Top 50 Most Followed Accounts on Tik Tok

When Tik Tok first came out, most people considered it would be nothing but a clone of the once-popular but now dead social media platform Vine. This assumption was fair, as the two platforms specifically encourage short entertaining videos to be the main content. Two important differences that set Tik Tok apart in that comparison is the fact that Tik Tok allows a much longer run time on their videos and creators can imbed audio into their content — the quintessential “Tik Tok sounds.”

Tik Tok is now one of the big names in social media, and viral content on the platform spreads like wildfire. There is now a whole new breed of internet-based celebrities, Tiktokers. And just like with every other social media platform, everyone always wants to know who is on the top. Tik Tok does not make it readily obvious where accounts rank in the number of followers, but likely you won’t have to look too hard to figure out all the big names.

Here are the Top 50 Most Followed Tik Tok accounts:

50. Avneet Kaur — 22.5 million followers

Tik Tok is a hugely popular platform for beauty and dancing content, and Avneet hits both of those hot markets. She also dabbles in a bit of acting, and posts short videos of her skills to her feed.

49. Piyanka Moniga — 22.7 million followers

Piyanka’s main content is her dancing in cute outfits with a city skyline in the back. She stands out a bit in that her dancing is mainly headshot views and involves a lot of hand gestures.

48. Q Park — 22.8 million followers

By all technicality, Q Park should be considered a Tik Tok dancer, but his content is more about being funny and seeing people’s reactions to his strange dancing in public. If you like weird and candid reaction humor, this is an account for you.

47. Tony Lopez — 22.8 million followers

Tony’s dancing lies somewhere between serious and silly, but he always looks good doing it. He also often makes content with other, less-followed dance TikTokers that he features on his feed.

46. — 22.9 million followers is what Tik Tok used to be known as — a platform focused primarily on lip-synching videos. Their Tik Tok account now serves to promote themselves as well as some partnered content creators.

45. Rod Contreras — 23 million followers

Rod is another of the popular dancing accounts on Tik Tok, though he represents more towards the hip hop style dancing. He also has a bit of a pretty-boy and living large aesthetic to him, which helps him grab people’s attention.

44. Jayden Croes — 23.3 million followers

Jayden seems to dabble in a lot of different content from dancing to fitness to music and humor. He often likes to blend these elements and blur some lines, so make sure to stay on your toes when viewing his content.

43. Josh Richards — 23.6 million followers

This is one of the cases where the line between dancing accounts and the many “thirst” accounts on Tik Tok. You might not guess it by looking at him, but he is a savvy businessman and one of the highest-grossing TikTokers.

42. Savannah LaBrant — 23.7 million followers

Yet another Tiktoker whose primary content is focused on dancing. Savannah sets herself apart by including her family in many of her videos, earning a ton of cuteness points by dancing with her adorable children.

Savannah LaBrant.

41. Jacob Sartorius — 23.9 million followers

Jacob built a name for himself on Vine and It’s only natural that he would also have a huge following on a social media account that combines the two platforms he is familiar with.

40. Kira Kosarin — 24.3 million followers

Formerly an actress with Nickelodeon, Kira is now pursuing a career in music. You can see her developing her talents, along with some funny videos, life updates, and more, over on her Tik Tok.

39. TikTok India — 24.4 million followers

This is a bit of a weird account, as it is sort of imagines what Tik Tok would be like if India had not banned Tik Tok. You can find all sorts of stuff on there, ranging from inspirational messages to news updates and video rewinds.

38. Sameeksha Sud — 24.5 million followers

Sameeksha is an Indian actress that has accumulated quite the following on Tik Tok. A lot of the content she produces is keeping up with trends and doing short glamor skits that make her look good, though she doesn’t have to work too hard to accomplish that.

37. David Dobrik — 24.6 million followers

David was also a popular personality on Vine and has a fairly successful vlog on his Youtube. His Tiktok content is a mix between him being a goofball in his daily life and also just some general wholesomeness.

36. Kristen Hancher — 24.7 million followers

Kristen has dipped her toes into acting, dancing, music, and lip-syncing videos. That, along with her great sense of style and endearing humor, has made her the perfect candidate to be successful on Tik Tok.

35. Kylie Jenner — 24.9 million followers

The queen of Instagram has also taken Tik Tok by storm. Her content is much the same type here as it is on her other platforms, but you certainly get some unique clips of her on her Tik Tok.

34. BTS Official — 25.6 million followers

If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, K-Pop is a huge deal and BTS is one of the biggest names in the game. Their Tik Tok covers general promotion for the band, so you are likely to see clips from their music videos as well as individual members doing some fun things.

33. Liza Koshy — 25.8 million followers

Liza is a genuinely good dancer, but rather than just show off her skills, she’d rather be a bit goofy to have fun and put smiles on people’s faces. She also has some beauty tips, so be sure to look out for those.

32. Selena Gomez — 26 million followers

Selena has found her way into the hearts of many people after her ongoing struggles with sickness and growing into her own as a musician. She also has an Instagram, but her Tik Tok content tends to feature the more cute and quirky side of her.

31. Awes Darbar — 26 million followers

Awes sets himself apart from the many dancing themed Tik Tok accounts by being an actual-factual choreographer. He calls himself a “storeographer” on Tik Tok, given his love of blending choreography with quick stories.

30. The Dobbies — 26.7 million followers

Lucas and Marcus are more people that became popular on Vine and found prominence on Tik Tok once it took off. They dabble in a bit of dancing since that is the bread and butter of the platform, but the majority of the content they create is just looking to be funny.

29. Joe Albanese — 27.5 million followers

Joe is yet another dancer that likes to add in a little bit of comedy among his content. He also is a big fan and supporter of the cult-classic online game ROBLOX.

28. Flighthouse — 27.5 million followers

Following the trend of “content creator houses” where prominent internet personalities will live together, this is a joint Tik Tok account for people who are part of the Flighthouse. The account is mostly humor-based, but it has a bit of a unique style that helps it stand out.

27. Nisha Guragain — 28 million followers

There are a lot of Indian content producers that do well on Tik Tok despite the platform being banned in India, and Nisha is certainly no exception. She produces a good mix of general glamor vids, lip-syncs, and short cute videos.

26. Chase Hudson — 28.2 million followers

Chase is one of the Tiktokers that blurs the line between dancing and thirst related content. He likes to include a bit of costume and makeup work in his content from time to time, which gives him a unique appeal.

Chase Hudson.

25. Jannat Zubair — 28.2 million followers

Jannat’s account is similar to many of the other Indian actresses on Tik Tok featured on this list, beauty, glamor vids, and a healthy bit of lip-synching. She sometimes has videos of herself set to some beautiful city views, so if that is your thing you’ll be happy following her.

24. Stokes Twins — 28.5 million followers

The Stokes Twins love making silly and funny content for their many Tik Tok followers. They seem to have a special enjoyment for spoofing self-defense videos and making them seem ridiculous.

23. Arishfa Khan — 28.6 million followers

Of the many Indian actresses with huge Tik Tok followings, Arishfa currently has the most. Her content is similar to her peers, though she often puts a natural backdrop to her content, which is a refreshing change of pace.

22. Burak Özdemir — 29.3 million followers

You might recognize Burak from his many outrageous, larger than life cooking videos where he is mostly silent and smiling the whole time. His Tik Tok has all of that same content, along with some humorous stuff, and you’ll occasionally get to hear him speak.

21. Avani Gregg — 29.5 million followers

Avani is one of the more beauty oriented content creators on Tik Tok. She won the Shorty Award in 2019, and she was one of the highest-grossing Tiktokers of that year as well.

20. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — 30 million followers

One of the biggest stars on Instagram and Hollywood took to Tik Tok and found a following almost as big as himself. His feed is a mix of fitness, playing with his adorable child, motivational messages, and having fun with other celebrities.

The Rock.

19. JoJo Siwa — 30.8 million followers

A former star of Dance Moms has grown up and become a hit on a platform that loves dancers, go figure. Her aesthetic involves a ton of pep, bright colors, and more glitter than you can imagine, so if that is your taste then there is probably no one better.

18. Gilmher Charles — 31.3 million followers

Gilmher strikes a fascinating balance between dancing, thirst content, and humor. That might sound like it wouldn’t work all that well, but if you check out his account then you’ll probably see how.

17. James Charles — 31.7 million followers

James Charles is hugely known for his work as a beauty and makeup YouTuber, as well as being the first male CoverGirl ambassador. There is a little bit of everything over on his account, but you can bet he will always look fine doing it.

16. Faisal Shaikh — 32.1 million followers

The first male Indian Tiktoker on this list, Faisal is a little bit funny and a whole lot of cool. Most of his content features a larger cast and has a bit of a signature slow-mo to accentuate the endings.

15. Kimberly Loaiza — 32.2 million followers

Kimberly is a hugely popular Mexican Youtuber, influencer, and singer. Her Tik Tok mostly has highlights of her life, and if you would like to watch her journey with her pregnancy, she also documented that a bit on her account.

14. Baby Ariel — 35.1 million followers

Baby Ariel is a Tiktoker and singer that gained a lot of attention on and used that to springboard into bigger fame. Her Tiktoking seems to be devoted mostly to being a bit goofy and generally gorgeous.

13. Brent Rivera — 35.2 million followers

Brent is mostly known for his Youtube presence, but he also has a few noteworthy acting roles. His Tik Tok mimics much of the silly stuff he puts up on Youtube, just in a more condensed form.

12. Jason Derulo — 41.3 million followers

Jason Derulo is a hugely popular American musician that has released a ton of hit songs. His Tik Tok presence is honestly a bit of a wild grab-bag of stuff. It always tends to be amusing and well-produced though.

Jason Derullo.

11. Michael Le — 42.9 million followers

Michael is one of the many dancing Tiktokers sponsored by Bang Energy, and he is one of the biggest in terms of following. His dancing content is boosted by both his incredible talent and his siblings that he loves to feature as well.

10. Riyaz Aly — 43.7 million followers

As the biggest Indian Tik Tok personality, Riyaz manages to combine some elements of the creators that appear lower on this list. He has a lot of lip-synchs, looking good, having a ton of swagger, a dash of humor, and some well-placed slow-mo.

9. Will Smith — 44.7 million followers

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is now killing the game on Tik Tok. Like many of the celebrities whose identity isn’t tied to a specific theme. Will Smith has a little bit of everything on his account, but just about all of it is funny.

8. Dixie D’Amelio — 46.2 million followers

The older of the popular D’Amelio sisters, Dixie got her following being a singer, dancer, and actor through Tik Tok. Since she is one of the biggest accounts on the platform which naturally draws a ton of haters, and she has a good time making fun of them.

7. Bella Poarch — 47 million followers

Bella is one of the more adorable of the beauty and lip-synching Tiktokers. She also gets a huge popularity boost from the fact she is an incredible costume creator and how open she is about her struggles with mental health.

6. Tik Tok — 49.1 million followers

Like most social media platforms, Tik Tok has an account that most users are made to follow from the get-go. The account features helpful how-tos and a few of the exceptionally popular Tik Toks that circulate on the platform.

5. Spencer X — 49.9 million followers

Spencer has a ton of hilarious tik Toks which are likely the biggest attractor for his followers. He also features some awesome music content that is worth checking out if you are into that sort of thing.

4. Loren Gray — 50.1 million followers

Started getting attention back in the days, and steadily started making original music. A lot of what you’ll find on Tik Tok is her dancing, being silly, and having fun, all while looking gorgeous.

3. Zach King — 53.3 million followers

Zach King is probably the most famous individual to come out of Vine, and he continues to enjoy the spotlight on Tik Tok. There is plenty of the mind-boggling blend of videography and magic tricks that made him famous on his account

2. Addison Rae — 71.4 million followers

Though she is the runner-up in terms of follower count, Forbes named her the highest-earning Tiktoker as of August 2020. Her dancing and lip-synch game is on point, and she looks amazing every time she does it.

1. Charli D’Amelio — 102.8 million followers

The younger D’Amelio sister is the most popular Tiktoker by a huge margin. It makes sense that a platform dominated by dancers, it only makes sense that the top personality is also a dancer. She prefers to just continue to be amazing to spite the haters, rather than address them as her sister does.

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