Who is Kinsey Wolanski? Champions League Streaker

The stunning 24-year-old model and social media sensation, Kinsey Wolanski, has been exploding in popularity since her stunt at a Champions League game back in 2019. She interrupted the game by streaking in a black jumpsuit that didn’t leave an awful lot of her lower half left to the imagination. Shortly after, people started taking notice of her. She’s used this burst in popularity to make some recent big moves. That being said, she was already up to some cool stuff before her stunt.

If you’re one of the people that has only just started paying attention to her and went to learn more about this model, here is a quick overview of who she is, what she’s done, and what you might be able to expect of her in the coming months.

Physical Characteristics

Kinsey Wolanski’s modeling career has taken off. As expected, that means that there are quite a lot of people interested in the exact numbers and measurements that make up her body. For a normal person, this sort of info being monitored would likely feel uncomfortable. For models, it is all part of the job. Some people are just content to be fans of these models, but some people want all the details they can get. For the later folks, here is how Kinsey Wolanski stacks up.

  1. Height: 5 foot 5 inches (That’s about 165 centimeters for users of the metric system)

  2. Weight: 121 pounds (Roughly 55 kilos in metric weight)

  3. Measurements: 35 – 26 – 36 inches (Around 89 – 66 – 91 centimeters)

  4. Bra Size: 34F

  5. Shoe Size: 8 US, 7.5 UK, or 41 Euro.

  6. Eyes Color: Hazel

  7. Hair Color: Blonde. Her hair has a natural color gradient to it that makes her that much more alluring.

  8. Astrological Sign: Virgo

Some of these fluctuate depending on any number of things. But baring anything too abnormal, you can expect Kinsey Wolanski to shape up close to these measurements. All in all, they add up to one sexy woman.

Kinsey Wolanski.

Early Life and Background

Kinsey Wolanski was born in Sacramento, California. She came from a relatively normal family that did not have a ton of notoriety before she became famous, so not much is known about her parents, even now. She also has one sibling, a younger brother. There is also not too much info about him readily available — it is not even particularly clear how old he is, or even what he is named.

In a similar vein, the details of her early life are not available to the public. As you might have been able to guess by her last name, she has a definite Russian heritage, and reportedly claims to have Russian nationality. In some cases, people claim that she was born in Russia to her California residing parents, thus explaining her dual nationality. It doesn’t seem far-fetched, but again, the exact details of her early life have not been shared with the public. There doesn’t seem to be anything that strongly suggests that she lived anywhere besides California throughout her life before adulthood. That being said, there isn’t readily available evidence to contradict the possibility of her living somewhere besides California.

Depending on where you look, there are reports of her starting her modeling career at either age 15 or 16. Why there is a discrepancy isn’t clear, nor is it clear which start date of her career is true. What might be going on with this confusion is that she started pursuing a modeling career when she was 15, but did not start receiving professional modeling gigs until she was at least 16. Either way, she allegedly got inspired to become a model after taking a trip to Los Angeles and getting a glimpse at the lifestyle and career.

She had some moderate success early on. The modeling career is already highly competitive, and that is even more true for models trying to make it in California. Once she became an adult, she moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles to help improve her career. You might be surprised to find this out because of how stunningly attractive she is, but she is rumored to have been quite shy during her first few serious shoots.

Kinsey Wolanski’s presence in the modeling world steadily improved after she relocated to Los Angeles. She was able to score feature pieces in some major magazine titles, such as Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and For Him Magazine (FHM). 2017 ended up being a pretty substantial year for her. That was the year she participated in her first beauty title as a model: Miss Jetset. Kinsey did not end up winning, but she was one of the finalists, which is impressive for a first showing. That was also the year where she received her first gig as the cover girl for a magazine, gracing the front of the first volume of The Boulevard Magazine.

Kinsey Wolanski was already on her way up in the modeling world. She had already accomplished quite a bit in her career and was barely 21 by the time she’d done it. But what she did in the next few years would put her on the map as a model and social media presence.

Kinsey’s Streaking Stunt

Going streaking is risky business on any scale, but most people that do it don’t set their sights much higher than a local game. Running around scantily clad or completely naked is dangerous and wild in and of itself, but interrupting a sports game with it adds a whole other level of danger. Getting tackled by security and detained for public indecency are just a few things to worry about, and that’s still just on the small scale.

So you can imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been for Kinsey Wolanski to run across the field at a Champions League Game. For those that are not familiar with the Champions League or soccer in general, the games are usually played in enormous stadiums that are packed to the brim. Past that, important games are televised to millions of viewers on average. 

During the 2019 Champions League Finals between Liverpool and Tottenham, Kinsey ran onto the field wearing nothing but a pair of bright white sneakers and a skimpy black bathing suit with the Vitaly Uncensored logo across the chest. If you want to see the streaking in action, here are a few short clips.

She made it into the center of the field before she was caught and escorted off away by security. Normally, this kind of stunt draws ire from fans, but Kinsey looked so sexy while she was doing it that people were happy to see it go down. After she was caught, she spent the rest of the night detained in a jail cell. After she got out, she reportedly went out celebrating with her friends.

Kinsey woke up the next morning to what can truly be referred to as an overnight success. Before her streaking stunt, she had just over 350 thousand Instagram followers. The next morning, she had over 2 million, and only continued to get more over time. Kinsey claims that she wants to make enough money to retire by 30 and that she considers streaking to have been well worth the trouble it caused her. It is estimated that her streaking accomplished roughly the same effect as spending over 3 million pounds for publicity.

The logo of the swimsuit is not insignificant either.  Italy Uncensored is the website hosted by Kinsey’s boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. As the name implies, Vitaly Uncensored is a website that archives Vitaly’s prank videos, many of which are moderately pornographic. Vitaly was the mastermind behind the streaking stunt, using it both to promote his website and support his girlfriend. Suffice it to say, both goals were highly successful, with Kinsey’s increased social media presence, and Vitaly Uncensored boasting upwards of 30 million monthly users. This is not Vitaly’s first time planning a streaking stunt either. He has done several himself and is even banned from a few European stadiums for fear of him pulling such stunts again.

Instagram Drama

Instagram is a huge asset for models. Not only is a way to promote themselves and make connections with other models or modeling companies, but they can also use their profiles as a potential income source via sponsorships and such.

As mentioned previously, Kinsey Wolanksi’s Instagram profile became wildly successful after she went streaking at the Champions League Finals. She barely had any time to enjoy the millions of new followers she received before her Instagram account got hacked. Information about the person that hacked the account or why they hacked it was never made public. The hacker did not mess around too much once they had control, but they did delete her account.

Kinsey was justifiably furious. She had done something incredibly risky that paid off, and the benefit she received from taking that risk was ripped away from her. Funnily enough, she then started using Twitter more, despite not spending much time there beforehand. Now, her Twitter account is one of the hottest model accounts in all of Twitter.

Once the initial outrage had passed, she decided to just build up a whole new Instagram account. Luckily for her, her appeal to Instagram went over well, and they were able to recover her account just as it was before the hacker deleted it. Kinsey was once again back on top of the world with Instagram popularity.

The incident seemed to teach her a valuable lesson though. Before the issues with the hacker, she had only worked much on maintaining her Instagram account. Don’t get the wrong idea, Instagram is the forefront of social media platforms for models, but she realized that once her Insta account was gone, she had almost no way to reach out to her newfound millions of fans.

Kinsey realized that, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” was a saying for a reason. She continued to build up her Twitter account even after recovering her Instagram account, and both are now thriving. Fans of hers can now also enjoy her on TikTok. As you can imagine from someone dating a notorious prankster, you can find some wacky and outrageous stuff on her TikTok profile, in addition to all the sexy content you might have been expecting.

If you are also thinking about branching out into other social media platforms, make sure you know the difference between reach and impressions so you can be as successful as possible.

The Pranks Continue

As you can expect from the huge surge of interest in her, Kinsey Wolanski’s modeling career took off remarkably well. She landed several huge modeling gigs after that, including her debut in a few movies. One of the biggest hallmarks of her progress as a successful model is landing her first partnered brand sponsorship with the energy drink company, Bang. This newfound deal led to a new step in her career, and she can now be seen in advertisements and sporting the brand’s merch regularly.

Along with her boyfriend, Vitaly, the couple decided to shoot a promotional video for Bang. The couple traveled around the streets of Bali, handing strangers money, and drinking Bang energy drinks the entire time. The whole effort was recorded and trimmed down to a short video. 

The couple drew some criticism for the move. Many people criticized them for flaunting their wealth, exploiting people to promote a benefit, and belittling the locals. While the video as a whole may not have been in the best taste, they appeared to be interacting in a polite and friendly manner with the people in the video. Regardless, the video was certainly successful in generating buzz. Despite the outrage they seem to cause, the couple’s following only continues to grow. Bang must have thought it was acceptable too, as Kinsey is still partnered with them.

Ultimately, Kinsey and Witaly did not end up staying together. This comes as a somewhat sad turnaround after Vitaly reportedly told Wolanski, “I can’t wait to marry you” after her Champions League streaking. The exact reasons for the breakup are unknown, but it can be inferred from Kinsey’s comments on the subject that Vitaly was a bit too much for her. She enjoyed their time together, and he helped her discover her love of pulling pranks and performing strange public stunts. The types of pranks and candid stunts Vitaly liked to perform felt like they were pushing the envelope to Kinsey, though. 

The couple went their separate ways and continued to grow more and more popular in their endeavors. Kinsey continued to do pranks by herself, many of which are archived on her Youtube channel.

Kinsey Wolanski and her boyfriend.

If It Worked The First Time…

As Kinsey continued to grow her social media following, she felt the need to keep upping her prank game. What better way to keep raising the stakes than to follow up on her most successful prank ever — the one that launched her to stardom.

Roughly a year after her streaking stunt at the Champions League Finals, Kinsey interrupted the Ski World Cup in Austria in a similar fashion. During one of the competitor’s trials during the Men’s Slalom, Kinsey jumped the barrier and ripped off her overcoat, revealing a black swimsuit that was this time unmarked. She held up a sign that said “RIP Kobe,” a tribute to the basketball legend Kobe Bryant that had died only days before.

Kinsey drew quite a bit of criticism for this stunt. Some people thought she was crassly using honoring Kobe’s death as an excuse to draw publicity. Some considered the act confusing since Bryant had never expressed a particular love of skiing. Others were simply upset because it made the trail she interrupted void, and the person running it was on track to set a record.

Her second attempt at streaking was, evidently, not as big of a success. The displeasure with her methods is likely a factor. Skiing is a much less followed sport than soccer, so there is also the concern of raw viewership. Of course, it’s also worth considering that anyone would struggle to match the explosive surge in popularity that her first stunt created.

 It’s not like the second streaking hurt her popularity. That seems able to only move in one direction: up. Still, some of the details of the prank were a little under-polished. It’s unclear if she plans to continue with streaking stunts, but odds are that isn’t the case. After all, serial streaking is the sort of thing that got her ex-boyfriend Vitaly into so much trouble, and she seems to be trying to move away from his brand of pranking.

Moving On and Moving Up

Kinsey still appears to be on the upward trajectory with her fame. She continues to get more followers and generate more buzz with each day. She has already found herself a spot in The Clubhouse, a collective of social media stars that live and create content together, reminiscent of the Hype-House. She has received a few roles in movies and seems interested in doing more. It certainly looks like Kinsey Wolanski has what it takes to reach her proclaimed goal of being rich enough to retire before she turns 30. Be sure to keep your eyes on her as she continues to make moves in the modeling and social media world.

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