Who is Sofia Bevarly? Instagram Model & Dan Bilzerian

There are so many Instagram models that finding one is a dime a dozen, but we have the dime that stands out more than the rest - Sofia Bevarly. But, who is, aside from one of the hottest swim-wearing, animal-loving American models? Well, while there is not too much information, a classy move we must say, what there is, is all in this here article.

Early Life

Sofia Bevarly's early life is surrounded by mystery… not the creepy kind, but none-the-less. There is not too much to say about her background. She was born. And that is about it. Alright, there is a bit more to say.

She was born on the 26th of April 1996, making her a Taurus, in Fort Myers, Florida. It is said that her family is middle class, but no names are given. However, she does thank her parents a lot for their help through her Instagram posts. She attended South Fort Myers High School, and afterward, she went to Florida International University (FIU). In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree.

She started her modeling career shortly after graduating and she moved to Las Vegas to do so. Sofia Bevarly was offered jobs during her studies, but she declined them to get her degree. She has worked with a number of swimwear and lingerie brands as well as posted a lot of these photos on her Instagram. She grew to the point where she gathered around 1.5 M followers, and she can also choose who she works for.

Sofia is a vegetarian as well as an animal lover; she has a cat named Giz, and a dog. Her hobbies include traveling, clubbing, and being in the great outdoors. Sofia also mentioned that she loves the luxury lifestyle that she is living and would not see herself date a “poor man”, so fellas you better start earning that cash.

She has also worked alongside Lindsey Pelas. Lindsey is a supermodel who has been featured in worldwide publications such as Playboy, Glamour, GQ, and Maxim. We are sure that the two learned a lot from each other.

Her Instagram with swimsuits and lingerie posts may have introduced her to the world, but it was her public relationship with Dan Bilzerian that shined a bright spotlight.

Sofia Bevarly & Dan Bilzerian

Sofia met Dan Blizerian at a marquee pool party in 2017. He is 16 years her senior and was a commitment-phobe. However, the two ended up dating and even being in a monogamous relationship, an apparent first for Dan.

A bit of background about Dan Bilzerian- He was born on the 7th of December in 1980 in Tampa, Florida, and is mostly known for his luxurious posts with next to beautiful women on Instagram. He is also an American actor, a playboy, and an Instagram influencer much like Sofia.

However, he is also a poker player. There have been claims that he made his millions by winning poker games but even more, claims that it is a lie and that he got his money from the trust fund his father set up for Dan and his brother. He is also known as a daredevil and abused a lot of drugs and alcohol leading to a double heart-attack before he even turned 32 years old.

The two are no longer together, and it seems to have been so for quite some time. However, when they were together Dan had said that Sofia was “cool”, “smart”, and they had a lot in common. The age gap did not bother either of them.

They traveled around a lot during the relationship. Plus, they would have often posted pictures of themselves on Instagram in loving or “safe for work” sexy poses.

Her Measurements

A model is not worth her weight in salt if her measurements are not up to scratch. Luckily, Sofia’s numbers are worth their weight in gold. She is 5 feet and 3 inches (1. 6m) tall, and her weight usually clocks in at about 101 lb (46 kg). She has an hourglass figure what is great for swimwear and lingerie with her measurements being 34-23-34, an almost perfect number.

Her hair color is blond and she is known for her dark brown eyes. Even though, she is Caucasian but often looks quite tanned in her posts, keeping to the theme of advertising swimwear. She also wears a 34D bra.

Social Media

Sofia Bevarly’s Instagram has about 1.5 M followers, and she seems to be very active on it sharing posts as well as uploading stories. She is also an elite Model of Bang Energy Drinks often doing adverts and advertised posts for them. She has also posted many photos and has a highlight stories reel showing off Fashion Nova clothes. Sofia has also posted photos advertising KO Watches, among other products.

Her other social media account that is active is her TikTok. Here she has gathered about 85.6K followers as well as around 165.5K likes. Her first post on the dancing app was on the 31st of October in 2019. However, she has been posting on Instagram since 2014.

Another note about her Instagram page is that she posts several workout and fitness-related images. She is really into that. Therefore, it would make sense that she would show it. Plus, a model has to stay fit.

Her posts are not only made up of her modeling, and fitness-inspired ones, but also of her travels. There are also several posts of her with animals to spread awareness of animal rights. Plus, they are just really cute animals and pets. It is most likely more the former since she is an “Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation” supporter.

Not only does she have an active Instagram and Tiktok account, but she has opened up an OnlyFans one too. It has about 72.4 K likes. The bio reads that she will post content on OnlyFans that she would never post on Instagram. Plus, OnlyFans is “the only place [you] can chat” with her according to her bio.

Why Is There So Little Information About Her?

Privacy is a major thing when it comes to working online as an influencer. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the idea that one has to tell and show everything about themselves to boost up their numbers.

This is often dangerous not only that the influencer could get doxxed, but it can also be physically and mentally draining much of the time. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea for Sophia to keep a lot of her life private. While her relationship with Dan Bilzerian did shine a spotlight on the young model there was still not a lot revealed about her.

While her fans and admirers would love to know more about her such as if she is actually an only child or is it merely speculation? However, it is best to not going poking around. Besides, she has proven that the less people know about you the higher your Instagram likes will be.

The key is to find something that one is good at and stick to it. Such as what Sofia has been doing. While there are some more casual posts about her partying and hanging a lot of her content has to do with her modeling career. This would be the way to go to be a social media influencer while still holding on to one’s sanity as well as privacy.

Another important reason while so little is known about Sofia is that she avoids drama and controversies. Controversies could have been a great way to drum up more numbers, and this is probably why some social media influencers fall into them or at least do not mind as much as they should.

The saying goes that any news is good news may ring true, especially when many people are more curious and interested in “the drama”. But, sometimes the best thing to do is just to keeps one’s nose clean. Such as what Sofia does.

The thing with controversies is that they can lead to an increase in likes, interactions, and views. But what can also happen is that one’s reputation can decrease to the point of becoming a laughingstock. Companies do want to hire influencers with a higher follower count but not if there is a lot of baggage to their name.

Therefore, Sophia has the right idea of staying out of trouble. And hopefully, none will find her.

What Could The Future Hold?

Sofia Bevarly is still young so the world is at her feet with the help of her modeling and influencer career. Therefore, the future looks bright even if it is unknown. Perhaps she will post more Instagram stories maybe even asking her followers what outfit they want to see her wear next? Or just generally uploading more on her Instagram.

A suggestion would be that she finds a balance between her social media accounts. Her TikTok could use a post in terms of the number of posts as well as likes. It is currently falling behind when compared to her Instagram. We could also expect more Instagram plug-ins with Bang Energy Drinks, and other types of products.

Perhaps the future will hold more fitness-related products or workout routines. Or even more focus on animal care and welfare. Such as what there is now, but more of it and more frequent.

Outside of social media, we would hope to see Sofia in more publications, maybe even following the footsteps of Lindsey Pelas by being featured in Glamour or GQ. She has the talent so it could be in the near future if she so wants.

Sofia Bevarly is on a good path, and she has achieved a lot through working hard. Therefore, the future will be more of the same but better. Hopeful there will be more work outside of social media. Do not get us wrong, we love social media and the internet, but there is nothing wrong with one expanding their reach.

The Best Place to Follow Her

To keep up-to-date with Sofia Bevarly’s future and present projects, and posts, the best platform to follow would be her Instagram @sofia_bevarly. She is an Instagram model after all so it makes sense that she spends a lot of time on the app.

The other platform that seems to frequent is OnlyFans only because the site has more posts than her TikTok account. You can also follow her TikTok: sofia.bevarly, in an attempt to inspire her to post more on the app, but no promises.


Sofia Bevarly is an American Instagram model who studied and graduated from Florida International University in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree. She has models for a lot of swimwear, and lingerie brands. Plus, she is also an animal lover as well as an outspoken “Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation” supporter who is also really into fitness and working out.

Sofia is an elite Model of Bang Energy Drinks as well as having shown-off some Fashion Nova clothes in several posts. She has also done advertising through her Instagram account for KO Watches. Outside of her Instagram she also posts on OnlyFans and occasionally on TikTok. Therefore, your best bet is her Instagram account and her OnlyFans to keep yourself updated with what she does, and posts.

Her past romantic relationship that was in the public eye was with playboy, poker-playing, partying Dan Bilzerian, but it did not last. Other than that she keeps her romantic personal life to herself. However, she did go on to The Romi Show Live Podcast to speak about the matter. What we can say is that she is from Fort Myers, and she is one of the most well-known Instagram models from this neck of the woods.

Sofia has an hourglass figure which would have helped push her posts in swimwear and lingerie. This gathered her millions of people’s attention. Hence, putting her Instagram followers to one and a half million. A lot of current posts are still that of her in swimwear, and a few workout outfits were thrown in for good measure. She has also worked with supermodel Lindsey Pelas, which could have given her modeling career that tiny extra boost.

She has avoided a lot of drama and controversies even while being in a relationship with someone who had quite a few following his name. Her avoidance of could have helped her keep her good reputation as well as making her one of the most sought-after models in the industry. However, a lot about her private life is unknown.

This latter point will probably never change as she strikes us as a woman who likes to keep a lot of things to herself. Regarding her new romantics and family life. She does not have a problem showing off her body in swimwear, but the deeper stuff is off-limits. Even when she was in the public spotlight due to her relationship with Dan Bilzerian; there was still a lot hidden away about her from the public eyes.

Her modeling and social media influencer careers are only going up from here. Plus, and we cannot wait to see what she does in the future. There are sure to be more products with her face behind it as well as maybe even some workout tips and tricks. And not to mention more showing off her support to animal care organizations or just more posts of her with animals.

If you want to see what she does next it would be best to follow her Instagram. She is quite active on it. Sofia Bevarly is a world-class model with many admirers and more being added as time goes on. wouldn't you agree? Here's looking out for this Instagram star, swimsuit, and lingerie model.

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