Why Instagram Keeps Crashing (And 10 Ways To Fix It)

Updated: Mar 28

Like other social media platforms, Instagram isn’t immune to occasional systematic crashes. The platform can experience crashes for a number of reasons, which most of us have experienced, and at the source of each problem is often a different solution.

App crashes that happen globally or within certain regions typically point to deep-seated and wide-spread technical issues. A crash of this nature might occur when new features are introduced or if there is an issue with the central software.

When a single user’s Instagram crashes, the issue can often be linked back to the user’s device, storage, and content compatibility among other factors. A crash can negatively impact anyone who uses the platform for social networking but also those who turn a profit through Instagram ad campaigns and partnerships.

For social media influencers who use Instagram accounts for business, the platform can be adapted to earn a living. For users with a standard account, the platform offers a way to stay connected with friends and remain up-to-date with current events both nationally and internationally.

Regardless of how a user chooses to operate their account, a crash can disrupt engagement with followers and leave a user scrambling to find the quickest possible solution. Diagnosing the cause of the crash can be done by narrowing down the probable issues and testing out different solutions which is why when a crash occurs, knowing what to look for solution-wise is crucial.

Know Your Device

When it comes to diagnosing a crash, it’s important to first go to the source. Because the majority of account holders access Instagram through Android and iOS cell phones, understanding how these devices experience crashes is key.

Some users of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 have reported crashes when opening the app. However, this type of issue is not isolated to Android devices in the least. Users on iOS phones have experienced similar cases where Instagram crashes when the app was opened or when using another feature within the app, such as stories or direct messages.

In this article, we’ll go into more depth about the differences between Android and iOS devices as we outline ten ways to fix Instagram crashes.

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Knowing how to stop your Instagram from crashing will help you keep things running smoothly.

10 Solutions To Fix A Crash

1. Check If Instagram Is Down

Instagram crashes that have a global reach are rare but have happened before.

Just in time for Thanksgiving in November 2019, users of both Instagram and Facebook began reporting on DownDetector that the platforms had crashed. This particular crash lasted for a few hours, and in that time, the hashtag InstagramDown began to circulate popularly on other social media platforms that were still fully operational.

The November crash was linked to an issue with a central software system in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Facebook-owned platforms. Though this outage was addressed in a timely manner, the crash prevented influencers from being able to put out scheduled sponsored posts.

If Instagram crashes, users should try to access the web version to see if the issue persists or if it’s isolated to a particular device. To check if the crash is widespread, visit DownDetector and check in with news sources to see if others are reporting an issue too.

2. Give It Some Time

If the crash is widespread, the best course of action is to wait.

As was the case for the November crash, programmers and technicians with Instagram will set to work immediately following the news of an outage. A search for the problem and solution in a similar situation is something that individual users aren’t able to do themselves. Because of this, users are forced to bide their time however best they can.

For influencers who rely on Instagram for generating income, this waiting period can feel like a huge inconvenience. A repair window of a few hours may seem like a short amount of time to some users while others can feel overwhelmed by the amount of time offline. In situations like this, it helps to channel productivity in different directions.

During the waiting period, an influencer might plot out new content ideas, explore possibilities for future partnerships, and prepare material that can be posted when Instagram resumes at its full-capacity. The time spent waiting for the platform’s programmers to fix the crash can still be productive, if efforts are redirected.

The waiting period can also give users the opportunity and excuse to take a social media detox.

In whichever approach a user takes, it’s important not to panic. If a user works with a marketing agency like Unruly Agency, the user should just maintain communication with the agency and work together to get scheduling back on track. At times when crashes occur, it’s best to be adaptable and resourceful.

3. Restart Your Device

Let’s say there aren’t any widespread crashes or outages that have been detected on DownDetector, but a user continues to experience Instagram crashing. What now?

The first way to go about fixing this issue is to restart the device. A restart essentially clears up excess data that is draining the battery and slowing down normal operation. Not only is a restart a good option for fixing a crash, it’s also beneficial for long-term use of a device to have a restart every now and then.

Users with an iOS device can restart their phones by holding the home button and the volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds. The screen will turn dark and begin rebooting. An Android device can be restarted by pressing the power button and selecting the restart option.

If a standard restart doesn’t work, try doing a full factory reset. This can be done on Androids by navigating to the Personal section of Settings and selecting the factory data reset option. For iOS systems, a reset can be done by going to the general section.

However, exercise some caution because unless data is saved to the iCloud or a backup system, it will be lost during a reset.

4. Update Instagram

In some cases, the reason users experience Instagram crashes is simply because they are operating on an old version of the app. Users should check and see if there are any available app updates, especially if restarting and resetting a device didn’t solve the problem.

For iOS devices, users can visit the App Store and select the updates icon to see if there are any new updates waiting to be installed. If this is the case, select the button and try accessing the app afterward.

For Android users, an update can be accessed in one of two ways. The first option is to go through the Google Play app. After locating the Instagram app on the search bar, users can press the update button and go from there. Alternatively, users can go straight to the app, select App Info, and start an update in the app details section. Updates can also be automatically installed, so users don’t have to worry about forgetting to manually install an update.

Updating the Instagram app is a dependable way of keeping the software in tune with the latest versions. An update will often include bug fixes and new features that any user will benefit from. It is especially beneficial to users who are experiencing an issue with the app because a new feature rollout could be specifically designed to address the issue.

5. Update Your iOS or Android Device

Along with restarting the device and updating the Instagram app itself, an issue with crashing could be linked to the need for a system-wide update.

To update iOS and Android devices, the first step is to connect to WiFi. For both devices, an update can be accessed through the settings option. If there isn’t enough storage on the device and the device hasn’t been backed up recently, it may be necessary to address this issue first. A way of doing this would be to purchase more storage or go through the device to delete excessive data.

The reason why it is a good idea to update the iOS or Android is because an update can make the device perform better overall. Doing so can improve speed and security on the device.

Updating the device to fix an Instagram crash is successful on a case-by-case basis. While this step might not fix the entire issue, it will definitely improve the operating system of the device overall. As long as the important data is saved and protected, a system-wide update can positively impact the performance and longevity of the device.

6. A Cache Detox

Instagram cache is the accumulated information that takes up space and storage in the app, contributing to a slower operation and glitches. Simply put, more time spent on Instagram means more cache.

In moderation, a cache can be great for the device because it tracks the temporary data which marks a user’s interests and searches on the app. Because Instagram keeps track of this data, users are able to get the information they are looking for easier and quicker.

However, when an app’s cache builds up over time without being regularly managed, some problems can arise. Users should be wary of how much cache the app collects because too much can negatively impact connectivity and the features within the app.

Clearing cache on the Instagram app or the device itself won’t get rid of the important and permanent data that is stored, so it’s a low-risk fix.

7. Clear Login History

Some users find that the reason why Instagram keeps crashing is that the app is storing too much data when a user has multiple accounts that have been logged into on multiple devices.

When it comes to this particular issue, it’s best to remove the login history on all of the devices. By signing out of the accounts, a user clears some much-needed space. After logging out, sign back into the primary device used for accessing Instagram. This may help if a user is experiencing app crashes when using the direct messages feature, for example.

Checking the login history is also a way of ensuring an account’s privacy. The Login Activity section will show the locations for logins, so if a strange location shows active use of the account, the user will be able to change the password and protect the account. Given the public nature of social media platforms like Instagram, it is important that accounts and personal data are secure.

8. Delete And Reinstall App

If logging out and back into the app doesn’t put a stop to crashes, it’s recommended that users delete the app and reinstall it.

Whether on iOS or Android devices, users should first make sure that they have saved the login information. Remember also that uninstalling the app is not the same as deleting the account. Because of this, users can rest assured that the archived posts and Instagram stories will still be there after reinstalling the app.

While the app is uninstalled from the device, the account will still be live and accessible for others to view. It’s worth mentioning that any draft posts will be deleted when the app is removed from the device, but aside from this, everything else is transferred over.

This method of troubleshooting can help not only with crashing but similar issues in the app’s operation.

9. Opt Out Of The Beta Program

An underlying reason why a user might be experiencing Instagram crashes might be that the device is enrolled in the beta program. Not all devices are linked to this program, which is essentially the tester version of the app. This program has a version of Instagram that isn’t fully developed yet or on par with another version that has all of the app’s features.

For iOS users, a device can only be linked to the beta program if a user has the TestFlight app. If this is not the case, then users can rest easy knowing that this is not the source of the app’s crashing.

Android users, however, could have devices enrolled in this program without being aware of it.

In order to find out if the Android device is a beta tester, open Instagram through the Play Store and scroll down on the page. If a user comes across the line “You are a beta tester” then they have the option to remove their device from this program. After doing so, wait a few minutes and update the app to ensure that all of the proper functions are now included in the app.

10. Ensure Your Content is Compatible

When it comes to sharing content through feed posts and stories, crashing might occur if the content is not compatible with the app.

Users experiencing crashes should ask themselves if the crashes occur only in specific instances such as uploading a story. If the answer is yes, then it is likely that changing the format of the media can fix this issue.

Photo and video content that is captured through the same device that the app is accessed on will likely not run into this problem. However, if a user is transferring a photo or video from an external source, it’s probable that a few tweaks to the format should be made.

Both iOS and Android devices have options for video converters so that the content can be compatible to the app’s software.

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The last thing you want is your Instagram to crash in the middle of a live story.

Keeping Your Instagram from Crashing

If Instagram keeps crashing on a user’s device, there are several steps that can be taken to address and solve the issue. Finding the right fix can depend on a number of factors and is often determined on a case-by-case basis.

There are two main types of crashes: widespread and isolated. In the case of the former, users have little control of the timeline of a crash and can redirect their productivity to other areas of their professional and personal lives. Users should refer to resources like DownDetector and follow news sources to stay updated on any progress being made.

For isolated crashes that happen on a person-by-person level, there are a few go-to approaches to fix the crash.

Checking for system updates, in both the device and the app itself, is always a good idea. Clear cache, uninstall Instagram and try out the other solutions discussed in this article. Sometimes all it takes to resolve a crash is to start fresh and give the app and device time to reboot.

Whether a user has an iOS or Android device, it’s important to know how the device operates and if other users have experienced similar issues. If a user tries out solution after solution but still finds that the app crashes, the user might consider consulting a programmer or technician who knows the ins-and-outs of their device.

Instagram crashes can be highly disruptive to users’ regular daily routines. The ability to connect with others in a social and professional capacity means that there is a lot at stake when a crash occurs. Knowing what steps to take in order to troubleshoot effectively is key to becoming active again on Instagram.

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