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Who is Ana Cheri? Playboy Model Turned Gym Owner

Like many well-known models, Ana Cheri grew up in Southern California and is a huge presence on Instagram. Her similarities to most other models just about begin and end there, though. She has led a unique and fascinating life that starts as early as the day she was born all the way to her time as one of Unruly Agency’s top models. 

Family and Before the Spotlight

Ana Cheri was born on May 16, 1986, to her parents Alvin and Amanda Cheri. Her family was fairly well off, so there isn’t much of an underdog story to her, unfortunately. Her family heritage of note as well. She has Caucasian, Hispanic, and Native American lineage, which all contribute to her exotic allure. In a recent interview video that she shared, Ana revealed that she learned she also possessed French nationality, further adding to her rich and varied cultural history.

The details on her life as a child and young adult aren’t well established. She was not an instantly famous individual so there was not an expected need to document much of her younger years. Though, she and others have claimed that her parents were always supportive of her desire to go into the competitive career of modeling. 

She was the only girl amongst her siblings. This put her in a unique position where she both felt the need to uphold the traditional qualities of a young woman while also being encouraged by her siblings toward more tomboyish activities. Playing with her brothers is what sparked her fascination with physical fitness. She found that she enjoyed playing sports and pushing her body to the limits as much as she enjoyed wearing cute outfits and doing her makeup. These loves blended more as she grew older, and ultimately helped from her main identity as a fitness model.

Before she set out becoming a modeling sensation, Ana had a day job as a stylist. This birthed her interest in cosmetology and beauty, which would later become one of the hallmarks of her social media personality. More on this in the later sections about her current endeavors.

As mentioned previously, Ana Cheri has many qualities that set her apart in the wide world of modeling. One such element of her character is the relationship between her modeling career and her social media platform. At the time, most models got into the career and then used that as an opportunity to build a following on social media and other outlets. 

Ana Cheri did exactly the opposite. She started using social media as a way to drum up a following and fame, and the attention it got for her is what led to offers from modeling agencies. Being recruited as a model because of your impressive social media presence is a more commonplace practice these days. When Ana Cheri was a young woman, however, it was quite an unusual occurrence. If you are an aspiring model trying to grow your social media presence in the hopes of drawing notice, check out these apps that can help get you some followers.

Modeling Days

Despite being gorgeous and already having dedicated fans, Ana Cheri did not make huge waves when she debuted in the modeling world. There doesn’t seem to be an identifiable reason for this — the modeling field is filled with competition and it takes a huge amount of luck and a super recognizable look to stand out. She did gain some traction within the modeling community itself and grew from working at local modeling agencies in Southern California to representing a few national brands.

The gig that helped her cut through the modeling slush and become a nationally recognized name was her appearance in Muscle and Fitness magazine. Ana Cheri’s presence as a lover of fitness resonated fiercely with readers. At the time, much of Women’s Fitness was centered on the idea of being slim and toned mostly for the sake of beauty. Ana Cheri flipped the script on its head by encouraging women to pursue fitness as a means of feeling powerful and confident. She was more interested in helping women feel the way they wanted rather than look the way someone else wanted. She became hugely popular with female fitness lovers, modeling fans, and beauty enthusiasts alike.

She was also, as you might guess, a hit with male readers. About the time of her debut in Muscle and Fitness, American culture was shifting away from the petite and delicate idea of feminine beauty that had reigned in the media for so long. Powerful and voluptuous women were becoming the new craze. And, as anyone who has ever seen Ana Cheri can attest to, she more than fits the bill.

Cheri’s recognition as a sexy, powerful woman continued to grow as she became more and more of a name in the modeling world. Her social media presence continued to steadily increase as well. Her popularity skyrocketed around 2015 though when she was featured nude in an issue of Playboy magazine.

The decision to do a nude modeling session was met with some controversy. Some people felt it undermined the persona of a strong woman she had worked so hard to create for herself. People drew issue with this person they thought was a role model offering herself up to easy objectification. On the other hand, some people thought it was a brilliant and powerful move that showed grace, confidence, and a refusal to be ashamed by the female form. Cheri herself believed that there was no better way to display her love for her body and the beauty she worked so hard to create than to display herself openly and honestly in the nude.

Whether or not you agree with her or the criticisms, it is hard to argue with the results. The feature in Playboy put her on the map and made her name one people recognized. After the nude appearance, she became partnered with several major brands, including Moskova Underwear, K&N Filters, Monster Energy, and even more niche associations like the Ultimate Armwrestling League.

Ana Cheri in Other Media

With her explosion of popularity came a ton of people wanting to get her face on their products. She had a brief appearance in a few TV shows in 2016, such as being a cameo in Nuclear Family. She even had a TV series, Ana Cheri’s Booty Boot Camp that ran briefly in 2017. She was also featured in an episode of Playmate Playback, a documentary type show that delved into the lives of some of the most famous Playboy models.

Her expertise and interest in fitness go well beyond just being a media personality, though. She has authored several books that focus on fitness. To show that she is trying to genuinely help people and not just turn a profit off of their fitness hopes, she offers all of these books and several other fitness resources on her website, free of charge.

As her Instagram exploded in popularity to nearly 10 million followers, she became increasingly aware of how much of a platform she had at her disposal. She quickly branched out and made herself a website. Continuing to expand her online portfolio, she also made a Youtube channel that she continues to maintain, which features things like makeup tutorials, photography tips, fitness instructional videos, healthy eating guides, and several vlog style videos intended to engage with her audience at let them get glimpses at her daily life.

Branching Out and Building Up

Ana Cheri also sets herself apart based on her clear understanding of the importance of a diverse portfolio. She continues to model, represent brands, and be a social media icon, but she has slowly started dipping her toes into other pursuits.

One of her earliest and most prominent endeavors was becoming a permanent brand ambassador for Shredz. Shredz is a supplement brand focusing on fat loss, increased energy, and overall wellness. They also do a bit of fitness life content, such as informative articles and exercise videos. Ana Cheri is probably one of the single best women they could have gotten for the job. Since Shredz offers a line of supplements designed to work better specifically for women, a gorgeous fitness model that has a history of actively supporting fitness and self-improvement in women is almost too good to be true.

Her job as a brand ambassador goes beyond making posts and videos on Instagram and sporting the product. Ana Cheri travels all around the country appearing at conferences and giving motivational speeches. Her niche as a speaker invested specifically in the empowerment and well-being of women makes her a coveted guest on such occasions. 

Ana, being someone who is on top of trends in the fitness world, also started up her line of fitness clothing. The brand initially started as Want My Look and was a line of activewear target at a younger consumer. It was hugely successful but underwent a rebrand, and now goes by Cheri Fit. The new name helps with brand recognition and immediately association with Cheri’s prominent name. After the rebranding, Cheri Fit moved almost entirely online, as a move to make it feel more exclusive and desirable. The brand now caters to both men and women’s activewear, and while it targets specifically younger people, some items appeal to older fitness enthusiasts. Cheri Fit has also started branching out, much like its founder. You can now find clothes that are more intended for casual wear that heavy activity, though even the comfort clothing draws inspiration from activewear.

Ana Cheri’s most recent and interesting pursuit is being the co-founder and CEO of a gym. Be More Athletics — founded in Santa Ana, California — is a modern fitness club with a heavy focus on goal-oriented exercise. There are a wide variety of classes and plenty of personal trainers to help aspiring fitness junkies to get in shape and do the things they dream about. 

The physical space of Be More Athletics is enormous, meaning that there is plenty of room and nearly every piece of equipment you could ever need. That is fairly atypical of a gym in a metro California city, where space is precious. 

The facilities are overall rated highly, but there are a few gripes about the hours. The gym isn’t open on Sundays at all, and it is open from 9 am to 9 pm every other day of the week. For most people, that is plenty of available hours and won’t interfere with their fitness goals. Some people, however, like to exercise either incredibly early in the morning or well into the night.

Romantic Life

Normally, it wouldn’t be in the best taste to spend so much time talking about such an incredible woman and then talk about her husband. It can feel like it undermines the point of her being a strong and independent woman by discussing her as relating to a man. In this instance, Ana Cheri’s husband is worth mentioning just based on a few relevant tidbits.

Ben Moreland, Ana Cheri’s husband, may not be a huge name in the modeling world, but he is a definite presence in the world of fitness. He has over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, some of which have been spent training with some impressive people. Olympic athletes, military and law enforcement, and most notably MMA fighters have all received fitness guidance from Ben Moreland. His expertise is in martial arts, especially sports with rigid weight class requirements, but he enjoys training people new to the world of fitness just as much as star athletes.

His experience and love of fitness are what originally brought him and Ana Cheri together. The fitness power couple eventually decided to transition their passions into an entrepreneurship opportunity. The couple founded Be More Athletics together, giving the gym its catchy name based on some wordplay with Ben Moreland’s name and one of Ana Cheri’s fitness mantras. Ben is the primary personal trainer at the establishment, as he has more experience and certifications. Though, Ana Cheri also puts in quite a lot of work as a personal trainer, especially with female clients. As a special bonus for Ana Cheri’s fans that are also members of Be More Athletics, she and her team create exclusive monthly fitness challenges available on her Instagram.

Fun Facts About Ana Cheri

Sometimes hearing about a person’s accomplishments and career doesn’t make them feel real. Social media personalities and other celebrities have become more and more aware of this. So, they have started giving their audiences brief glimpses into their lives through things like video diaries, and just sharing some fun facts about themselves. It helps them feel more real, more human, and more easily relatable. So here are some fun things you may not know about Ana Cheri:

  1. While she loves to travel, Ana has a deep fear of flying. So, if given the option, she will almost always choose another mode of transport.

  1. Despite her love of fitness and healthy living, junk food is one of her biggest vices. Some of her favorites are nacho cheese, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. She does her best never to indulge too much though since she is aware of how bad these snacks are for her.

  1. She is friends with the popular Vlogger Timothy DeLaGhetto, as evidenced by the fact that she is a somewhat recent guest feature in some of his Vlogs.

  1. She regularly lends her appearance to charity events. Some of the ones she is most passionate about are pet rescue efforts.

  1. Her astrological sign is a Taurus, which she thinks is fitting given how strong-willed and driven she is.

  1. There was a small scandal surrounding rumors of her having plastic surgery. Some investigation and comparison of photos from vicarious points in her life indicated that she probably didn’t have any work done to achieve her voluptuous figure. Though, the accusations surrounding her getting lip injections seemed to be plausible. One way or another, Cheri herself has not made any public acknowledgment of these rumors.

Ana Cheri.

Ana Cheri’s Physical Characteristics

As a model, people scrutinizing her figure is inescapable for Ana Cheri. Having to maintain a desirable figure can be stressful from all the public attention and the constant shifting of what “the look” is. Her love of fitness seems to make staying in shape or building up curves in the right places come easily for her.

The details of her appearance can seem weird and invasive for readers that don’t have an active interest in the modeling world. But, these are the kind of little details that fans love to dive into. So this part was saved until after the discussion of her career and accomplishments, but here it is in full detail.

  1. Age: Thirty-four

  2. Height: 5 feet 7 inches (That’s about 170 centimeters for all you metric system readers)

  3. Eye Color: Brown

  4. Hair Color: Brunette. Cheri tends to prefer her natural hair color, so it’s rare if she ever dyes it.

  5. Weight: 128 pounds (Again, for users of the metric system, that’s close to 58 kilos)

  6. Measurements: 38-25-36 inches (In metric, 97-64-91 centimeters)

Some of those are bound to vary, such as the height and weight, but Cheri always seems to hover roughly around these numbers. Either way, she is a stunningly beautiful woman. There is a reason she made both of our lists of the hottest models to follow for Twitter and Instagram.

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