Who is Sara Jean Underwood? TV Host to Instagram Star

You have probably heard Sara Jean Underwood’s name but not been certain of just who exactly she is. Most likely, you know her from her acting roles and work with the Playboy Franchise. These days, you can find her pursuing a career in modeling and several other awesome projects. If you’re one of the many people that loved her but wonder what else she has gotten up to, here is a quick overview of this lovely lady’s career, what she’s doing now, and the sort of things you can look forward to from her.

Before the Fame

Sara Jean Underwood is what you could consider “first-generation famous.” None of her immediate family was widely known before she achieved stardom. As a result, there is not too much known about her early life since no one thought to keep extensive tabs. She also is not the type of celebrity to air out details of her life, for attention or otherwise. 

There are a few things that are known to the public and are pretty interesting. She was born in Portland, Oregon in 1984. She graduated from Scappoose High School in Scappoose, Oregon in 2002. Allegedly, she attended the same school as football star Derek Anderson. Right after high school, she went right away to college at Oregon State University. 

Her earliest job was assisting with sales for heavy construction equipment. One of her other notable jobs was at the Hooters in Beaverton, Oregon — a fitting day job for someone as attractive as Sara Jean Underwood.

Sara Jean Underwood.

The First Big Gig

Somewhat similar to Ana Cheri, Sara Jean Underwood got her start by modeling for Playboy Magazine. Her first appearance with the erotic periodical was in the October 2005 issue as one of the features in their Girls of the Pac-10 series. As you could expect, she represented Oregon State University and appeared on the cover. Her shoot had her come with nothing but a football and a body paint recreation of the OSU football team jersey and matching bikini bottoms. 

Her next work with Playboy was in July of 2006 as the Playmate of the Month. She came back for a third year in a row as the Playmate of the Year in 2007, a title that came with a brand new convertible Mini Cooper. The honor came as a surprise to Sara Jean Underwood, as she allegedly believed that she was not pretty enough to win against some of the other models she was stacked up against. Playboy feature her once more in 2008, but this time not with a photoshoot — she ranked in their list of 25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities.

While she didn’t have anything to do with it herself, there was a bit of drama at Oregon State University surrounding her being named Playmate of the Year. During 2007, OSU had created a series of posters that celebrated the achievements of their alumni and posted them throughout the campus. A group of people from the Women’s Studies program created a poster that imitated the style of the official posters, and theirs featured Sara Jean Underwood. The poster supposedly read “Sara Jean: First OSU Beaver Playmate of the Year, Playboy June ’07, OSU Centerfold, People, Ideas, Innovation.” It was placed outside of Bexel Hall and was taken down by university officials within hours. After some outrage and argumentation, OSU was almost pressured into having to put the poster back up but found a convenient loophole. Sara Jean Underwood, it turns out, wasn’t OSU’s first alumni to become Playmate of the Year. That distinction belongs to Jodi Ann Patterson, the 2000 Playmate of the Year.

Moving on From Playboy … Kinda

Sara Jean Underwood’s appearances in the erotic magazine helped catapult her into celebrity status. Her modeling career grew significantly beyond those few Playmate appearances. While she was in her three year period with Playboy and immediately afterward, she started getting offered several roles in TV shows and movies.

She was excited to branch out, but there was a bit of a problem with the first few roles that she got. She was getting a bit typecasted. 

Her first big-screen appearance was in the 2007 film Epic Movie. She played an unnamed pirate maiden, along with some of her fellow Playmates. The role wasn’t so bad in itself, but it was a bit unflattering her debut was with other Playboy models as unassuming characters. 

She also got a cameo in 2008 with the comedy movie House Bunny, which was a step further in the wrong direction. The movie follows a Playmate being kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and eventually coming to live in a sorority. She ends up teaching the members of said sorority how to be popular and get boys. Playboy is an inescapable element of the movie to begin with, and she is only present for a brief scene in the beginning. 

She also made an appearance in The Telling, a 2009 horror movie that was mostly filmed in the Playboy Mansion. She also played herself in Miss March, a movie about two highschoolers obsessed with the Playboy franchise. 

There was eventually a role in the 2014 film Deadly Weekend where she was a featured character, and the movie had no known traces of the Playboy franchise. It ended up not being a huge success, unfortunately. 

In the defense of these castings, it’s hard to think of a woman that emanates the alluring “Girl Next Door” energy more than Sara Jean Underwood. Still, seeing someone like her get stuck in mediocre casting roles or forcibly attached to a single brand is disheartening.

Sara Jean Underwood’s TV career was much more successful at escaping the Playboy brand that she cut her teeth on. She had a few features in the E! Network show The Girls Next Door as a Playmate, but quickly moved on to other things. Besides this, her first appearances on TV were as a guest on Kendra and The Howard Stern Show, and a brief stint as a fight jock on Blackbelt TV.

In 2009, she hit her break. She was brought on as a guest host for G4’s Attack of the Show to cover for Olivia Munn while she was on vacation. Fans loved her so much, she was brought back as a permanent co-host from 2010 onward. 2011 saw her as a guest host and frequent presenter for The Feed.

There were also a few TV shows that had her as guest stars. The second episode of Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches brought her on to discuss the gorgeous beaches of Croatia. The highly popular MTV show Ridiculousness invited her onto an episode in 2012 as well.

More Than A Pretty Face

While she has plenty of good looks to spare, Sara Jean underwood got a few shots in the spotlight that had nothing to do with her appearance. As an avid yoga enthusiast, fitness has been one of her biggest passions throughout her life. She decided to put her fitness to the test, and enter as a contestant in the eight Kunoichi competition.

To those not familiar, this is a similar competition to the Ninja Warrior series, where people are challenged to complete a course full of physically demanding tasks faster than their competition. The main difference is that Kunoichi, keeping true to the Japanese tradition from which it draws its name, is a women’s only contest. She made it through the first heat of contestants, beating at least 3 Japanese women with extensive athletic pedigrees. She was eliminated in the second round due to a misjudged jump distance on an obstacle known as the Dancing Stones.

One of her most prominent modeling gigs was in advertising for VictoryPoker.net. As it would turn out, she liked playing poker at least as much as she liked promoting it, and was pretty good at it. After cutting her teeth in a few charity poker events, she was brought onto their team as a professional poker player. She left the team after a while but said it was an enjoyable experience.

A Slight Vanishing Act

After Attack of the Show was canceled, she stopped trying for movie roles, and she quit the VictoryPoker.net team, Sara Jean Underwood all but disappeared from the public eye. It is presumed that she got tired of living the celebrity lifestyle and wanted to step away from it a while to rethink life. Unless you went out in search of news about her life, she went relatively unheard until 2016.

What happened in 2016, you may be asking? Well, it turns out that during her time away, Sara Jean Underwood discovered a love of the outdoors and travel. In the summer of 2016, she studied how to use  Ruby on Rails, and used it to publish a beginners guide of outdoor recreation and traveling.

Returned and Renewed

Sara Jean Underwood came back into the public eye in the years following. She was still as gorgeous as she had ever been, but her presence was noticeably different. The “girl next door” aura that seemed to linger around her from the moment she became famous had finally managed to be cast aside. No longer was she Sara Jean Underwood, the Playmate and cute girl from TV; she was Sara Jean Underwood, model and nature lover.

With this newfound interest, identity, and following, she set out on some amazing projects. The most notable of these is the Cabinland web series. Sara, along with her boyfriend and fellows nature lover, Jacob Witzling, designed and built a series of quaint and beautiful cabins in the forests of the American Northwest. Cabinland follows them throughout the entire process, from design to finishing touches on several impressive building projects. 

The cherry on top of the whole experience is that they built one cabin in particular for their personal use. That may not seem that interesting at first, but after the cabin in question was finished, they moved into it. That’s right — for one full year, Sara Jean Underwood and her boyfriend lived together in a 100 square feet cabin that they built from scratch. You can find some of the highlights from the experience on the Cabinland Youtube channel, or the two individuals’ respective Instagram profiles.

Sara Jean Underwood used her huge platform across several social media sites to promote the series. Some people considered it to be a bit self-indulgent, but she believed it was a good thing. She was advocating for people to appreciate nature, and consider living in a way that is more respectful to one’s environment. 

Her advocacy goes beyond just her Cabinland product. She has adopted a vegan lifestyle and proudly encourages others to try it. She got into the diet on account of the health benefits, and learning just how much better it can be for the environment is really what sold her on it. You’ll see her periodically make posts about some of the delicious vegan food she discovers or makes. Beyond that, she is not officially affiliated with any charities or organizations that promote environmental awareness and conservation. She prefers to use her platform as a way to advocate for nature. You will often catch her making statements or getting into arguments with people when she feels the need to make a positive message or if someone is being hurtful to the environmental situation.

Sara Jean Underwood on the beach.

Before You Ask, Yeah, She’s Still Hot

Modeling is how Sara Jean Underwood broke out into her celebrity status, and you don’t get to do that unless you are exceptionally attractive. She may have lost her drive for getting involved with Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she no longer has what it takes to make heads turn.

Her Instagram profile has over 9 million followers. That might seem insane for someone who was out of the public eye for so long, but if you ever check out her account, it’s easy to see why so many people wanna stay updated on what she is doing. The natural landscapes she travels to are almost as gorgeous as she is, and they’ll often serve as backgrounds for a stunning picture or even a whole sexy photo set. When she isn’t going to all the effort of creating jaw-dropping swimsuit shots, her casual life posts on Instagram and Twitter display her natural beauty. Even the archives of her working on the cabins can be pretty sexy, especially if you happen to be into handy-women.

As much as her love of the outdoors has shaped what she now does, Sara still finds time to lend her stunning appearance to modeling agencies. Everything from diet supplements and swimsuits to the Star Wars franchise has enlisted her services. Somewhat curiously, though, she does not seem to have a dedicated partnership with a specific brand. This is a common practice for big-name models such as herself. Perhaps she is just waiting to team up with a brand that she truly believes in and wants to promote, or maybe she prefers the ever-changing scenery of new projects.

Keeping Things Spicy

It’s one thing to be sexy, and it’s another thing to be sexy and knows it. Sara Jean Underwood is definitely in the second group. Though it meant a good bit of her acting career was stagnated, her 3 year run of being featured in Playboy was quite the accomplishment. Not many women can claim such a feat, and it certainly would not have been doable if people were not obsessed with your looks. These days, Sara Jean Underwood is staying true to the erotic content that helped put her on the map, only now she is the one in charge of her career.

Sara has an OnlyFans that you can follow for free. Expect to see a ton of teases, sexy costumes, and wonderful — sometimes erotic — pictures of her living her best life in the cabin she built. She offers plenty of sexually explicit content, available for individual purchase. If you aren’t familiar with OnlyFans, this is a great content model for consumers. Unlike a paid subscriptions, you only have to pay for the type of content you are interested in, and if you buy anything from Sara, you’ll have it archived and accessible, even if you cancel your subscription. If you are interested in getting started in Onlyfans, check out these tips to help you to start making some money.

For those of you that prefer something a bit more tangible, consider checking out her Patreon. There, you’ll find several monthly subscription options for various levels of explicit content. Sara does her best to curate monthly photoshoots, both SFW and NSFW that are only available through Patreon. The various tiers start at the 3$ a month option that does not give you access to explicit content, but it will support her and let you follow her on one more platform. The highest level costs 300$ a month, and gives you all the content from each level below it, along with a one-of-a-kind hand-written note from Sara herself and a piece of memorabilia from each month’s shoot. Don’t worry, you can go for one of the more reasonably priced tiers and still pick up some physical pictures — one of the tiers even includes a signed NSFW copy of your favorite photo from that month’s set.

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