and app on the market these days. They are so much easier on the eyes, especially for all the night-time scrollers out there. In some cases, a Dark Mode can also save you a bit of battery life. For some make and models of phones, it doesn’t help or the difference is negligible, but for more modern devices, the amount of battery percentage you save could be surprising.

What is a Dark Mode?

Of course, there is a chance that you have heard of Dark Mode, or maybe you have and just aren’t familiar with it because you have never seen it. Dark Mode is a setting that can be enabled on most social media sites, third-party social media companion apps, a few major search engines, Google Suite, in smartphone menus — just about anywhere you can spend a while looking at a screen for an extended period. Dark Mode switches any harsh, bright white surfaces into subdued black, gray, or other dark colors.

Dark Mode started as an optional setting that can be toggled on and off at the user’s fancy. However, the popularity of Dark Mode took off in the past few years, to where it is practically a standard requirement to be considered a major player on the digital market. Even Onlyfans has rolled out a dark mode.

There is even a sort of social element attached to it all. People have developed such a love for Dark Mode that they can be a bit judgemental of people who don’t use dark mode; in some cases, people will refuse to use a service on the basis that it doesn’t have a dark mode. Of course, the number of people who take it this seriously is only a smaller portion of the population that uses it as more a lighthearted joking point.

A hand holding an iPhone with dark mode setting.

Snapchat took much longer than other social media apps to introduce Dark Mode.

Does Snapchat Have a Dark Mode

Despite being one of the earlier social media apps to obtain mainstream status, remaining relevant, and being good about staying up-to-date with the key social media trends, Snapchat took a long time to finally roll out its Dark Mode. It was one of the last of the major social media outlets to finally hop on the trend. Yes, Snapchat does have Dark Mode. Well, technically, more on that later.

Why Snapchat took so long to roll out Dark Mode on their platform is a bit of a mystery. As mentioned before, they are normally one of the best teams as far as keeping up with trends on social media. They even created a few; Instagram stories and many other imitators were inspired by Snapchat’s Story function and their overall idea of fleeting social media content. It raises the question about how Snapchat’s coding must look, because, on paper, changing out the color output of a screen display is orders of magnitude easier than some of the things that Snapchat has had implement for a while. Besides the coding being strangely implemented, there isn’t a single explanation that makes a ton of sense as to why Snapchat was and continues to be slow on the roll-out of its Dark Mode.

How To Activate Snapchat’s Dark Mode

Not only was Snapchat slow on the distribution, but it was also pretty bad about letting their uses know that Dark Mode was coming, or in some cases has arrived. Again, more on that at the end. So, you shouldn’t feel too bad if you weren’t even aware the Snapchat had a dark mode. You don’t have to worry about it anymore though, here is how to activate Dark Mode on Snapchat:

  1. Before you open the Snapchat app, make sure that you have downloaded the most up-to-date version from whatever app store you use. If you have the most recent version, go ahead and open the Snapchat app.

  2. From the home screen, click on your profile photo. It is almost always located in the top left of the screen. From your profile menu, continue into “Settings.” Once that is opened, scroll down to the option labeled “App Appearance.”

  3. Three options should appear on your screen: Always Light, Always Dark, and Match System. The order may vary on your screen. By default, Always Light should be selected. Tap on Always Dark to enable Dark Mode.

  4. Additionally, if you have a device that has an internal Dark Mode option, you can activate it, and select Match System to cause Dark Mode to be enabled on Snapchat. Be aware that if you ever turn your device’s internal Dark Mode off, it will also revert Snapchat to its default Light Mode.

A hand holding a phone with Snapchat opened.

Not all versions of Snapchat offer Dark Mode.

Snapchat’s Awkward Dark Mode Situation Explained

If you just read those instructions and found that you didn’t see any of those things in the Snapchat App, don’t worry. Nothing is wrong, but there is a strong possibility that your version of Snapchat does not have the Dark Mode option yet. If you aren’t already aware, apps can have different versions that are sent out to different makes and models of smart devices. On top of that, there are different versions of apps localized to different regions of the world.

Again, for reasons that are not yet clear, Snapchat has not put out a working version of Dark Mode to every type of phone in every region of the world that their app is currently available. If you are one of the die-hard Dark Mode users, don’t give up hope just yet. Snapchat appears to have every intention to get the option to enable dark mode set up everywhere and on every device, but it is taking them some time to get it all figured out. For now, if you don’t currently have the option, the best thing to do is be patient.

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