Who is Tana Mongeau? Youtube, Relationships, and More

Tana Mongeau has already made a huge name for herself at a fairly young age. Most people would know her from her Youtube fame, but she has also produced some music and dabbled in a bit of modeling. As exciting and dramatic as her professional life has been, it pales in comparison to her personal life. If you have somehow not heard of this social media star, or you are already a fan and are looking to learn more about her, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Early Life and Background

Tana Mongeau’s birthday is on June 24th, 1998, which makes her star sign a Cancer with a strong Gemini Cusp. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, a wild city for an equally wild girl, and lived most of her life there. She is the daughter of Rick and Rebecca Mongeau. There are not too many specific, verified details about Tana’s life that are known to the public. However, during the limited-run TV series about her life MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, she is quoted as saying that her parents were lacking in parenting skills, which lead to her having a strained childhood.

Youtube Superstar

Tana started being active on the video streaming site Youtube around 2015. It was a few years before her popularity took off, as most people are not overnight successes in the world of online content creation. Nowadays, calling her Youtube channel impressive might be considered an understatement. She has over 5 million subscribers and over 800 million total views on all of her videos, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is she funny, but she is stunning. She didn’t top our list of the hottest Twitter models by accident.

While her channel offers a lot of humorous content such as Q&As, pranks, makeup tutorials with fun stipulations, and fashion roasts with guest stars, by far her most popular content is her “Storytime” videos. These are a similar format to vlogs, but rather than updating her followers about her daily life or covering a particular topic, they are often videos where Tana chats about her life. There is certainly a reason these videos get the attention of so many people — Tana has lived a crazy life. Some of her unbelievable situations and adventures will be discussed later.

Tana’s content publishing has slowed down somewhat, possibly due to development between her channel and Youtube admins. Despite being a hugely successful content creator with a massive following, Tana lost her Youtube verification status. This is a big deal for her since Youtube heavily prioritizes content created by verified accounts for its algorithm suggestions. Being promoted by the algorithm less leads to fewer views, which in the long run means that a content creator makes less money from things like ad revenue. 

Tana also claimed that she was outright demonetized, meaning that Youtube has made it to where she literally cannot make money with her videos. This has not been confirmed by a secondary source, but it’s hard to prove an account is demonetized unless someone has access to it already.

It is not clear why Youtube removed her verified status, as the site does not issue statements on these matters. Normally, verified status is lost because a channel violated Youtube’s Terms of Service or has been a part of major controversy outside of their actual content. This does not seem likely, as Tana has not violated the TOS as far as anyone knows, and she has not been a part of any major controversy recently. Even then, the scandals surrounding her are no worse than those surrounding similar content creators like Jeffree Star — a personality she often partners with and has maintained a verified channel. 

Of all the speculations, there is one that seems the most likely. 

First, Tana changed the name of her channel twice in somewhat quick succession. She changed her channel name from “Tana Mongeau” to “Tana Paul,” then back to “Tana Mongeau” shortly afterward. The changes reflected the volatile relationship with another popular Youtuber, Jake Paul — more on this in the relationships section. Fans speculate that the rapid name changing messed up something on Youtube’s back end, and the problem might get resolved after Tana explains the situation to a Youtube representative.

Tana Mongeau.

Wild and Star-Studded Relationship

Many of Tana Mongeau’s relationships have been with people whose names are just as recognizable as hers. Some of the more prominent of these relationships are some of the most dramatic and interesting. That doesn’t just mean her romantic partners either. Even her friendships are sometimes too ridiculous to believe.

Her earliest relationships when she started as a Youtube content creator were with Somer Hollingsworth, Kian Lawley, and rapper Lil Xan, in that order. These all took place in the earlier stages of her career when she wasn’t as big of a name as she is now. Some of these were short, not even lasting a year, and a few of them weren’t all that eventful

Some people might not know that Tana is openly bisexual, and one of her earliest and most prominent relationships was with Bella Thorne and Brad Sousa. There is some disagreement whether this was a polygamous relationship, or whether Tana and Bella’s relationship was an open one and she decided to also date Brad at the time. Either way, they all went their separate ways around the same time. It was discovered that Brad had allegedly cheated on Tana during a trip to Coachella, though he claims the worst he did was just sending some spicy texts to other girls. Either way, his deception strained the relationships too much, and the breakups were not pretty. Bella and Tana appear to have remained friends at least, as Bella occasionally features in Tana’s videos.

Paul Family Drama

Shortly after the breakups with Bella and Brad, Tana started dating fellow notorious Youtuber, Jake Paul. Tana said that the situation filled her with many complex and confusing emotions. On one hand, she was deeply hurt by Brad’s betrayal, but she found herself strangely excited because it meant she could pursue a relationship with Jake Paul who she had been interested in for a while.

The relationship with Jake Paul is one of the most turbulent Tana has ever been a part of. She announced in one of her videos that they were engaged in June of 2019. Their wedding was scheduled only a month later in the Graffiti Manor in Las Vegas, Tana’s home town. It was later revealed that the wedding was not legally binding and that the two of them had planned the entire series of events as a way to get people’s attention. This is the reasoning behind why Tana changed her channel name so rapidly, potentially causing her loss of Youtube verification.

Despite the relationship supposedly being fake, Tana put out several videos about her feelings towards Jake Paul, saying that she did discover she loved him. She continued to profess her interest in being in a relationship, though Paul seemed much less enthusiastic and sometimes antagonistic in the situation. Many people covered the relationship throughout its rocky stages, claiming that Tana was exhibiting some incredibly unhealthy behavior in her feelings towards him. Eventually, the couples went their separate ways. There was a bit more drama after the split, as Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan, released a video titled “Dating My Brother’s Ex-wife.” Though, there has yet to be evidence to support the claim that Logan and Tana have ever been together.

Rumors and New Hotness

Shortly after splitting from Jake Paul, rumors started cropping up of who Tana was seeing next. One of the earliest fan theories was she began seeing David Dobrik, and while she certainly seemed to be openly flirting with him, David seemed to speak contrary to the rumors. There was more speculation about the Youtube star potentially seeing Mod Sun, but Tana herself came out to say the two of them were both just good friends. One of the most fruitful rumors was the potential for Tana to be dating Francesca Farago. There are plenty of social media posts that contain PDA between the two of them, but Tana is notoriously physically affectionate with seemingly everyone. Some of these posts were captioned, saying things like “We’ll have to see where this relationship goes.” But there has been no official word on their status.

Of all the gossip and rumors, the one most likely to be true is that Tana Mongeau started dating Noah Cyrus. Rumors of them specifically being together started as early as late 2019, back when Jake and Tana were still dating. It was all sparked by a few videos where Noah and Tana were committing some serious PDA. Again, that alone is not indicative of anything considering how physically intimate Tana tends to be with her friends. Then, a few months later, when one of Tana’s music videos referred to Noah as her girlfriend, the internet exploded in the newfound belief that they were a couple.

Noah responded in an Instagram story saying that it was just a lot of hype, that they were just friends. At the 2019 Streamy awards, Tana herself admitted that the rumors were not true. She even went so far as to suggest that the rumors were accidentally started by her and that she felt bad about the confusion. It seemed like the Youtube star was potentially worried about complicating a dear friendship with Noah Cyrus. That could have been the end of the drama, but things kept happening afterward that kept the whispers from dying.

A couple of months later on Noah’s birthday, Tana posted a heartfelt tribute to her wherein she specifically said she loved Noah and Tana thanked Noah for loving her. Not exactly bullet-proof evidence that two people are romantically interested in one another, but it still feels just a bit too gushy, even for the closest of friends. Skip to a few months later, and the pair of stars were spotted walking around and spending some time together, notably holding hands. As odd as this may sound, as physically intimate as Tana tends to be, she is not known to hold hands with people she isn’t at least interested in. On top of that, Tana wrote on her Instagram in response to the picture of her and Noah, after a bit of a hiatus, that she had to take a break from Instagram until Noah was her “girlfriend again.” This could have been Tana trying to stir up drama like she loves to do.

After a while and multiple explicit confirmations from both Tana and Noah that they were not officially dating, the rumors surrounding their relationship simmered down. Though, both girls seemed to like shaking the cage surrounding the situation to keep fans hoping for an update. Pictures of their 2020 Halloween outing got fans whispering once again. Tana went as Paris Hilton, and Noah went as Kim Kardashian, the two collaborating to recreate an iconic shoot complete with sparkly cocktail dresses. It was overall adorable to see them having fun together, and notably holding hands again as they walked together.

Tana Mongeau.

Tana’s Other Ventures

Most of Mongeau’s fame comes from her Youtube content and escapades with other celebrities, but the wild social media icon has done her due diligence in trying to broaden her portfolio. She has a fairly strong music career, for one. She has been featured as the lead artist in several songs, most of which can be found in a playlist on her Youtube channel. The most popular of these songs, “Hefner,” has managed to accumulate over 18 million views, possibly because the music video features some sexy moments between her and Bella Thorne. She also got to be featured in a few songs on the album God Hates Lil Phag, alongside Bella and Dr. Woke.

Tana has also had some time on camera in some pretty major productions. One of the lesser examples is her guest appearances on the Shane and Friends audio-visual podcast. She had a more major role in the web series Escape the Night, where she was an important character in two of the seasons. She and the rest of the cast were even nominated for a Streamy for the production. The biggest of her roles was the MTV No Filter Series that featured her for two seasons. The show followed some major turning points in her life and gave some massive insights into who she was and the kind of emotions she was struggling with at the time. It humanized her in a way that her content had not previously — as intimate as some of her storytime videos could be, they didn’t feel as real as seeing Tana dealing with hardships in real-time.

If You Want To See More of Her

You’d be right in thinking that Tana Mongeau is incredibly sexy. If you like what you’ve seen of her so far and want a little something extra, be sure to check out her OnlyFans. You can follow her profile there for free to get some of the normal sexy pictures and videos that you won’t get to see anywhere else. To peek behind the curtain even further, you have to buy the content individually to see her in all her glory. That model might seem annoying at first, but it is much more friendly than the monthly subscription method since you can tailor what content you pay for, and purchased content gets saved to your account even if you decide to stop following Tana. For the super fans, she even offers her OnlyFans followers to buy into her VIP club, where you’ll have the chance to hang out with her and see the absolute best selection of all her uncensored content. It’s been a lucrative venture for her, as she was recently named a top earner. If you are interested in trying to make money with OnlyFans, check out these 10 Steps to Making Money on OnlyFans.

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