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Who is Erika Costell? YouTube, Music, and Jake Paul

Erika Costell has been around the social media block for a few years now. But, not too much is known about her, or what she has been up to. However, we aim to change that as well as to give some insight into this up-and-coming YouTuber and singer.

Her Background

She was born on the 28th of November 1992 in Toledo, Ohio. She is one of 12 siblings, and she was brought up in Bedford Township, Monroe County, Michigan. During her attendance at Bedford High School in Michigan, she began modeling at the age of 16 years old, where she was represented by Wilhelmina International as well as the DAN Talent Group.

She graduated from high school in 2011, and she found her way to Middle Tennessee State University where she studied business administration. However, she dropped out before her last semester to take on the modeling world in Los Angeles. She eventual found her way into the “Team 10” house created by well-known YouTuber Jake Paul in 2015 before the group was launched.

Team 10 was a gathering of social media and YouTube influencers all living under the same roof. It was based in LA with the group being formed in 2016. And it is still going to this day with Jake Paul posting the content on his own channel instead of the Team 10’s one. This would make sense since he has over 20 M subscribers when compared to the house’s 2. 44 M.

Jake Paul and Team 10

Erika Costell began her journey in the Team 10 house, not as an influencer but as a business assistant to Jake Paul. In May 2018, Nick Crompton who was the COO (Chief Operations Officer) and co-founder of the house left and Erika was able to be promoted to the new COO. A year prior to that she had started her own YouTube channel where she would post her music, reaction videos, and vlogs.

Jerika (Jake Paul + Erika Costell) dated for about 7 months with their relationship ending in 2018. She left the Team 10 house then to focus more on her own career. However, she and Jake have reunited in a video that was posted on the 3rd of March 2021. The video was titled “I Took Erika on a Date (Jerika Reunites)” but it was mostly an update video with the “date” being a group event and lasting about two minutes.

The Fake Wedding

While the two were together fans were often not totally sure what was going on. However, in 2017 Jake posted a video with the title “We actually got married.” The video has gained millions of views but it was another clickbait title.

Jake commented in an interview with The New York Times, that the two did not actually get married, and that they were not even dating. He compared the stunt to the WWE where people know it is fake. Plus, it was merely for entertainment.

The Break-Up

With the popularity of Jake Paul as being one of the most subscribers on YouTube, it is no surprise that a lot of eyes were on the couple. They may have tried to keep it on the down-low but fans noticed. Plus, when it came to the Shane Dawson documentary- “In the mind of Jake Paul”; they seemed to have been slightly more open about it.

However, their romantic relationship had to come to an end. It was told by Jake on his Twitter that it was a decision that they both made to go separate ways. The post shows no hard feelings and each of them wished the other the best. And this was covered by the BBC just to drive home how big of a deal it was.

Rising Music Career

However, before the break-up, Jerika released a song titled "Jerika” featuring Uncle Kade. The song landed on the Billboard Top 100 Canadian and US charts. In the US it peaked at 86 while in Canada it was at 76.

This could have been where the music bug bit her. After she left the Team 10 house she signed up with The Orchard. This is a subsidiary of Sony Music, as well as being an American music and entertainment company, which also specializes in marketing, media distribution, and sales. Erika has released several non-album singles with one album released so far. The album is titled “Don’t Worry” and it came out in 2019.

However, she had one song released before then. In 2018, she recorded and released “Chitty Bang” this time featuring Jake Paul. One could say he was returning the favor. There were several music videos released in 2018 that fell under her name. The videos could have been made before she left the Team 10 house since editing can take a while.

The music videos are titled:

  • Not Her

  • Karma

  • Dynamite

But none of them manage to chart. This is fine since most up-coming singers can take some time to find their sound, style, and footing. Erika carried on working on her music releasing another two songs in 2019- “Queen” and “Thots Not Feelings”. The latter is said to be one of her more popular songs, as of 2021.

She then followed these singles up with her first album called “Don’t Worry”. There are five songs on this album: “Don’t Worry”, “Conscience”, “Bad”, “Petty Isn’t Pretty”, and “Me Time”. Not too bad for a first album. “Don’t Worry” and “Conscience” were also released as singles. Unfortunately, none of the singles made their way onto the charts.

Her most recent adventure into music is the track called “No Roof”. It was released in 2020. With her music career on the rise, we can expect more singles, and maybe even a few more albums with longer tracklists in the future. Erika won the Teen Choice Award in 2018 in the category Music Web Star meaning that people are liking her stuff.

Erika has also been featured on “Thot Drop” by Diversify along with other YouTubers turned singers in 2020. She was also the only feature on Tessa Brooks’ “Powerful Emotions” in 2017.

Where You Can Hear Her Music

Her music can be found on her YouTube channel Erika Costell where you could also end up finding songs that are not singles. Other avenues to listen to her music are Spotify as well as Apple Music. The former shows that she has 38 K monthly listeners.

BIA Entertainment

Her music career is not only that of a singer, but a businesswoman as well. She started a record label titled BIA Entertainment. It is described as "a music label by women, for women”. The channel has over 4 K subscribers with the introduction video being posted on the 22 of January 2020. It is co-foundered with Britt Burton. The channel started on the 12 of August 2019.

The company would be a great way for Erika to put her business administration studies to the test. However, we have to wait and see how the business grows and develops. It was started during Covid-19 so it must have been hit by the limitation of the events surrounding the virus. To keep up-to-date with the going-ons of the company, you can follow them on Instagram @biaentertainment.

The Social Media Numbers

Social media influencers have to focus on the numbers. Whether this is the number of likes or even dislikes that their posts get. A dislike can be seen as a negative thing but on the flip side, you can view it as if someone took time out of their day to give the creator a chance. They just so happen to not have liked that certain post.

Regarding Erika, she currently has over 3 000 followers on the BIM Entertainment Instagram as well as the aforementioned over 4 K subscribers on the YouTube channel. However, as of 2021, her Instagram and YouTube channels are still new so time will tell how much it grows.

Her personal Instagram has over 3. 5 M followers, while her own YouTube channel has over 4. 35 M subscribers. Therefore, it makes sense that she would post her music and music videos on the latter channels since it would get more views as well as interactions.

A YouTuber World

Diving further into her channel one can notice the aforementioned music videos, but there is a lot more variety in her content. She also does vlogs, behind the scene of her music videos and make-up tutorials. The last two mentioned playlists would be a great find for anyone wishing to know more about making a music video or those that want to improve their make-up skills.

Erika is also a model so she has some videos about her experiences. A good playlist to check out would be her Victoria's Secret one as well as the docuseries titled Miami Swim Week 2019. This is a three-part series that takes you from casting to the final show.

And like with any model they would have to keep fit. Erika is not an expectation. Therefore, she also shows you tips and tricks on how to stay fit. But, if you are more into travel then she has you covered too with her travel vlogs.

Other Ventures- GLOAT

Her other adventure is GLOAT that came out in 2019. It is a four-piece skincare lip kit that is all-natural. It is a collaboration with Truly Beauty and you can still get the products today on their site. You can buy individual products for about 14 to 16 USD or 48 USD for the whole package.

Erika described these products as being based around her lip and skincare routine as well as being made from her favorite smells as well as ingredients. Plus, a ton of her personality.

You know the saying: do what you know, and who knows how to look after lips better than Erika? Therefore, you would be with good lips using GLOAT. The products consist of: Lip Plumping Serum, Luscious Lip Butter, Big Juicy Lip Oil, and Sexy Soft Lip Scrub.

The first item is said to have anti-aging benefits as well as that it can be used as a primer for lipstick. It is said to soften as well as hydrate your lips with the use of hyaluronic acid and coconut. The Luscious Lip Butter is also made with hyaluronic acid as well as nourishing oils. It has peppermint that plumps the lips by boosting circulation.

Big Juicy Lip Oil lets the silky oil melt onto the lips also becoming a great primer for lipstick. This product is a blend of hyaluronic acid and oils such as coconut. The product is said to help boost collage and fixing fine lines on your lips.

The last product is the Sexy Soft Lip Scrub. This one can gently exfoliate lips which can help your lip balm to absorb better as well as making your lipstick easier and smoother to put on. It uses nee seed oil as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate, protect and make your lips firm. This is how it can protect against drying, chapping, or cracking.

What Else Is Erika Up To

Erika is doing what many good-looking influencers are falling into and that is OnlyFans. OnlyFans took flight in 2020 most likely due to everyone being in lockdown. Her account has about 19 K likes.

The bio of her account says that she has unreleased music on there as well as some behind-the-scenes stuff. Not to mention the photoshoots, and apparently “lots of tea”.

She also goes on to many podcasts such as The Tom Ward Show, OHoney with Amanda Cerny, and Sommer Rey. Here are only a few, but we are sure there will be more coming up soon.

Where Can Keep Up-To-Date With Her

As mentioned she has a YouTube channel, an Instagram account as well as an OnlyFans. Her personal Instagram would seem to be the most active where she updates about what she is up to, mostly using stories. However, her OnlyFans also seems to be fairly active. Her YouTube channel is, give and take, about uploads on average twice to three times a month for the looks of things. She also sues TikTok @erikacostell.

What Can We Expect In The Future

While influencers’ futures are often unclear we can expect quite a bit from Erika Costell. She could become more active on her YouTube channel delivering not only new music but vlogs and make-up tips as well. As for BIA Entertainment, there is a lot of potential for growth, and the concept of women helping women is a much-needed one.

She has been around social media in particular YouTube since 2017 with little signs of slowing down. Plus, she seems to have a passion for music and hopefully will release another, full, album soon.

As for the business side, it would be great if she used her education and her skills in make-up more often as she has done with GLOAT as well as BIA Entertainment But, only time will tell what the future holds with these two projects.

She is on a good path and takes advantage of the platforms that offer her the most. Her music career is only just beginning with more and more people taking notice. However, doing more features would not hurt either.

We do believe that her fans would love to see her post more often on her YouTube as they eagerly await her new music to come. We wish her the best of luck with all her current and future projects. It is only up from here.

Plus, with the virus seemly to be a bit more under control perhaps there will be more stuff on the horizon. If not she has a very strong and good footing in her YouTube as well as her music career. We are sure that in no time she will also have one of the most liked videos on YouTube.

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