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Who is Abby Rao? Instagram, RiceGum, and More

There are so many influencers that it can be hard to keep track of. Luckily, we have the breakdown of an upcoming Instagramer and TikToker who has been on these social media platforms for a while. With that being said, may we introduce you to Abby Rao, in case you do not know her, you will after at the end of this article.

Early Life and Background

Let’s start at the beginning. Abby Rao was born in the United States, in New Orleans, on the 20th of July 1997. She worked as a cosmetologist in Louisiana in Mandeville. She also mentioned that she used to work at a Texas Roadhouse and paid for her studies by herself before she moved to Beverly Hills, California to work on her modeling career. Her Instagram modeling of mostly beachwear and swimwear took off around August 2017.

However, before that, she had a bit of a career as an actress appearing in “Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent” in 2008. Her most recent film is “Kung Fu Yoga” which came out in 2017. It would be safe to say that she has been focusing her efforts more on the social media sphere as an influencer. Since then her career has been on the up and up and she has been in connection with many well-known influencers.

Her Most Well-Known Connection

With social media, recognition can come connections. Her two most well-known connections are with Daisy Keech and Bryan Quang Le, more commonly known as RiceGum. The former is also an Instagram model and the two consider each other their best friends. So much so that when the two left the TikTok house called Hype House, they formed their own house called The Clubhouse. Well, Daisy founded it but Abby followed soon after, becoming a co-founder.

However, The Clubhouse no longer has the two main members who started it. Abby left the house in about August 2020 saying that she wants to focus on other ventures that she has been working on. A few days later Daisy also exited the house saying she wishes to work on her brand. The Clubhouse is still going on TikTok.

RiceGum- Who Is He and Their Famous Relationship

The latter more famous connection is RiceGum. He is a YouTube star who made his name doing pranks and the likes. Abby and RiceGum dated for about 10 months but the two broke up in about mid-November of 2019. However, the relationship seemed to have been quite serious with the two of them have moved in together as well as created a new YouTube channel called FamilyGum. The channel is still going.

The break-up leads to some short controversy between Abby Rao, RiceGum, and the fans. The story went that the fans were not pleased and began calling her a clout-chaser and whatnot. She has stated that she knew this would happen. However, the matter grew when RiceGum commented that Abby did not support him on his Twitch stream.

She found this comment to be untrue and even Daisy popped in to show her support for Abby. There was some back and forth, other drama channels commented as it is with influencer’s drama on YouTube. But the matter was resolved fairly quickly. There is a video on FamilyGum (run by RiceGum) called “Meeting My Ex-Girlfriend After 1 Year..” where they have settled matters.

However, she did face many nasty comments throughout the ordeal with even the hashtag #RiceMadeAbby being a thing. It was not an easy break-up by the looks of things. Many people speculated that she got more fame due to dating RiceGum and rumors have spread that there was a contract involved due to the uneven level of popularity at the time.

Unless there is proof it is best to let it be and move on. Her career and life have been doing well, so why look to the past unless to merely learn lessons and get better for the present and future.

The Numbers on Her Social Media Accounts

Abby Rao has quite a few popular social media accounts. Her most notable would be her Instagram and TikTok since they help launch her into a more public social media spotlight. But let’s look at the numbers and a brief history of the social media platforms.

  • Her TikTok managed to gain 2. 7m followers with about 31. 4M likes in 2021. The app came about in 2016 and was known for lip-syncing but now it seems to be more focused on dances. Her first upload was posted on the 21st of October 2019; it is a post about her being in Japan.

  • Abby Rao’s Instagram currently has 2. 3m followers with about 120 posts in 2021. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that came about in October 2010. This is where she posts her more seductive posts where she got a good start. Her first post, which is still public, was on the 30th of October 2018. But she started uploading on August 2017.

  • Her Twitter has 174K followers, in 2021 and she opened the account in May 2013. Twitter came about in 2006. It would seem that her photos on Twitter get more interaction when compared to her tweets.

  • She also has a YouTube channel that was set up on March 2020, where she has zero videos that are public but managed to rank up 29.9 K subscribers by 2021. There was a video that was titled “my truth...with love.” that was said to have been uploaded a month later, but the video has since been made private. But she has appeared in other’s YouTube videos such as Rice Gum’s and Daisy Keech as well as others. YouTube has been around since 2005.

  • Another popular social media platform is her OnlyFans. It is a social media platform that shot up in popularity during the quarantine. It started in 2016. In 2021, she created about 66 posts and has about 33K likes. This is the more steamy side, more so than her Instagram, of her social media presence.

We are sure that the numbers will continue to grow.

Outside of Social Media

As mentioned earlier Abby Rao worked as a cosmetologist. You could say that these skills helped her in the make-up and styling department bumping her up in the social media sphere. However, outside of the social media platform she also acted in a few movies.

Her first role, as stated on her IMDB, was in the aforementioned Lockjaw: “Rise of the Kulev Serpent” that came out in 2008 where she played Young Becky. And her most recent adventure into acting in movies is the 2017 “Kung Fu Yoga” where she had a small role of Temple Guard.

The former was about the governor of Louisiana who is in the running for vice-president candidacy but a murder gets in the way. The latter is about two professors that go on a treasure-hunting adventure.

Other acting roles were in a TV movie, “Living Proof” in 2008 where she played nine years old Joey Lyn Slamon. The movie follows the story of a doctor on the search to cure breast cancer. 2010’s “Enemies Among Us” where she portrayed Teresa’s Kid.

Also, in the same year, she played Jessica Gilcrest in “The Jack of Spades.” This is the story of a New Orleans private investigator that looks into two murders: one happened in the present-day and the other 30 years ago.

She has one uncredited role as a student in “Ticking Clock” (video). This one tells the story of a reporter who finds the writings of a murderer replete who plans to kill certain people.

She also appeared in the music video “Super Soaker” by Bandkidjay featuring Lil Mosey in July 2020 alongside her best friend Daisy Keech. Maybe there will be some more in the future?

There currently does not seem to be too much happening outside of her influencer career aside for modeling. She is an ambassador for the brand Knockout Watches as well as for Fashion Nova. She also endorsed an online clothing brand by the name of UNEKFORM. With her young age, there will surely be more to come.

Her Personal Life

Outside of her more public friendships and her previous romantic relationship not much is known about her private life. Especially when it comes to her family. We do not know whether or not she even has siblings.

This is a good idea since one of the most difficult things to do is to keep privacy when being an influencer. However, she has achieved a certain level in that the public does not know her parent’s names, and some people even suggested that maybe Abby Rao could be a stage name. But this latter point is just speculation. And a fun one at that, it adds more mystery.

What we can say is that she is 5 feet 4 inches (1. 62 m) tall with a weight of about 121 lbs (55 kg). Her measurements are 34-24-35 inches. She has light brown eyes, and blond hair currently. It is no wonder that her Instagram model career is skyrocketing and has been so for a while now.

She also has a collection of tattoos. She currently has scripts on her forearm, as well as under her breast. There was a tattoo of “Rice” on the inside of her lip when RiceGum and she were dating. However, the inside lip tattoo fade with time. She also had a BandKids tattoo in the same place.

The latter tattoo could have been around the time that she was in the music video called “Super Soaker”. These tattoos also lead to speculation that she and Lil Mosey had a thing. But, there have been other dating rumors floating around but nothing has been confirmed. Therefore, let’s keep it at that until someone, Abby, says something.

Where to Go From Here

Abby Rao is in a rather fortunate position regarding her social media career. She seems to be posting regularly and her numbers are slowly on the rise. What she could do is keeping up this trend as well as maybe venture into other aspects of life.

People have stated that she is good with make-up since her posts show her looking really good. Therefore, using her YouTube channel for make-up tutorials would not be a bad idea. She already has a very decent subscriber count so getting the views may not be as difficult when compared to others who are just starting. And she can continue to collaborate with other YouTubers as she has been doing.

However, what would be a good course of action is to venture outside of social media and try other aspects of the entertainment industry. She already put her foot in the door of movie acting, maybe follow that up?

It is possible with her following that she could get roles easier when compared to lesser-known people if she wanted to. But, she is young and she has her whole career ahead of her so there is not much of a hurry.

What she is currently doing is obviously working for her and why fix something that is not broken? Well, one can always add more to it and improve it. There are many options and ways people can use social media to entertain their audience as well as gather more people to join their “online squad.”

But, we will see what the future holds but Abby seems to be rather happy with what she is currently up to. A rare treat for many people her age. Maybe she will eventually end up on the 50 most followed TikTok accounts in due time? This would be a huge step in the right direction, and she seems to slowly be heading there.

If You Want To See More of Her

The main thing about social media is that it is easy to keep up-to-date with the going-ons on your favorite influencer with a few quick clicks. Luckily, for us, there are several platforms that you can see what Abby Rao is up to.

Her most-used seems to be her TikTok account @abbyrao with a close second being her Instagram account, going by the same user name as her TikTok. You can also catch her on her Twitter @absby where she also posts photos there. Her OnlyFans is fairly new but you can catch her posts on the more raunchy side there if you so wish.

Rounding Off

Abby Rao is a social media influencer who got her start by posting on Instagram and TikTok. She is a model that is also an ambassador to Fashion Nova, as well as Knock Out Watches. She started as an actress but since then has slightly moved away from the field to focus more on her growing social media empire, it would seem.

Her relationship with RiceGum was short-lived but intense. The breakup was not pleasant but issues seemed to have been resolved. She was part of the Hype House before exiting and joining her best friend, Daisy Keech to form The Clubhouse. Both houses were places for TikTokers to come together and work with each other.

She has left that house to focus more on herself with no hard feelings. Her OnlyFans account has been fairly recently and it could be growing in numbers. She is doing well for herself at her young age with a lot more to come.

With her focus and drive to post engaging content to her Instagram and TikTok, it is no wonder that she has gained a supportive following. She is also a good-looking woman that knows how to show off her best features as well as to entertain people. She seems friendly which is always a plus on any platform.

Her interactions with others (outside of the break-up which was resolved) have only been seen with positivity. The growing future of this influencer is bright and expanding. We will keep our eyes piled to see what she does next.

However, she seems happy with her choices and the way her career is going. While suggestions can always be made nothing is cast in stone and the future is often blurry. But, if she keeps at it and working only good will come out of it.

It would not be a bad goal to not only get on the top 50 TikTokers list but also the top 50 most-followed Instagram accounts list. This would be an awesome thing to happen, and we are sure that the goal for this young social media influencer is closer than any one of us would think. Maybe even for Abby Rao herself.

We wish her the best of luck and know that she will do a great job. Show her your support by check out her social media platforms, and let’s get her onto those lists. It is only looking up from here for this social media star.

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